Happy Birthday to ME! {my birthday gift to you!}

Sigh.  Today is my birthday.  It’s a big one.  {That’s me when I turned 5.  A child of the 70’s.  Listening to a vinyl record with my head phones that had this super long cord so I could dance around the room}

When I went to Starbucks yesterday to spend my free drink birthday coupon, the girl says to me, “Oh enjoy it!  Your thirties will be great!”.  I thought I would cry.  “Sweetheart,” I replied, “I did enjoy my thirties”.

With each year that I get older, my children also age with me which does make me a wee bit sad.  There’s a picture I took several years ago and I so distinctly remember that day.  It was a casual afternoon, lounging on our front porch swing in the shade, eating ice cream and the sun was gorgeous.  We had been swimming.  The sounds and smells of that day are still very vivid in my memory.  I remember thinking then and still do now, that I pray that heaven is just like that day, like many days I’ve enjoyed with my kids.  It was so simple – laughter, sunlight, pure joy.  Just pure joy.

Now, I know!  You’re saying, “You’re turning 40 not dying!!”.  I know, I know!!  But, it’s not that I’m thinking of it in that way – what I’m thinking is that as you get older, what used to be important just doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore.  You do have a perspective that is different from when you were in your 20’s and you do find that simple pleasures and moments have such a deeper meaning.  I find myself relishing those moments more.  Not sweating the small stuff as much.  As I had reinforced at work recently, being in the moment. The slogan they told us to remember is “Be Here Now”.  I find myself doing just that so much more often as I get older than I did when I was younger.  Being fully present in the moment.  Listening, feeling, being observant fully of the moment and treasuring it.  And in those moments, I do dream of the everlasting life that Christ has promised us.  And I smile widely.

SO…let’s celebrate!

I’ve got a giveaway to offer to you!  Several in fact!  This birthday giveaway is open until Sunday night, March 27th, 2011 at midnight.

Birthday gift #1 : Winners Choice of 6 of my sewing patterns

Birthday gift #2: A Pocket Full of Posies Apron made by me (not in these exact colors but it will be super cute, promise!)  I wear an apron virtually everyday as I cook and clean at home.  Love them!

Birthday gift #3 : Stash of goodies!  A surprise bundle of fabrics and buttons and patterns and fun things for you add to your stash!

3 fun Birthday gifts for you!  Here’s how you can enter…leave a separate comment for each one.  You can have up to 5 entries!

1)  Tweet this giveaway, something like “Happy Birthday to YOU! Check out the Two Peas Birthday giveaway at http://twopeasinapoddesigns.com” @trishpreston {use my @name so I can follow you!}

2) Blog about this giveaway.  Leave your blog address here in your comment so we can all come visit you

3)  Post this giveaway as your Facebook status and/or follow Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs on Facebook.

4 & 5) My birthday wish and worth two entries – a random act of kindness.  What?  I love doing this!  Our local radio station suggested buying the person behind you in the drive-thru line at Starbucks, etc, a cup of coffee – paying for their order.  I did that and it just makes you smile!  A few weeks ago – it happened to me!  I pulled up and the clerk said the person in front of me had paid for my coffee!  Weeks later, that still fills my heart with joy.  So incredibly nice!

So for two entries – perform a random act of kindness in celebration of YOUR birthday – of this year of our lives.  Buy someone a cup of coffee, take a meal to a friend who is in need, send a special note to a favorite teacher telling them you appreciate them, etc.  Then, tell us – INSPIRE US – with your act.  (For your second entry after you share – you can just leave a note that says “Random Act #2).

Go forth and Celebrate this day that the Lord has made!  Yea!  See you back here Monday morning for the giveaway winners, some Monday Morning Inspiration and next week – that belt and more flower tutorials!




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  1. […] random.org} The Set of 6 Two Peas Sewing Patterns – Winners Choice   #35 – Catie, on March 24, 2011 at 8:32 am said: Edit […]

  2. I’m so bummed I was on holiday and missed your birthday! You’ll be fine. 40’s are the BEST decade. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  3. I work in a restaurant and will randomly give people candy, coffee or a discount. I love doing things like that!!

