The spiritual side…

Hard for me to recap Quilt Market without touching on what it all really meant to me, spiritually.  For those of you rolling your eyes and muttering, “oh, here she goes with the Jesus thing”…yes, the Jesus thing.

If I’m to be honest about what matters most to me then sharing that is just as important as the glitz and photo ops.  I had a pastor once say that it doesn’t really matter if the whole Jesus thing is real or not – living our lives to be good to one another, to find peace and contentment in prayer – what does it hurt?  If it all turns out to be a hoax then our lives still would have been better for the faith we have had.  Well, at least that’s how I view it.

So, for me, launching our business is much more meaningful than you can imagine.  It’s been in the making for about 6 years now.  It’s been a lot of work.  A lot of planning.  A lot of sacrifice.

As we were taking off from Columbus to Houston, I had this intense sense of being surrounded by angels.  I also had a really strong feeling of being supported by my sister and my grandmother.  Both have passed on many years ago and both were wonderful seamstresses.  I never spent enough time with my sister because I was only 3 when she died but I know that my Grammy (the one whose photo is in my Patsy Ann Apron Top pattern) taught her to sew.  For some reason, my mind was flooded with thoughts of them and how excited they both would be if they could see what I was about to embark on.

For all the exciting things that happened and are still evolving from my trip to Houston, I am extremely humbled and grateful.  I have prayed for so long for answers, for a light to my path, to help our family find a way to get to where we needed to be.

One of those prayers has always been for my peas.  Twins are high risk and my pregnancy included a 2+ week hospital stay and then more bedrest and medications to keep them until 36 weeks.  I had to stay on my back 24/7.  Eat laying down.  Bathe lying down.  And when they were born, they were perfect.  They are perfect.  But as time has progressed, we have discovered small things that have been stumbling blocks in their development.  Multiple things.  And this long complicated puzzle we have slowly watched year to year as they grow, started to come together within days after I got home from Houston.

I won’t go into detail as it is quite private but it was a moment, when I was sitting watching clinicians perform assessments and I was sobbing as I watched.  It’s heartbreaking to see your children struggle and feel helpless.

And as the days progress, and our business grows, I see that the Lord HAS answered those prayers.  For that exact moment brought new realities for us and new challenges and I could see now, that THIS was the time that HE had chosen for our family.  This was, this IS the right time.  For many reasons.

Sometimes, when we pray for what we want, it’s hard to be patient and wait.  And not know if you’ll ever get what you asked for.  I didn’t exactly get what I asked for but I got what I needed, what our family needed.  And I am humbled.  And grateful.  And for the 6 years we have also waited on a diagnosis for our peas, I am thankful to know what, how, and where to go.  Mothers just want to do it all for our kids, make everything better but there are some things, I just can’t do.  Those are the things that make me cry.  Then.  And now as I write this.  Because I just want them to not be frustrated, or struggle, or to give up.

I think that since my husband and I have made certain that this business is a full on family affair, it’s given our peas a sense of pride, and ownership, and accomplishment.  They are part of the success, what little ones we can claim at the moment, and we wholeheartedly celebrate everything that those beautiful girls are to us.

This post may not have made much sense to you but the spiritual side of this experience has been very heavy on my heart.  I do feel God’s hand in all that we do and I do feel extremely blessed, for whatever may come, I know that God always has a way to provide for us.  Now more than ever, it’s an answer to a prayer.




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  1. […] about my story here or about my recent adventures in launching my business at Quilt Market here and here.  2011 is going to be an exciting year for our business with many new things to come.  I hope […]

  2. Trish, I read your post a few days ago and it touched me deeply. I admire you greatly for putting your faith out there publicly. I, too, love my Jesus, and look to Him each day for strength and love. I don’t know the specifics of what is going on with your girls, but I have been praying for them and you. In my past life (before kids), I was (and technically still am) an occupational therapist. I haven’t worked for a few years so I am kind of rusty, but if there is anything I can do for you guys, or any information I can give you, I would love to. Thanks for sharing. ((hugs)) ~Lori

  3. Thank you for sharing a little of your journey! I, too, am learning to trust in God’s Love and Provision. It is amazing . . .

  4. I am so glad you had a wonderful trip. It looked like fun! I will keep your family in my prayers so that this new knowledge will open new doors and opportunities for your peas! They are sweeties! Mikaela would still love to have them over!
    Take care.

  5. all of your posts are wonderful…but, i really LOVE this one! praying for certaiain results, clarification or direction has seemed so fruitless over the past months. just as you described, God provides the proper resolution on his watch. the answers shall come, do we need to pray for patience, perseverance?

    glad you are home safely. ciuld we make a hike or coffee date soon?

    love you, julia

  6. Amen and Hallelujah! I pray that the road for your peas will be made easier now that you have a diagnosis.

  7. God is definitely GOOD

  8. Amen. And I really mean that. It’s so true and you said it so well. Thanks for sharing this side of you with us. Praying that all is well with your peas, your business and your family.


  9. Beautifully and thoughtfully written Trish. Thanks for being so open and transparent. If it’s not all for the Lord when the day is over, then what is it for? Fame & fortune only fill us temporarily, God created us to have that need for a relationship w/ Him. We can go for a while without Him, but in the end, there’s that empty void that only He can fill. I love that He desires that relationship w/ us, but will never force it. The way you described feeling helpless to do anything for your twins reminds me of how our Father in heaven views the world today. So much heartache, sin and perversion going on and He knows all about it, but He has given us free will to do as we choose. It’s not His will, but He wants us to choose life w/ Him…everlasting life. I love that His grace is sufficient for me. The thorn in my flesh may very well be there so that I can continue trusting in my Jesus who is exceedingly abundantly more than capable of doing above all that we could even ask for or imagine, and I pray that for your family. I am so very excited to watch this journey you’re taking with your business. I appreciate what you do and being able to use your patterns to do what I love doing, sewing. I am blessed to have been able to meet you face to face. Blessings on all your future endeavors!

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