{A New Orleans Summer Wedding…}

Several months back, I was neck deep in making dresses for a summer wedding in New Orleans.  Remember this?

Just the other day, the bride sent me a few snapshots.  I was so excited to see the dresses on the big day – I think they fit perfectly for a summer wedding in New Orleans, don’t you think so?

{I also made their hair flowers...}

A reluctant ring bearer? Maybe just a little...

Super Nova, my seamstress friend, made the adorable tie to match the dresses. Melt my heart...how cute is he!?

The junior bridesmaid wore a similar dress with a bit of different styling. I love how they had her wear her sash as a drape. Gorgeous!

These dresses are Pink Fig patterns and we adapted them to work for the wedding by changing up the hemlines and adding some additional details, etc.  I think they worked really well for the occasion and the best thing of all…they can be worn again and again for church and other special occasions.

I had intended to announce our  Lisa Leonard giveaway winner yesterday…but as life would have it…”something came up”.  Last week, I got horribly sick for a few days with a nasty awful cold something or other.  Then one of the peas got sick.  And we both got better somewhere around Monday.  On Monday, Sprout fell off of a dining room chair.  Which seemed not to be a big deal but turns out she may have had a toddler fracture…and so I spent time running her around to the doctors office and then over for scans.  Came back negative.  Good news.  Then the other pea came down sick.  Then we had a swim team breakfast, a final practice, our swim team Championships, then I got sick again with fever for two days, then Sprout got a fever and they thought maybe her leg was infected so I spent last night with her at the hospital while that was all checked out.  Today…today all of us are well.  Sprout’s leg is fine, not great, but the second round of scans still showed negative fractures so not sure why she is still fussing over it.  She still has a fever but she seems to be doing much better.  And the peas are better.  And life is almost normal here.  Whatever that is.

Breath…ok, and so that’s why I didn’t get everything updated.  Old Mr. Random Number Generator…choose #8, Celeste.  Congrats Celeste!  Have fun shopping over at Lisa Leonard Designs.  And thank you to everyone else who participated.

And THANK YOU Lori, for featuring my pattern on your blog this week. LOVE HAZEL – go share some love with her, please?!




7 Responses

  1. WOW those are gorgeous! I love the color.

  2. How nice that she sent you photos of the girls in their dresses! Beautiful! Love the cute matching tie for the little boy too!

    I hope today you and the girls all feel much, much better!

  3. Oh my gosh, the dresses are beautiful. Summery, elegant, and just perfect for little girls in a southern wedding! Great job, Trish! And thanks for the mention. It was my pleasure to blog about the apron top. Will blog about the bag too (eventually)!

  4. (WOOHOOO! So excited about winning this giveaway! yay!)

    and – wow! What lovely dresses!! Love the wide sash (:

  5. Oh my goodness! Those dresses are adorable! I love what you did with my patterns and I think they turned out beautifully.

    What a fun summer wedding! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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