  4. I tweeted about your birthday …Happy Birthday!!

  5. I like you of “Two Peas in a Pod” on FB

  6. RAK#2 I announced your birthday at services this morning and my church peeps all sang happy birthday to you, did you hear them? :0)

  7. RAK #1 I spent the day with one of my bff’s and gave her a perm, styled her hair and a little makeup, she felt so good about herself!

    RAK#2 I fixed my hubby his favorite meal for his birthay, 5 cheese Lasagne, huge green salad made from veggies in greenhouse and garlic toast on homemade french bread. My bff made him his favorite cake…Mississippi Mud
    And then we all planted seeds to put in the greenhouse to get started for our huge garden

  8. I already like you and still like you on facebook :O)

  9. i posted your birthday giveaway on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/jeannegwin

  10. I blogged your Happy Birthday Giveaway over at
    The Learning Curve

  11. Happy Birthday to you, a little late. My son turned 43 on the 23rd and my dear hubs turned 58 on the 25th so your birthday has to be the best, it is in the middle just like the best part of the cake!!!

    I tweeted your “Happy Birthday Giveaway” over @jeannegwin

  12. I just tweet tweeted! @Marci_Girl

    Happy Birthday!

  13. random act of kindness #2. Thank you for making your birthday a celebration for all of us! I love your patterns and projects.

  14. Happy Birthday! I don’t know if this qualifies as random, but I saw an elderly woman drop a substantial amount of money as she walked to her car and I chased her down to give it back to her.

  15. Just tweeted the give-a-way!

  16. Second random act of kindness: Gave some honey to a nice lady. 🙂

  17. Random Act of Kindness #1, paid for the person behind me at Starbucks today. Fun!

  18. I liked you on FB

  19. RAK #2…and Happy Birthday to you!!!

  20. Random Act of Kindness: In preparation for my cancer surgery, I made up a series of positive statements on notecards to be read aloud to me during the operation. I believe that those words spoken to me while unconscious had a powerful impact on my healing. I gave those cards to my nurse in hopes that she will share them with others. I made another set this week that will also be shared with many people. And I have plans to make more. Anne, yourmainestamper

  21. random act #2

  22. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! I really don’t consider this a kindness but a necessity for a mommy’s sanity. If I am in a checkout line and there is a mother with unhappy little ones behind me, I let her go first. Been there, done that and I know the sooner I was out of the store, the better for everyone!

    Thanks for the chance for some wonderful ‘two peas in a pod’ goodies!

  23. my huge random act of kindness that I’m trying to pull together, is bringing a suitcase full of goodies to Ukraine for all the orphans that we’ll be meeting 🙂 But, that won’t be for awhile… so no worries if it doesn’t count!

  24. I “like” you on facebook, even thought I LOVE your creations!

  25. tweeted 🙂 @kdaviscreates

  26. Happy Birthday to you!! #2 – I bought medication today for a patient that couldn’t afford a $4.00 prescription. Makes me feel so blessed for all the wonderful gifts God gives to me!!
    Where did you find the Sandi Henderson fabric, I would like to use it for a project for a B-day gift.

  27. Random act of kindness number 2 🙂 Thanks for running this giveaway! It is super!

  28. My random act of kindness was making cookies for a friend! I even blogged the recipe!

  29. I liked you on facebook!

  30. Happy Birthday, Trish!

    I tweeted about your giveaway!

  31. Random act #2 =)

  32. I just filled a gigantic gift bag with new little baby clothes for my neighbor who just gave birth to an ELEVEN pound “little” boy. She didn’t have any clothes for him because she didn’t know what she was having. She was so excited to have some clothes for him for when she returned home tomorrow!

  33. I tweeted about the contest =)

  34. I like you on Facebook!

  35. Posted on my profile on facebook, in addition to following your facebook page. What a glorious day!

  36. Happy Birthday! Found you from my daughter’s praises on her blog. 40s are great … 60s are better. Children are WONDERFUL …. grandchildren are the BEST! Enjoy your day, year, decade! Will follow you on facebook.

  37. RAOK #2 … bought 2 coffee mugs to match the two “mug mats” that I made “just because” someone admired the ones that I had made for a Christmas grab bag. The “someone” will be getting her surprise next week when I see her. 🙂

  38. RAOK #1 …. surprised my cousin by paying for lunch today. First time in a long time we have had lunch together. :- )

  39. I already did like you on facebook. I also posted the giveaway in my status … but have no idea if there is a way how I can show you … ?

