Serious randomness…

Honestly, I feel like I have ADD really bad lately.  Far too many things going on at once.  Getting ready for Quilt Market, dealing with the demands at my “day job” as we enter into our busy season (heck, when AREN’T we busy?), loads of kids stuff and “issues” with school.

Hard to keep focus on any one thing for very long.  Ya know, like hard to blog about just one thing because I write a sentence and soon enough my mind is already thinking about what else needs to be done next…

So here’s to all kinds of randomness…I got back all of our fab photos from our shoot from a few weeks ago…today I’m touching up the Madison pattern text and couldn’t wait to share with you the cute and adorable Cait who is gracing the cover!  Isn’t she a doll?!  And a future teacher too…just as sweet on the inside as she is on the outside.  Love her!

And then Uncle Mel, love him too.  He’s been working on some “manly things” for our Quilt Market booth.

And I had to finish up one of the Madison bags because I wanted some new photos for the pattern…just wasn’t feeling the ones I had.  So…now I have a design sample of the Madison.  Probably gonna list it in my etsy shop soon unless anyone wants first dibs at it!




4 Responses

  1. Love the cover! The pattern turned out well!

  2. Trish, Both of these are fantastic! I love the fabric combinations you used! Hope things will settle down for you soon, but probably not until QM. I would love to go to Houston and help you out but I probably won’t be able to go yet again, unfortunately. If you need the bag I made I would be happy to send it to you to use in your booth. Love the cover photo and the variation on the strap! Ultra hip! ~Lori

  3. The pattern picture turned out really nice! Hope it helps to sell at the mart!

  4. I might! I’ll email you! 🙂

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