Dan the Picture Man

Shortly after the twins were born, I got a phone call from “Dan the picture man” asking me if I’d like him to come out to our house to do in home portraits for our babies.  He offered a special deal for first time baby photos that I couldn’t resist.

He has been photographing our family ever since.  And in exchange for some more family photos he took of us recently, I’m writing this post to tell you how much we have enjoyed our experiences with him.  He photographs our family at least once a year and our kids have literally, grown up with him.

Little sprout...would you believe this was taken in my living room?

Dan will go just about anywhere to take your photos.  What I love best is having him come to our house.  He brings his lights, his screens – and for our baby photos, literally, we set up on our kitchen table with screens and got these shots.  How much more easy can it get for a Mom?

And can I just mention - I made her gown. This is the baptism gown(s there are actually two of them from the twins) that I made for my babies. I'll tell that story someday...

And this was taken in our backyard, under our apple tree beside the girls playhouse

Special moments in time and photos taken in special places that mean so much to us.  A favorite shady spot in the summer time.  The apple tree where I gather apples from and make applesauce in the early summer.

We don’t have to pack anybody up to go anywhere.  Dan comes in.  Sets up.  Is amazing with the kids and able to get just the right smiles to come out.  He packs up.  He’s gone.  Quick.  Painless.  Priceless.

With a favorite friend who has since left us...

One of my favorite shots with little sprout and again, this was taken in my living room! You gotta love how easy this is, right?!

and a favorite sleeping buddy

sister love

Dan is wonderful and I highly recommend him.  As a matter of fact – he has been kind enough to offer 75% off his sitting fees for any of our readers who mention “Trish Preston from Two Peas in a Pod”.  He’ll come to you (if you are somewhere here in Ohio – I suppose for the right price, he’d travel wink! wink!).  Come to your home, come to a local park (we’ve had photos taken at the hubby’s park he works at and others around town) or you can come to his studio if you’d like.

Just don’t forget to mention our blog to receive your discount.  I promise, you’ll be so pleased with the results!




2 Responses

  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful family. I will keep him in mind for the future…when finances are better..haha. But seriously…this photographer can work a camera.

  2. Those pictures are great! Thanks for the discount too! 🙂 Love the idea of ON LOCATION!

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