One evening, I got an email from a sweet gal named Britt.

She asked me if I was working with a photographer and if I might like to have her photograph some of my stuff.  She was just getting started and loved my stuff and thought it would be fun.  Fate.  Because that started a beautiful friendship.

Britt is extremely talented.  I know that when I create a product and have a vision for how I would like it portrayed photographically that she will always get it…get exactly what I was thinking spot on.

These cuties are friends of ours...recognize the one on the left? She is a Two Peas model!

That’s a true talent.  She’s an artist.  Because to compose a photo that tells a story is not something everyone can do.  Britt knows how to use the light, how to find the story in every shot.  I love that about her.  I’m so blessed to be able to work side by side with her.  She beautifully captured exactly what I wanted for all of the covers of my Sprouts Sewing Pattern line.

She captures these beautiful moments in time with families.  Babies.  Couples.  Weddings.  Commercial.  Britt’s magic is amazing.  I think you’d agree, right?

Britt is located in Columbus, Ohio but can travel just about anywhere.  Just ask.  The other thing I love about Britt, her commitment to the environment.  From her transportation (Her Prius) to her packaging, she works very hard to reduce her carbon footprint.  A girl after my own heart!

So that answers the frequently asked question, “Who does your photography?”…Britt of Britt Lakin Photography.  Check out her website here and become a fan on her Facebook page if for nothing more than to admire her beautiful art.  {Thanks Britt!}




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