Say hello to a few amazing crafters…

Continuing on with “holla” out to my girls who helped test patterns for me.  Geniune, lovely, creative and talented describes these ladies.  I love to see what they are coming up with next and watch their adorable kids grow.

Love the details Paige added to my Patsy Ann Apron top...the ric rac, flower posie and bag! Check out her site for the links and how to's...

Paige Hill is the talented lady who works in marketing for Where Women Create, the magazine.  We “met” online almost a year ago now.  Paige has been a really great supporter of my art – offering me features on both the WWC blog as well as inviting me to guest blog on the Creative Connection Event site. This fabulous event that is being put on by WWC is full of the most awesome stuff ever.  Session after session with fabulous artists who get to craft along with.  I’m still crossing my fingers I can go (it’s in September – I’m also hoping to hit up Houston in October for Quilt Market so not sure I can leave the gardener at home that much.  Men don’t multi task for long very well.  A day, maybe.  More than one…I worry about his sanity).

Paige is a fantastic artist herself and a published author.  Her version of the Patsy Ann Apron top included ric rac, a posie and more.  See her blog for all the details!

Works great even for big these prints! Thanks Kim!

KIMBERLY VOJACEK is another wonderfully talented pattern tester.  Kimberly doesn’t blog or have a shop – she just sews for her own children and was so kind to help me out.  Kimberly shares a little about herself with us…“I am a mother of two beautiful girls, 8 and 10 years old.  I work part-time for St. Stephen’s Community House as a Volunteer Coordinator.  Most of my time is spent with the girls and their many activities.  I do enjoy crafting – scrapbook, cardmaking, cross-stitching, sewing, and my new craft, crochet!!  I am very passionate about raising my two girls to be compassionate, independent and responsible women.  I believe that being their mother is the most important job I have!”

Can you see how adorable?

Nikki Rainey is also known as “Madame Crafty”… a name her husband has bestowed upon her and for good reason.  She is all kinds of crafty and shares a bit about herself here…

Nikki Rainey has been a military wife for almost 14 years and takes her home business with her wherever she goes with her Army husband.  Family is most important to her. Her business includes everyone in the family and makes it possible for them to spend most of their time together.  She has been teaching various craft and quilting classes for over 10 years. She has her own quilting business, NikKitty Quilting & Design , as well as a beading party business. Nikki and her husband just updated their long-arm quilting machine to one of the uber-cool Gammill Statler models. Nikki likes to blog about her quilting and blogs about it here on her blog.  She enjoys pattern designing as well as customizing other patterns.

The Madison bag...pattern available soon!

Two Peas in a Pod was her first experience pattern testing for someone else. Always in the past someone has been pattern testing for her.  She says this experience was a lot of fun!

A closer look...she and a friend had a challenge who could make the cuter turtle. I think both are a winner! Love these!

Her husband likes to make quilting tools out of wood. He makes seam rippers, stilettos, crochet hooks, and also nice writing pens on his lathe. You can see his work in their etsy shop.

Nikki tested the Madison bag for me…and hers is so cute.  You’ll have to pop in over here and tell her so yourself!

I still have a few more wonderful friends I’ll be featuring over the next couple of weeks.  Can’t thank you all enough for testing for me – I’m very blessed to have your input!




4 Responses

  1. Trish- You are so sweet! Mikaela got a kick out of seeing herself on your blog. I loved making this and can’t wait to try some of your published patterns! Thanks!

  2. Trish – I love your patterns! I can’t wait for my little girl to grow bigger so that we can use your dress patterns. The Madison bag is darling and so are her turtles!! What great testers you have!!

  3. I *HEART* you Trish!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to test for you. It was my pleasure! Funny thing … I almost used that same fabric that Kim used for mine:). Have a great day~

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