::rolled rosette tutorial::

I think I’ve been promising this for a very long time…and ta-da!  FINALLY, here it is!  A little video tutorial on how I make those rolled rosettes.  I even spill the beans on one of the other flowers I make too…

One of the sweet neighbors came over several weeks ago while I was making some and wanted to know how I did it.  I showed her and handed over some supplies.  In no time, she had made several and put them together in this fab necklace.  She’s 12.  If she can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

Here it is!  Have you made these before?  Do you have a fun idea on how to use these rosettes?  Please share!




{tgif} thank goodness it’s friday

I’ve had a rather busy week.  Just stuff.  Random stuff.  And since my hubby works for the park service, weekends around here are a little different than for most.  We aren’t “Saturday / Sunday” weekend folks.  Our weekends fall usually on other days but this weekend is the Indy 500 (for those of you who don’t know what that is…it’s a car race.  In Indianapolis. Sense my excitement.)  And to my husband, it’s a holiday bigger than Christmas.  He cooks and makes it a big party.  So, I’m rather looking forward to our upcoming holiday weekend where we get to be like normal people with real weekends and be all together for the day.

I have giveaway winners to announce!  The Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway response was amazing!  I loved it for so many different reasons.

1) I met a bunch of people from my own backyard, Ohio, that I hadn’t met before.  I’m thinking we need to plan a crafters meet up at some point!

2) I can’t even count how many people from outside the US entered this giveaway.  Spain, Singapore, Germany, UK, Ireland, France, a lot a lot of Aussies, Turkey, Ukraine…wow!  I really enjoyed going see new blogs for those folks and seeing what they are crafting up.  Amazing how much alike we are and how interesting our differences are…

3) There are so many amazing sewers and paper crafters and knitters out there!

4) The thing I most enjoyed about this is everyone introducing themselves.  I think I may ask for that on every post because it really helps me to connect with each of you and get to know you!  It was so fun to hear what things you are crafting, about your kids, where you are from.  I get tired of talking about myself all the time!  And I love hearing about YOU!  There were a lot of folks who said they had been following my blog for awhile now and I don’t think I had ever seen their name so I was so thrilled to finally meet them.  PLEASE oh please, say hi more often!  I really sincerely mean that!  I’m thrilled to meet you!

So here they are, the giveaway winners from the last two giveaways:  from the talented Ms. Jan DiCintio – the Daisy Janie fat quarter giveaway – winner was #35:

GRACE – Congrats!  E-mail me so I can get your info over to Jan and you can get busy crafting with her gorgeous Shades of Grey fabrics.

Next, Sew, Mama, Sew – 2 prize packages to be had!  First up…the Hoot-n-Nanny Tote bag with the pattern for this bag.  Winner is….#9, Connie!

Second prize package was the pretty little clutch and a surprise bundle of 4 Two Peas sewing patterns…winner is #608, Karen!Such a pleasure to meet you all and I thank you very much for your many kind words and support.  Winners, email me so we can get you all squared away!

Stop back later – that video I promised with the rosettes…trying to figure out a way to get it uploaded for you today!  That’s the one drawback to living rural – not great connectivity.

I also wanted to give thanks to our men and women in service – this weekend begins the summer for us here in the States and we kick off with Memorial Day, remembering all those who have made sacrifices for us to keep us free and safe.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  To the wives who pull double duty while your husbands are deployed.  To the Moms and Dads who raised amazing kids who make this sacrifice.  My prayers are with you not only this weekend but always.

Last year I posted this tutorial for a t-shirt refashion using a military print shirt…thought it was worth mentioning again in case you missed it.  It’s a fun one and great for this weekend!  Happy Memorial Day!  Let Summer begin!



{sew, mama, sew giveaway day}

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.  Such a fun event – Sew, Mama, Sew sponsors a day of giveaways all over in blogland and you could spend hours and hours entering to win all the fab things that many talented folks are giving away on this day.

My name is Trish – if we’ve not already met – it’s nice to meet YOU!  I wear many hats but on most days, I’m a sewing pattern designer.  I’m super excited to be a cast member on the new upcoming PBS show It’s Sew Easy and I continue to work on projects including publishing my patterns (you’ll find a really cool new bag pattern I designed, the Studio Satchel in the next issue of Stitch).  You can read more about me HERE if you really want to…otherwise let’s get to the giveaways!  {This giveaway is open until May 25th and I will ship internationally}

I’m offering up a double prize package.

Package #1: A copy of my Hoot-N-Nanny tote bag pattern AND a finished version of this bag.

Package #2: One very pretty clutch (like one of these!) and a 4 pack of assorted Two Peas patterns!

