Carol Jane Dresses…

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback so far on the patterns…I’ve been working on these for a very long time and I really appreciate all the kind words!

I wanted to give you just a little bit more of what some of the patterns include.

Today, a closer look at the Carol Jane dresses.  This pattern actually includes instructions for 6 versions of this dress!  SIX!  Check it out!

A tunic version with sash

With a center contrasting panel and triple wrap tie

With an adorable center contrasting band and hem, waist ruffle

and a polka dot embellishment

Applique that includes an owl, caterpillar and watermelon

Patchwork (my favorite!)

Knit version with ruffle detail at the neckline.

So many choices – your girls will adore this simple classic dress with so many new twists!  I’ll share more details on the other patterns soon!




3 Responses

  1. So cute… I may have to try to make them. :o)

  2. Wow…great work! Excellent photography and may I say how ADORABLE your kids are??

  3. SOOOO FUN!!!
    Love them

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