{party girls}

I love making things for events for special little people, don’t you?

Recently, I had the pleasure of making my Carol Jane dresses for a client whose daughter was celebrating a birthday and she wanted her baby sister to have a coordinating dress.  These Carol Jane patchwork dresses fit the bill perfectly with an initial monogram and accessorized with one of my little hair flowers to boot.

The Carol Jane dress sewing pattern has 7…SEVEN…versions of a simple dress that you can make and I can’t wait to share them all with you!  (we have a BIG photo shoot this weekend for all the pattern covers!  eeeee!!)

Just look and sigh…because, I don’t think two little girls could get much cuter than these two!


5 Responses

  1. Thanks…wish I could take all the credit but all that cute comes from who is wearing those dresses – not the dresses themselves! Love little girls! So much fun!

  2. adorable, Trish!!

  3. How sweet! Love the monogram addition!

  4. I could just eat them up…haha. Such beautiful fabric and color combinations….and the bows are the icing. Have fun on your big shoot!!

  5. Too incredibly adorable girl!!

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