Drumroll please…

Sprout has been under the weather the last few days so I’ve not had my hands or arms free to type much…

Thank you so very much for ALL of the dinner ideas on the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway post.  If you haven’t viewed the comments yet…you don’t know what you are missing!  There is almost a years worth of awesome ideas for dinner.  I can’t wait to sift through and start copying down recipes.

A special kudos to the “Dad from Florida” who was blog hopping for his daughter whose computer was broken.  I sent you a Hazel Hipster pattern just for being such a cool Dad who would do that for his girl.  So sweet…

I’ve been sewing up a bunch of these owl bags lately…pretty hot item.

{Would you be excited if I told you that I’m releasing a sewing pattern for this bag in July?  No.  Oh, ok.  Well, um, anyway…along with my Ava bag…two new bag patterns for July.  I’m excited at least.}

So, spill already…who won the bag and the patterns from my Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway!?

Lucky number 307…Krista – Poppyprint, on May 19, 2010 at 10:08 pm

So funny because on HER blog she was saying how many giveaways she entered this week and she didn’t win any of them.  Ah, guess what?  YOU WON KRISTA!  So cool!

I do have some fun sewing patterns coming out as I mentioned June, July and also in December.  I may even have a special “hot off the presses” deal for you so keep watching.

I will have some features on the lovely ladies that have been testing for me coming up in the next week or so…but for now, go and visit with a few of them and see their lovely little versions of the Patsy Ann Apron Top.  They SO rock!

Sarah B – Check out the dress she made for her little one for graduation too!  So pretty!

Paige – Paige is as sweet as they come and her oldest, just got his drivers license.  Yikes!

Dusty – You gotta scroll through her blog and see all the outfits she’s made for her kids!

I’ll share more on them and the other testers for the Sprouts pattern line coming soon!




6 Responses

  1. Your totes are cute as can be! Love the special touches you add to things that make them uniquely “Two Peas!” The way you combine brightly patterned fabrics with neutrals, your combination of raw edge applique with double topstitched seams, and your overall professional looking final product are what make your products and patterns stand out. There’s a big difference between copyright infringement and a popular trend.

  2. Hi the products you make are beautiful! I visited your etsy site and I think it’s great that you are selling beautiful things to people. I am however concerned that you may be stealing other artists patterns and putting your label on them as your own. I have family in Ohio and we went to this quaint little shop in Pickerington, and I saw a couple of the same designs on the T-shirts there. I also noticed that some of the bag designs are very similar to those of Amy Butler, Anne Marie Horner, and Heather Bailey. I would hate for an artist to get mad at you, and for a copyright infringement to occur. It looks like you’re creative….come up with your own designs and then you can put your name on them guilt free– Lucy Anderson

    • Lucy, thank you for your concern. It is not my intent to infringe upon other artists. I have been making and selling handbags since 2003 and when I went back to look at my handbag offerings vs. what Anna Maria, Heather Bailey and Amy Butler offer I failed to see what you did in finding similar items between their bag designs and mine.

      As far as the shirts go, I feel in my opinion, those are a craft item and by far, NOT an original idea of my own to applique a ready made shirt. In fact, around town here you will find no less than a dozen shops selling those exact shirts (made by the owner at Feather Your Nest, the shop you are referring to) as well as many many many crafters on etsy, a handful at every craft show I go to, and also Old Navy, Target and Walt Disney World who have been making shirts like those for several years now. A friend at work has a tote bag from WDW with a peace sign on it with the frayed edges that she bought there 2 years ago. Am I infringing on all of those people for those designs? It’s one of those who is copying who…I don’t have the opinion that there is a copyright infringement issue regarding the shirts. Sounds as if you disagree. I think the method is the same but the designs are different outside of the peace sign which they actually do differently on vnecks and jackets – unique to them.

      If you have other concerns you are welcome to email me directly at twopeasinapoddesigns at gmail dot com.

  3. Oh my goodness, Trish! I for one am very excited about the bag pattern! It couldn’t be cuter! Really, it couldn’t. And since I am such an expert on making bags now (ahem….) it should be no problem for me! 🙂 If you need testers for that I would be game to help you with that again! Otherwise, I will be looking out for that pattern when it is released! Now, off to check out those dinner ideas…..

  4. Those bags are really lovely….I’ll be watching out for the pattern being released.

  5. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Thank you so much!!! I know that my daughter is going to claim that owl tote the minute it arrives and I cannot wait to make the Hazel hipster for myself and my sister, too. It looks like an amazing bag. My daughter and nieces will look adorable in the smock apron. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited. Thank you so much Trish!

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