A Two Peas Spring Challenge

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Are you up to the challenge?  Well, a few weeks ago I asked that question and a few of you said “YES!”.

I just thought it would be a good idea to get our brains thinking towards sunshine, green grass, and blooming flowers after months of knee deep snow and slush that has covered most of the US.  Am I right?  Are you ready for Spring?!?

Here’s the challenge::  Set a handmade Spring scene.  Anything.  Handmade.  Bright.  Cheery.  Fun.  Handmade.

YOU – the readers, get to choose the “Springy-est”.  Now, I must warn you, they are all kinds of cute and thoughtful and wonderfully crafted.  It will be hard to pick just one but just one is all you can pick!

Leave a comment with your pick (please one vote per person).  The “Springy-est” will be rewarded with some bright and cheery two peas store credit in the amount of $50!  Woot! Woot!

Here they are:

#1) Jenny Jo

Jenny Jo of Nebraska submitted this lovely little number she just stitched up!  Her six year old daughter is loving her new Feliz dress designed by Studio Tantrum and made from the Pop Garden fabric collection by Heather Bailey.  She looks a wee bit cold out there Mom!  And absolutely adorable!

#2) Ann W

Looks like these American Girls are getting ready to start their gardens!

Ann W.  shares, “My daughter made the seed stand out of boxes covered with fabric.  She printed the little seed packets and I made most of the little bags.  When I read your post about a spring set up, I thought we could do something with our dolls.  I mentioned it to my daughter and we eventually came up with the seed stand idea.”

Check out all the detail – and the seed signs!  And, what’s this?  Cute farmers market totes?  Great job!  You can follow Ann on her blog Winters Edge Home.

#3) Ms. Muffin

Ms. Muffin shared, “I made this adorable apron skirt from a pattern from Little Lizard King for my daughter as a Christmas present. I think the colors look so lovely together and was so happy with how it turned out. And my daughter loved it, too. And she did love to be allowed to jump on her bed for the photo shoot, too.” I think the photo below is the pre “Mom can I jump on the bed?” shot.  Fabulous! Connect with Ms. Muffin on her blog muffins n more .

#4) Sara U.

This rainbow brought to you by Sara U.

“Here’s my little rainbow sitting in the clouds enjoying the rain with a splash of sunshine in her hair.  🙂 This dress was my own design.  It’s a band of fabric like a choker that buttons around the neck, a fitted bodice that gathers at the “choker” on the front and back.  The skirt is bands of fabric sewn together in a tube and gathered at the top to attach to the bodice.  I took the lace at the bottom from a dress I had but didn’t wear and added the ric-rac and flower for extra fun.”

She’s just looking like a perfect pot of gold!  Follow Sara on her blog The Pretty Pickle.
That’s it gang!  Our 4 entries…tweet, facebook, blog away and encourage others to come see the challenge and vote for their favorite!  Best of luck – they are ALL FABULOUS!  Thank you so much for crafting away and making Spring seem a wee bit closer!
{Grab a button girls and add it to your blogs if you’d like! Here’s the code to paste with it!

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84 Responses

  1. I vote #4.

  2. […] fabulous crafters who entered our Spring Challenge! Thank you Jenny Jo, Ms. Muffin, Ann and Sara for playing along and sharing your fabulous talents […]

  3. #1 Jenny Jo’s dress! Beautiful! And so springy!

  4. I vote for #2!! 🙂

  5. Love #2 the doll scene…so creative and detailed. Good job. Ann W. You got my vote!!!

  6. I vote for #2 such detail and so creative Ann W.!!! you got my vote…just darling!

  7. I vote for #2, very well done.

  8. I like #2 – wonderful detail!

  9. I vote for #2 (Ann W)–Dolls, ready for the spring and gardening! Love it!

  10. I really love all the entries, but I love the “story” that #2 portrays. So my vote is #2!

  11. #2

  12. Oh, Ann W’s #2 is adorable. It definely gets my vote. It portrays a lot of creative thought in setting up the scene in addition to all the creative bags and signs. Great Job!!!

  13. I vote for Jenny Jo. Beautiful dress – cute girl.

  14. #2 – Great work!

