It’s a mystery Nancy Drew!

Busily prepping for my sweet twins 10th Birthday party…our theme, a Nancy Drew Mystery Party!  The mystery of the “Sock Monkey Kidnapper” and the invitations have been sent!  Inside the invite, each guest found an envelope marked, EVIDENCE with the details inside.

I’ve been scouring the interwebs for party ideas…got any suggestions?

I’ll share all the details next week after the party!  Um, after I figure out exactly what we are doing!





4 Responses

  1. OK, wasn’t going to comment since I don’t celebrate birthdays, but the Nancy Drew party idea is irresistible (when I was a kid we had an Anne of Green Gables theme party, where everyone wore puffed sleeves, and we pinned the Mouse on the Plum Pudding).

    Start with a description of the suspect & crime scene:
    hair type, A fat belly, A full beard, Glasses, An old scruffy jacket (or similar)

    Crime Scene they investigate they find:
    A button, a Hair, Footprints

    Later their clues lead to different stations where they find the scruffy jacket that matches the button, a wig that matches the hair, padding that the person ‘lost weight’, and a razor to get rid of the beard

    (excerpted from this site

  2. Sounds like a really fun afternoon! I LOVED Nancy Drew. I would play that game where you have a tray of lots of little things that the girls get to study for a minute, then you take it away and they have to write down everything that they can remember. This, of course, would hone their investigative skills!

  3. What a fun party theme!

    Definitely a treasure hunt– little clues hidden throughout the party area and maybe goody bags or the cake at the end (along with the sock monkey of course)!

    I’ll keep thinking and post again if I come up with more. 🙂

  4. Great Idea too fun!! Wish i could go.

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