Hodgepodge…that’s kinda my schtick

I’m a scrappy kind of sewer.

I like to use a lot of color.  Patchwork.  Scrappy.  Rough.  Imperfect.  I like it that way.  For Christmas in 2008, I made my parents a scrappy quilt.  Just a throw quilt to use in front of the telly at night or in the car while they travel.  My Mom handed it back to me a few months ago because a couple of the blocks had pulled apart.  (pats self on back…way to go Trish).

It was December 22nd and I was still sewing away at this quilt.  I stayed up until 3am one night just so I could sew kid free.  My parents really liked it so I felt bad that it had pulled apart.There and over here.  See?  That’s where the blocks had pulled apart.  Is there a legit way to patch these?  I have no idea because I’m not really a quilter so I did what I do and got more scrappy with it (as if it weren’t scrappy enough already).  I thought if I put some kind of square block on them that first of all, they would have to be pretty big to cover the full tear.  Second, I thought, it would be so much like the blocks that to only have a couple where the tears were would make the whole quilt look odd.  SO…I frequently revert back to dots.  My logo being the peas, I try to replicate dots in a lot of things that I do.  And that’s how we came upon patching with dots.

But I couldn’t do just two…I had to do more over the whole quilt to “even” them out.  Luckily, my niece was here last weekend.  She wanted me to do some dorm room sewing for her and so she stayed the weekend with us, watching kids so we could have a date night and then sew for her.  (Dang, if I only she lived closer.  I could SO enjoy that at least every other weekend…it was great to have her around but she lives an hour and a half south of us.)

Anyway, once I patched it…um, everyone loved it in our house.  My niece slept with it.  Everytime I lay it down, the kids come running to snuggle up on it or under it.  I really need to make one for ourselves I guess.  Well, see there?  Sprout…running from the playhouse like she had “quilt radar” when I laid it down to take a photo.

A perfect summer afternoon, napping on a quilt in the shade.  Mom…I’m just sayin’, not sure this quilt will be making it back home to your house anytime soon.  Sorry about that.

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6 Responses

  1. It is a beautiful quilt!

  2. I LOVE that quilt and would love one for myself too! 🙂

  3. This quilt has wabi sabi written all over it….the beauty of all things imperfect….that the beauty is not the object itself but the experience of it or the mood and feeling it evokes. I love, love, love those fabrics!

  4. I’m loving all that Amy Butler fabric in one quilt…might have to do that with all my scraps!

  5. Patching with big dots is the perfect solution! So cute!

  6. I love the quilt! I know exactly what you mean… our two eldest boys have quilts that I made when they were little which have been seriously loved. Every few years they sprout a new look as I have to do some serious mending on the denim/flannel patchwork quilts. I volunteered to make new ones but they both refused (however I was told by one of them that if I wanted to make a 2nd quilt or even 3rd to add to his bedding collection to feel free!! maybe a matching pillow or two…) they want their old quilts, patches and all!!

    Aren’t dots great??!! 🙂

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