Sound good?  I would love to have you connect with me > subscribe to this blog<  or  > friend me on facebook <  or  > follow me on twitter  (I’m trishpreston) <

To enter this giveaway, simply leave me a comment and introduce yourself!  Happy SMS Giveaway Day!  Find more of the giveaways listed here.



{olive and ollie giveaway winners!}

Heather from Olive and Ollie has the cutest shop and she is quite the rock star in the modern quilting world.  She was featured HERE and if you missed it, go check it out because she has an incredible eye for color and design.

Heather offered 3 of you a copy of her PDF quilt pattern, Yield…and the winners are:



An email is on its way to you girls – congrats!!

If you haven’t already done so – visit the post from Monday and meet Jan DiCintio from Daisy Janie (and throw your hat in for a FQ bundle of her organic fabrics)



{daisy janie}

I have a big girl crush on Jan DiCintio.  She is a powerhouse of art and design.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jan last October at Quilt Market in Houston and have the pleasure of calling her “friend” as we have kept in touch over these last few months.  She’s a really good Mom, fabulous wife to her hubby, and she is a very successful risk taker.

I say that because Jan self produces her own line of organic fabrics. I love what she has done with her business and love her fabrics (you’ll find one of my new sewing patterns has Shades of Grey gracing the cover).  What I love is her love of design AND her commitment to sustainability in business.  Read HERE and HERE.

My Monday and everyday inspiration, Jan DiCintio…

{Since the feature is called Monday Mornings Inspiration, can you tell me what inspired you to a career in art and design?}

The initial spark that started me down this artsy path came 13 years ago, when my son was born, and I began sewing and painting home décor accessories for his room, our house, gifts for friends, etc.  It wasn’t long before I became a juried artist with the PA Guild of Craftsmen and sold my wares by commission and at craft shows.

A series of  stepping stones later, including painting funky repeat designs in clients’ homes and designing fabric for Daisy Janie handbag collections, and, voila, here I am! (Except that it wasn’t nearly as simple & easy as voila!)

{What continues to inspire you each day and how do you keep your art fresh? Inspiration each day}

I’m inspired by just about everything I see because I cannot NOT see the world through an artist’s lens. From textures, colors and patterns in nature to lines & shapes created by sun and shadows dancing through a window, it all seeps into my psyche and comes back out in the form of doodles and drawings that become designs.

I also love design from the late 1920s to early 1970s, particular mid-century modern. It’s not only the actual styles of these periods, but also the stirring nostalgia I feel when I look at them.

Keeping my art fresh: I have learned to trust my instincts, rather than questioning myself too, too much in the initial stages of creating new designs. I let myself go and see where I end up. Unbridled exploration and happy accidents make great art!

{What 3 words best describe you?}

Passionate, analytical, loyal.

{What could you not live without to get through each work day?  Your phone/computer, sewing machine or your coffee?}

Hands down, my computer. If I had a penny for every minute I’ve spent on my computer in the past 5 years, I might not need it so much. Funny how that would work.

{What is the best part of your job as a designer?}

Seeing my fabrics come to life in all sorts of delightful handmade goodies! I always have ideas for things I’d like to make, but I rarely have time to sew for pleasure. It really lifts me up when I see or hear about the variety of items made – people are sooo creative!

{What advice would you offer to someone when it comes to living a creative life?}

Above all, make sure you keep a sense of balance in your life. You have to find a balance between work & family & the rest of the world. Unchecked self-absorption begets more self-absorption…it’s a vicious cycle b/c you never step outside yourself long enough to know there’s more to the world than your deadline, your project, your work. Stop taking and give back instead. You’ll be much happier when you share yourself; your work will feel lighter, your ideas will flow and you’ll become much more efficient & effective. Took me 10 years to figure that out!

{What can we expect to see from you in the coming year in terms of new projects and design?}

I have a few exciting things in the works! First, I just shared my next collection of organic fabrics, Tilly, on my blog this past Friday (available Oct 2011). It’s near & dear to my heart for many reasons, and it’s also the first collection on a beautiful, new base cloth for Daisy Janie. I’m so thrilled b/c this new cloth will allow me to bring down the pricepoint a bit, making my fabrics much more accessible to those who are watching their pennies but still want an eco-friendly fabric. Secondly, I am working behind the scenes with another well-known designer, whose work will be licensed with Daisy Janie. I think everyone is going to love her fabrics!! Look for these in early 2012. Thirdly, I am working on establishing a core group of 1-color mod prints, offered in an array of basic hues; these would be a stock item, and hue determinations will rotate by season or by popular demand.

