::sew sew sew along::

A couple of fun finds I had to share…

Come over to Sew Sweetness for an Ava Bag Sew Along…Quilthome.com is even offering a nice discount for participants on fabric and the pattern(s).   Later this summer, they will be doing the Madison Bag.  I have some goodies planned for those who participate (which may or may not be some finished bags…)

Sarah B Designs is leading a sew along of the Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress.  So adorable…loads of fun!  What are you sewing up right now?  Or special projects coming up?  Wanna share some fun links of your own?  Post them in the comments section so we can check them out!



7 Responses

  1. How did I miss that you linked to my little sew-along? Thank you sweet Trish! 🙂

  2. How wonderful, thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

  3. I had to talk myself out of the Ava and Madison bags sew alongs and just do the Amy Butler sew along unfortunately – I don’t actually use bags, but they’re all so pretty! I think there’s only so many I can inflict upon my mother in one year ;o)

    I’ve been sewing dresses, and working on a bag for my mum’s birthday on Sunday. The dresses are up on my blog at: http://thelittlestthistlecraftshop.blogspot.com/

    I’ve also got a baby changing bag I made for a friend up there, it’s only the 3rd bag I’ve ever made, and my first design – think it may have been a bit ambitious, but I got a little carried away lol.

  4. Thanks Miss Mary…fixed that link!

    And Peggy…when you’re done at your place…my hallways and master bedroom could use your talents!

  5. Sweetness link not working

  6. How exciting! I will definitely be joining in the fun with the Madison bag! I love that bag and am desperately in need of a new purse as the strap on mine if about to shred completely through… it really is in such a sad state of repair!

    Right now I”m not sewing a lick… paint is more my style at the moment. Two and 1/2 walls done and 61/2 to go but some of them are only partial walls due to windows, doors, and cabinets. Not to mention the dressers and mirrors which will be getting a coat or two of paint as well.

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