What I Wore Wednesday

Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy started this series of posts awhile back and I was quickly sucked in.  The jist is each week she just posts photos of her outfits for the week.  And invites others to link in and do the same.  Can I say just how much I am addicted to this?  Love seeing all these cute outfits!

Even on days I work from home, I really NEED to get up, shower, get dressed – just like I’m headed to go out.  It energizes me for sure.

I don’t know if I’ll keep this up {I know FOR SURE I won’t be doing it this week – our family is dealing with some heavy personal medical issues and I’m laying low} but here’s what I was able to muster from last week.

Go check out Lindseys site and look for all her What I Wore Wednesday posts!  You’ll be inspired!

I am a SERIOUS bargain hunter and SERIOUS Ann Taylor LOFT fan.  I shop clearance only.  I own NOTHING from LOFT that cost more than $24 and 85% of what I own from there cost less than $20.  These pants I’m wearing here…$7.  Serious.  The long sleeve tee – $3.99.  The sweater – the WOOL sweater, $24.  My boots – $12.  I HATE spending a lot of money on clothes.  Can’t do it.

These shoes rock!  They are ESPIRIT.  They were new with tags still on, never worn – found them at Goodwill for $1.99 (?) I think.  Maybe $2.99?  Anyway – I LOVE thrifting!

Love this new bag…(more on it later!).  Paid $5 for these shoes.  They are one of my favs!

That’s it – 3 days.  That’s all I got…




4 Responses

  1. Love when bloggers do this. I was actually starting about doing this because with being pregnant I have to be more inventive about what I wear. I never want to appear as though I’m wearing a tent and that’s hard to do when all you want to be is comfy…

    Love your pictures. Who is taking them? Tripod? The girls? Your hubby? I also miss Ann Taylor LOFT and think I need to go there soon. Want to do a lunch date soon?

  2. Cute!!! I second your taste in shoes!

  3. You are so cute! 🙂

    Thinking of you this week and hoping things turn out ok.

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