{if you haven’t sewn with Jan’s organic fabrics yet – here’s your chance at some of her goodies!  Jan is offering a fat quarter bundle from her Shades of Grey line to one of you!} THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.

Here are the details – if you’d like to be entered in the giveaway for the FQ bundle,
1) simply leave a comment telling us why organics are important to you.

For extra entries, you can do the following:

2) Become a follower of Jans on her facebook page.  Come back here and leave a comment – 1 entry.
3) Share this feature on your facebook page with your friends – leave a comment you have done so – 1 entry.
4) Do you Twitter?  Tweet this feature, “Go Green. Go Sew.  Daisy Janie FQ bundle giveaway http://twopeasinapoddesigns.com OR something like that.  Leave a comment that you tweeted!

4 chances to win but if you don’t win – hit up your local fabric retailer to get some for yourself!  This giveaway will be open until Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 5pm EST.

{thanks Jan! }



30 Minute Maxi Dress

Well, I have REALLY jumped in technology!  My first video!  Now, I’m not promising that this is super high quality or anything.  I filmed myself in my backyard, in bright blinding sunlight in the last 15 minutes of Sprouts naptime.  By the time I finished this, I could hear her yelling, “MOOOMMMMAAAA!  I’M AWAKE NOW!”.

There are plenty of assumptions made in this “tutorial” that you have some sewing experience to make this project.  This is not really a very technical “tutorial”.

I’m sharing with you today what I call my 30 Minute Maxi Dress (although at the end I think I refer to it as a 30 second dress, it’s not quite THAT quick but pretty darn fast to put together).  Here’s the thing…there is not one thing about this that is very technically correct in terms of garment construction.  Real seamstresses will CRINGE at what I’m about to tell you on how to whip this together.

Seriously.  I wanted a maxi dress.  I picked up some fabric, stitched it together – never cut it at all, added elastic thread and extended the length some with a contrasting hem band.  Bam!  3pm on the sewing machine, 4pm out the door in a new dress.  It does the trick.  Sometimes, you just gotta break the rules!  Watch this intro and then come back for more details below…

I’m not sure that this will work for every shape and size, you be the judge.  I am {can’t believe I’m going to share this} 5’5″ tall and wear a dress size that is 8/10.  Yep, I did just share my dress size with the entire world.  You saw in the video that the top of the dress is the selvedge edge and by the time I put elastic thread in there, you can’t even tell.  You may want to put a nice hem there – totally up to you.

I used 1 1/2 yards of fabric for my dress.  You would not want to use less than this for any adult size.  Here’s why.  The longer the dress, below your knees, you need room to actually take a full stride step when walking.  If the dress is not big enough around, you’ll be walking around like you have a cord tied around your ankles and hobbling little steps.  Make sense?

Also, to make the dress longer for you, just add some fabric to the bottom.  Cut a contrasting fabric to the same width as your dress.  When adding a hem band, I cut mine twice the size.  If I want a 2″ tall hem band, I cut it 4″.  Press it in half.  Then right sides of hem band to right side of dress, stitch.  Press seam up towards top of dress and topstitch all the way around.  I like doing them because you can see the underside of your hem quite often and this gives it a nice finished appearance rather than seeing a little 1″ hem on the underside.

Again, the longer you make the dress, the more fabric I think I would use…if you truly make this fall to your ankle, and you are of average size, I might be very tempted to use a full 2 yards of fabric to give me more “walking room”.


1) You’ve got your fabric ready to go.  You’ve added the extra length on the bottom with your hem if desired already.  Selvedge edges at top and bottom of dress.  With right sides together, pin and stitch down that long edge.  Use a serger if you have one or zig zag along your edge to finish.

2)  Adding the elastic thread.  Mark even lines where you want to put your stitching.  I made mine about an inch apart.   After about 8 rows, I tried on the dress to see how much farther I wanted to go with the gathering.  You could also do 3 or 4 rows at the top and then 3 or 4 rows at your waist only – wear a cute belt with it!  Up to you…Starting at the side seam, tie a knot in the end of your elastic thread (leaving it on your spool) and lay it down on the wrong side of your fabric leaving about 2″ of a tail.  Zig-zag stitch over the elastic thread, pulling very gently until you get all the way around your dress.  Be sure you are following your marked stitching lines so that you have straight rows!  At the end, I tie the end of my elastic thread to the tail I left at the beginning so it won’t pull out and holds securely in the wash.  If you pull your elastic too tight, you won’t be able to get in the dress.  If it’s too loose, you’re likely to have a “wardrobe malfunction” and those results would not be favorable.  Just sayin…

Continue with your elastic thread stitching until you have the look you want.  Again, I kept stopping and trying on the dress to see how it looked.