    Ms Muffin

  40. Okay, I just tweeted … I hope I did it alright …


    Ms Muffin

  41. second act…..

  42. Today is also my best friends birthday. She passed away 7 years ago. I still miss her everyday. Doing a random act of kindness is something she did all the time. I remember when she was so sick with cancer she saw a couple struggling to fit a new tv into their car. Teri offered to take the tv in her car for them. She was always thinking of others. In memory of her and to celebrate your birthday I plan on writing my daughters teacher to tell her what a great job she is doing. She listened to our concerns at conferences this week and worked hard to make things better. She is the best teacher and she needs to know it. Happy Birhtday….

  43. just tweeted you… found you via gussy… hope you have a fantastic birthday!!!

  44. and I tweeted it!

  45. Happy Birthday Trish! I had no idea you were even close to being 40~ you look fabulous!
    I, of course, like you on FB!

  46. Happy birthday. Love your patterns. I got a Sew Hip some time ago becasue I loved the cute banner pattern it had in it. It was yours! So cute!

    Tweeted under MaddyMazeStudio

  47. I just tweeted you (@emmafreester).

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway – I’d love to build my stash via the giveaway, but then again a gal can never have too many aprons!

  48. I ‘like’ you on facebook (handmade by mary emmens)

  49. random act 2

  50. I don’t know if this counts as a random act of kindness because it had to have some planning, but a chat with someone I’d not met before at church revealed a friend of hers lives round the corner from me and had just had her first baby, so we cooked for her new family yesterday and have arranged for her to have meals cooked and delivered all next week!

  51. Happy Birthday You’re JUST getting WISErrrrr not older!

  52. I reposted this on my facebook. Gee I hope I did it right. It looks like I am saying it is my birthday. Well it was about two weeks ago. I got you beat. I just turned sixty and it makes forty seem so young. ;o) I love your patterns!

  53. Happy, happy birthday! ❤

    Tweeted as @thesweetpetunia – such a generous giveaway!

  54. just tweeted, I’ll blog later – time to put the youngest to bed now.

  55. Happy Birthday Trish! Hope you have a great one! I follow you on Facebook and posted about your birthday!

  56. happy 40th from this facebook fan!

  57. Happy Birthday, Trish! I will be looking for encouragement from you and a reminder of your beautiful words from today when I take this step in my life this October! Wishing you a most wonderful day, and many, many more precious memories with your sweet family! ~Lori

  58. I like you on facebook – michelle chappell
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  59. Tweet!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  60. P.S. Your 40s are a wonderful time also! In fact, so are your 60s, which is where I am!

  61. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! And although I don’t ‘tweet” or “facebook” I wanted you to know that I truly appreciate your Random Act of Kindness post. I do this on a daily basis if I can and I can testify that the Lord does indeed bless when are diligent in paying it forward!

  62. Happy Birthday!! I already follow you on facebook! 🙂

  63. I already follow you on facebook!

  64. We’re the same wonderful age! The number didn’t hit me as hard as did having to get my driver’s license picture taken and seeing the difference.

    Anyway, I tweeted (mom2etck)

  65. Happy birthday! I hope you have a beautiful day. I’ve been trying to find my own unique way of doing random acts of kindness. Haven’t found something that is my own but thanks for the nudge to get on it.

  66. For about 15 minutes yesterday I thought I was 1 year older than I really am. The thought of being one year closer to 45 made me break out in a cold sweet, which I find funny cuz turning 40 was a breeze.

    Enjoy your big day!

  67. I ‘like’ you on FB (Rebecca A)


    I tweeted (ourbusybunch)

  69. Happy birthday! Today is also my husband’s birthday, and our 39th anniversary.(Figured if we married on his birthday he’d never forget his anniversary.)
    I am a follower on Facebook.

