Two Peas in a Pod

Sewing, planning, writing, prepping…so many things to do before we launch big with our sewing pattern line.  This weekend, we had our big photo shoot with the awesome of awesomeness photographers, Britt Lakin of Britt Lakin Photography.

I love Britt because it’s like she gets inside my head and totally sees in my minds eye what I was dreaming for the shot.  For every single item, 16 or so, we prepped and set a “scene” for that shot.  Plus lifestyle shots to be used elsewhere for marketing, etc.  In all…it was a lot.  It rained, we had models, here, there, in town…it was crazy!  But fun in a great way!  Can’t wait to tell you more about the great mud river and how we almost “lost” Britt to the muddy mess!  Soon, I promise!

I’ll keep updating with more of our progress as we go along…plus I have a little tutorial coming as well for a quick and easy maxi dress!




5 Responses

  1. THANK YOU! Britt is amazing – just love her! And the two peas had such a great time having their photo taken…they think their famous? Silly girls! They keep telling me, “well, we ARE the two peas…it’s the name of your company. It’s US!” Ok…yes but…famous? Maybe in our backyard you’re famous but pretty sure not beyond the confines of our own property are you famous…LOL!

  2. unbelievably gorgeous photo!

  3. I just love love love that picture of the peas – I can totally see it being a picture they’d love to have when they grow up! And I can’t wait to see what you have in store 😉

  4. So, cute! I love it and can’t wait to see what else she captured!

  5. LOVE this picture of the girls!!

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