Please bare your soles…

School is ending.  So much going on at the end of the school year.  And our dear friend who is sick with cancer – we’ve been doing our best to keep him well and tend to his affairs.

As we enter into this holiday weekend, and we are preparing for guests – I decided I’d tear down that ugly handwritten sign I have at my front door.

See, I’m a bit of germ freak.  But that’s for another day…there’s much to it.  Suffice it to say, I don’t like people to wear their shoes in my house.  I saw somewhere that if you have carpet and wear your shoes in the house – then your carpet is full of garbage.  Yuck.  Serious yuck.  Especially with a baby crawling around and kids who are always on the floor.

So I made up a new sign for my door.  Do you have this same germ freakish kind of thing with your house?  If you do…let me share.  Of course, feel free to plug in a photo of your own kids feet but these are my peas.  Framed it and hung at the door this evening.  Not an original idea of my own…long ago I saw someone had the phrase “bare your soles” and I find it to perfectly suit us.  Feel free to print a copy for your own front door.

Happy holiday weekend…




4 Responses

  1. I LOVE this sign! I’m going to do one up for us and one for my mom. With little baby piggies! 🙂

    We had a rule growing up no shoes in the house and my husband and I continued that with our homes.

  2. I’m right there with you! we have hardwood throughout, with area rugs scattered but we take off our shoes at the entrance and walk in slippers or socks around the house. One dd just got a new pair of sneakers which she’s allowed to wear in the house because she hasn’t stepped outside of the house in them yet. I don’t have a sign to let people know to take their shoes off but most people who come over see the shoes at the entrance and they think they should take their shoes off.

    My brother and his wife do the same thing – they also leave their shoes at the entrance and switch to slippers for inside the house. And they don’t have kids, yet.

    • If only people actually respected our desires…we have many friends…but mostly family who ignore our “sign”. My OCD about germs really goes into overdrive then…

      freaks. me. out.


  3. I’m the same way. My husband doesn’t get it, but yuck. (He doesn’t care for other people’s feet, but those at least get washed every once in awhile!).

    I don’t think I’ve ever had to ask, though, except for my parents and they just won’t anyway.

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