The Two Year Nursery {or 2 1/2…whatever}

When I had my twins, I had their nursery partially done before I was put on bedrest while pregnant.  Once they arrived, well, let’s just say they were roughly 5 by the time I actually completed their bedroom.

So I’m feeling quite accomplished that in fact much of Sprout’s room was done before she arrived.  I had a handful of things left to put up on walls and well, at age 2…2 1/2, they finally all found their way to their intended place.

Want to peek?  I’m super sentimental for sure when it comes to decorating.  I like to mix old and new together.  And I like to craft little special touches too.

Above, you can see, I made Sprouts crib sheets.  Her Great Grandma made the quilt on her rocking chair (out of whatever she had on hand which was usually old clothes).  And I made the little quilt on the floor.

When I was 16, I didn’t ask for a car.  I asked for an antique dresser.  I grew up hanging with my parents every weekend in antique stores.  And I loved these dressers with the marble tops.  This, this was my 16th birthday present.  Wait a minute!  No, it’s not actually.  The dresser I picked out and was “given”, my Mother loves.  And I wasn’t allowed to take it with me when I moved away from home.  So, she bought me this one to replace it.  I love it just as much Mom, thank you.  And now, it’s serves as a beautiful dresser for Sprout.

On top of her dresser sits my little night light from when I was a child (the girl sitting atop of the mushrooms), a photo of her sisters, the Two Peas, when they were babies, a lamb pin I made for my husbands Grandmother, a tin measuring cup I keep her hair clips in, and a tea pot that my great grandmother (Sprouts great-great grandmother) loved and had in her home.

My Grandmother, Beatrice, stitched this needlepoint picture.  This was given to me long ago and I just had it stored away.  Until Sprout, and then I knew of the perfect spot for it in her room.  It reads, “To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth”. I adore this piece of work from my Grandma Bea.

The Irish Blessing, of course.  My Irish heritage is something I treasure deeply.  This blessing sat on a shelf in my sisters room for as long as can remember and long after she passed away at the age of 15.  This hangs in Sprouts room and I often read it to her.

I’m really not very good at decorating so this attempt at hanging a shelf and adding the bird decal – totally winging it!  A mix of old and new here, the letters of her name strung by a ribbon (hidden by the photo here – my hubs doesn’t like me to share the kids names so I’ve “cleverly” hidden it, wink!).  You can see, I have a few of her baby photos in my frame and still a few more left to add…

A simple handmade valance made by me from some Waverly fabrics.  Want a tutorial?  It’s seriously – a no brainer!  Really easy!

A salvaged piece of quilt my Mother framed for each of us kids.  My great grandmother made this gorgeous blue and white quilt but it has since detoriated greatly.  This was a great way to save a bit of it and preserve it.

And another spot of handmade by me.  A Pocket Full of Posies Banner – Sprout loves this!  You can find the pattern for it here.

So that’s the tour.  The nursery that has been 2 1/2 years in the making.  Very simple.  Lots of sentimental items.  Old and new and handcrafted and BURSTING with love!

I’ll leave ya with this bit of good cheer for a Monday – Gussy Sews has a big old fat giveaway day going on over on her blog.  Loads of fabulous things and you could win a big old fat shop credit to the Two Peas store over there.  Hop on over throughout the day as more get added all day long and have fun!




6 Responses

  1. Sweet bedroom – it’s a lovely idea to frame a small piece of a family heirloom quilt that has deteriorated beyond repair!

  2. That’s so great! Glad it’s done! Also, love that dresser and what a great gift… even if it’s not the original. 🙂

  3. I love that Sprout is just a blur in the top photo! That’s reality in our house!

  4. I LOVE the posy banner. How much to have one made? (I don’t sew.)

    • Thanks Kerri! It’s super cute – I probably don’t have a lot of time at the moment to make one but maybe in April? And if you are interested, email me! We can work something out…maybe you should come take a sewing class with me! Sewing for yourself is something you’ll never regret doing! :>)

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