3)  Straps.  Cut your straps the desired length x 2″ wide.  Just like you are making bias tape, press your long edge to the center and then in half.Press your ends nicely tucked to the inside so you have finished ends and stitch your strap down the long edge.  With my dress on, I determined where my straps would fit best and pinned them on.  Take the dress back off…THEN stitch the straps to the wrong side of the dress.  I also added, using the straps, a tiny loop on the back so that I could run my ties through there to help hold it up in the back.

That’s it!  You can adjust this dress to fit anybody!  Little girl to adult and it would be really fun for a little girls sewing project.  It’s so quick and so simple – and she will feel SEW accomplished from making herself a cute maxi dress!

Will you try one for yourself?



{olive & ollie}

Shocking, I know.  It’s Monday.  And I’m actually posting my “Monday Mornings Inspiration” ON Monday.  {big pat on back for Trish, thank you}.

I met Heather Jones at Quilt Market last fall but we had been “Twitter” friends long before that.  Turns out, Heather is a “neighbor” of sorts.  She lives in Cincinnati (I’m in Columbus – only 2 hours apart).  She has been ON FIRE lately with her modern quilt designs and I’m so excited to introduce her to you today!  You will fall in love with her creations and certainly, be inspired!  {and do some crafty things yourself because she is sharing some of her inspiration with you!  See the end of post!}  Friends, meet Heather Jones of Olive & Ollie

Since the feature is called Monday Mornings Inspiration, can you tell me what inspired you to a career in art and design?

I’ve always been artsy and crafty. I used to paint and draw a lot, and I majored in Art History in college and grad school. I started my career in the Curatorial and Education departments at the Cincinnati Art Museum, while I made all sorts of crafts in my spare time. When my children were born, I knew I didn’t want to go back to my day job, so I looked at ways that I could make money from home and still take care of them. I opened up my etsy shop in 2007, but really started to think of it as a prospective business in 2008, after the birth of my daughter. By then, I had an 18 month old and a newborn, so I began to focus on designing children’s clothing and accessories. 

What continues to inspire you each day and how do you keep your art fresh?

My husband and children are my number one sources of inspiration. They continue to inspire me every day, and challenge me to work as hard as I can for our little family. My husband is a painter, and I’m really inspired by his artwork, and I can see his influence in my work. But, I honestly see inspiration everywhere. One of my recent quilt designs was based on a grid that was painted in the parking lot of my local Wal-mart!

I’ve began to take a few more breaks in the studio, which I think is a good way to keep things fresh. I still rarely have a day off because of my limited hours of work time each day, which are usually late at night or early in the morning, when the kids are still sleeping. But, I’m trying to make more time for myself, which helps me recharge and keep things fresh. I’m also inspired by the women who are members of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild with me.

What 3 words best describe you

Caring, Compassionate, Strong

What could you not live without to get through each work day?  Your phone/computer, sewing machine or your coffee?

Probably all! I’m not a big fan of coffee though, and I really prefer tea, but coffee has become an unfortunate necessity to me, since I’m usually running on about 5 hours of sleep every day!

What is the one best part of your job as a designer?

The best thing is being able to work from home and stay with my babies, who are now three and four. I’m incredibly lucky to have a job that I love and that allows me to be with them as well.

What advice would you offer to someone when it comes to living a creative life?

Follow your passion and do what you love. Don’t forget that you can do anything that you want to, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

What can we expect to see from you in the coming year in terms of new projects and design?

I’m working on a series of modern quilt patterns that I hope to have completed this fall. I am also going to be writing patterns for some of the children’s clothing and accessories that I currently make as well. And finally, I’m also part of a big project that unfortunately I can’t say too much about, but just keep your eyes open in the spring!

Thanks Heather for sharing a bit of yourself – your work is so beautiful!  I’m thinking I may need to offer up a bribe of some sort to find out what this big project is…hmm!  I hope you’ll visit Heather on her blog and leave her some love!  If you’ve enjoyed this post – please share (easy to do with the little share buttons at the bottom!)

SEW ALONG with Heather – she has so graciously offered to give 3 of you a copy of her YIELD PDF QUILT PATTERN!  Sweet!  Leave me a separate comment for each of the following and we will pick a winner later this week!  {giveaway ends on Friday, May 13th at midnight – winner chosen via Random.org}.

1) Just leave any old comment – preferably one where you share what crafty goodness you’ve been up to lately.  one entry.
2) Follow Heather on Facebook.  One entry.
3) Follow Heather’s blog. one entry.
4) Visit Heather’s shop – because you will drool over the adorable birthday ensembles, then come back and tell me you are so glad you found her! one entry

4 chances – one very cool and fun quilt pattern!



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