  70. Happy Day – and many more
    The stash of goodies is fab
    I have brownies in the oven to take to the gals at the Vet’s – they are so nice and helpful
    We lost one of our boys Christmas eve they were awsome

  71. Happy BD
    Your apron would be a wonderful gift

  72. Happy Birthday to YOOOUUUU!!
    You will love the 40’s – :):)
    I love your patterns

  73. random act of kindness #2

    I wish you a very happy birthday! The 40’s are very good! And I do agree with you, they provide a whole new prospective on life… enjoy each day that the Lord has given you with your precious family. It is amazing how quickly they grow! Once again happy birthday and thank you for allowing up to share this day with you!! 🙂

  74. You know I love doing random acts of kindness… whether it be to pick up something in the color orange for our youth pastor’s wife or sneak a bar of european chocolate into a friend’s purse or asking the cashier to apply a certain amount of money to an elderly person’s grocery order. This week a dear sweet lady moved out of her house of 54 years into a retirement community. So I went with her to her new “home” and just spent time visiting. As I left she told me I was her 1st visitor…. it brought tears to my eyes and made me more determined to just drop what I am doing from time to time to visit her and the other widows in our church.

  75. RAOK #2… you’ve inspired me… i am going to pay for someone’s coffee today! ♥
    have a wonderful birthday!

  76. i love, love, LOVE RAOK!! ♥ here is a link to my blog post from a handmade toy drop my kids and i did right before christmas ::
    we are planning another one right now – it is so exciting, i am *almost* tempted to hide in the bushes so i can see people discover the little goodies we leave 🙂

  77. i liked you on facebook 🙂

    i just tweeted about your fabulous birthday giveaway!

  79. Random Act #2

    I hope that you have an amazing day! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us.

    I am glad that I found your blog!

  80. I have had the Starbucks thing happen to me & therefore I have done it to others as well. My act of kindness – not so much random would be that I spent a week with my brother’s family right after their new daughter was born. I helped out taking care of their other daughter, cooking, doing dishes, laundry…. just whatever needed to be done to be helpful.

  81. I liked you on FB.

  82. My 2nd random act of kindness ~ visiting a lady in a nursing home ~ no children, no family, only one other lady ever visits her. This kindness, costs no money, only time and I am so blessed to have the freedom to get out, go and visit, Blessings!

  83. Random act of kindness 2.

  84. I just tweeted about your giveaway.

  85. I liked you on facebook.

  86. My random act of kindness the other day was to buy a second box of strawberries and drop them off to a neighbor. Today, I am about to make CC Cookies for a lady I’ll be meeting today.

  87. Happy Birthday to you. Also my Niece in California is celebrating today too! I have an elderly neighbor who can’t get about very well, so I check her mail daily, take her part of our meals couple times a week and just go over everyday to check on her.

  88. Trish, I have “liked” you on FB! Congrats on entering the 40’s! They’ll be amazing! Blessings

  89. Dear Trish,
    I don’t have a blog, I don’t Tweet or do face book. But, I do love your posts. Your words make me smile. What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday, presents for others. I love your patterns and am in the process of making “A pocket full of posies apron” for all the gals in my life. For no other reason than it makes me happy. God bless you and your family.

  90. Followed and linked on facebook. 🙂

    Happy Birthday, new bloggy friend!

  91. Tweeted! (@HeatherIrene79)

  92. I tweeted (@homewiththeboys)! Happy birthday the day before me girl!!! Big one for me too – just ten years behind 🙂 Have a fabulous day!

  93. Happy birthday! I think that 40 is the age that I will be a real woman, with all what makes a woman a woman, with all its beauty inside and out, just 6 more years to go… Enjoy and shine on! 🙂

    (thanks for the yummy giveaway, liked you on facebook)

  94. Just posted it on facebook!

  95. Happy 40th Trish!!! May the year ahead be filled with easy laughter, truly enjoyable success and crazy-good love!

  96. already following on facebook.. that is how I knew today was such a great day!!! 🙂

  97. Tweeted!!! @tammyok

  98. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  99. Oh, by the way, I would *love* to be turning 40 again. 🙂

  100. I am now following you on Facebook. 🙂

  101. Today I am baking cookies and putting them in a container and giving them to my Pastor’s wife when I see her later today. I had already planned to it before I came here and read about random acts of kindness!

  102. Happy Birthday!!!

    I “liked” you on facebook.

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