  15. My vote is for Number 1, Jenny Jo

  16. I so vote for # 2!

  17. Definitely #2.

  18. I vote #2!

  19. I vote for #2. I love the little details!

  20. I vote for #2!

  21. #2, I love gardening in the early spring!

  22. I vote for #2!!

  23. I would have to say #2. I love the detail.

  24. #2, please!

  25. All are so cute! I vote for #2!

  26. All are so cute. I vote for #2!

  27. Absolutely adore Sara U.’s design! Very original, sew Spring! Love it!

  28. Number 1 – so cute! I love those ruffles and the FABRIC!

  29. I vote on #3!
    (but all projects are lovely! Congratulations to all, ladies!)

  30. They are all winners, but my first favorite is # 1.

  31. I’m lovin’ #3!

  32. #1 Jenny Jo… you know why, right? because those are my ALL TIME FAVORITE FABRICS and who doesn’t LOVE a ruffle! Come on! So cute!

  33. Really like #2 Love the little shopping bags and all the detials.

  34. Number 1(Jenny Jo) has my vote!! Cute and now I’m definitely ready for spring!

  35. My vote is for number 1.

  36. My vote is for #1! What a cute dress and a little girl!

  37. I vote for #1-Jenny Jo! Adorable!!

  38. #1 has my vote! Adorable dress and precious little girl!

  39. Oh, #2 by Ann W. Such detail. I love all the spring-y-ness though.

  40. my vote goes to the cute #3!

  41. My vote goes to number 4. Very cute shot and sweet dress!

  42. I vote for Ann W. – #2!

  43. #2 – Ann W,!

  44. #4! what an adorable dress & I love the flower embellishment!

  45. I have to vote for Sara and the rainbow dress it is too cute! the button at the neckline and the flower at the bottom are just perfect accents!

  46. I vote for #2…. love the Seed Stand. Spring is garden time and the dolls are getting ready. 🙂

  47. I like #1 Jenny Jo “s dress.Great color.

  48. #2 for sure. 🙂

  49. #2!! LOVE the seed stand and the dolls!

  50. #2 because I love the seed stand idea!

  51. They’re all winners, but my vote is for #2.

  52. I vote for #2

  53. I’ve got to vote for #4, Sara U. Adorable, adorable…both dress and girl…topped with that bright yellow bow. It just screams spring to me!

  54. Vote for #2, Ann W. Absolutely beautiful! Good job ladies!

  55. My vote is for #1.

  56. I vote for #4… so cute!

  57. #4 – my favorite

  58. I vote for # 1–Jenny Jo’s dress. It reminds me of summer fun in the sun.

  59. #1 is my choice. Feliz is great and the model is even better. Just waiting for spring. Jenny Jo did a super job on this one.

  60. I vote for #4 the sunny rainbow!

  61. I vote for Jenny Jo’s

  62. I vote for # 1. The Spring fashion over-powers the snowy background! The dress and the model are Number 1

  63. While they are all lovely, my vote is for #2 the seed stand.

  64. I vote for numero Uno, Jenny Jo. What a great dress and a cute little girl!!!

  65. #4 – Sara’s rainbow!

  66. #1 by Jenny Jo is beautiful! That’s my vote!

  67. #4 is my favorite 🙂

  68. #1 – Jenny Jo

  69. LOVE the little rainbow in a cloud! #4 for sure! 🙂

  70. I love #1, Jenny Jo’s dress!!!

  71. Love number 4, Sara’s rainbow. Spring!

  72. My vote goes to #1 Jenny Jo. That dress is adorable and perfect for spring!

  73. My vote is for Jenny Jo. Absolutely adorable!!!

  74. I like #1, the feliz dress. It certainly does say “happy!”

  75. My vote goes for number 2- Jenny jo

  76. #4 Little Rainbow gets my vote. Very bright and cheerful. Spring has sprung!!!

  77. I love #3!

  78. Love the detail in #2- my vote is for Ann W!

  79. I vote for #2, Ann W.

  80. All cute, but my vote goes to #2!! ♥

  81. Love #2–Ann W’s springtime seed stand!! Great idea–very creative!!

  82. My vote is for Ann W.’s springtime scene!

  83. I love Sara’s rainbow dress! Really makes me think SPRING!

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