A little piece of Daddy…

I have been so inspired lately by all of the refashion posts I’ve been reading lately like this one… and this one too.

And check out this tee from Dear Lizzy…LOVE!

I had to give it a go…and so for Earth Day, I dug through my husbands closet and came up with a shirt I knew he wouldn’t want anymore…I think.  By the time I started on this project, the two peas were begging for me to make one for them too and so another shirt was rounded up.

Love the blue plaid...

I took a fitted button down shirt of my own and laid it on top of shirt.  I used it as a guide.  I cut about an inch out from the edge of my shirt right up the sides.  Then I sewed them back together.  I should have tried my shirt on before using it as a pattern.  Um, post baby…I guess I’m a wee bit bigger than I used to be because it’s kinda tight.  Hence the…I meant to leave it unbuttoned at the bottom because it looks cool…look.

Then I cut the sleeves off, and cut the cuffs and sewed them back together to make 3/4 length sleeves.  I used a piece of the fabric and sewed a band around that sleeve seam as a decorative element.

I used some contrasting fabric and added it to the hem.  I used that same fabric along with some of the cut off shirt fabric and made two sets of ruffles.  To do that, I cut them x” wide (i don’t know how wide – I just eyeballed it) and then pressed in half and ran a gathering stitch down the edge and adjusted it to the length I liked.  I sewed those ruffles down the button placket with a zigzag stitch for interest.

Added a belt from the remnants and made a little posie pin to give it some sparkle.  I really liked it but it’s kinda tight so I’m thinking it might be a cute dress for one of the peas!

The next night, I started on a quick one for one of the peas who also wanted to get in on the Earth Day recycled dress act.

I used one of her tank tops, like this, as a pattern.  Again, I cut about an inch wider than the tank top and I followed the skirt line too so it was wider at the bottom.  Girls have hips.  Men don’t.  I think that’s what I didn’t like about the first one I made.

Sewed it all back together.  Added some fabric panels at the bottom.  Added ruching to the collar.  Ruffles to the button placket.  And a flower posie pin and belt.  Voila!  Earth day goodness…and she loved it.  And…removing the sleeves, way easier!

Have you tried refashioning anything lately?  Wanna share a link in the comments section?  We’d love to see what you’ve created!




19 Responses

  1. OK! Trish! I just found your blog and now I have a list of tutorials to try and I can’t wait! I love this shirt! Too cute!

  2. Gorgeous!!

  3. LOVE THIS….I’m coming over with some old shirts to make some!!! Lets set a date for the girls to play and us to sew!

  4. Wow – those are really nice – GREAT JOB!

  5. I absolutely love the dress on the bottom. Now where could I find a shirt that would be THAT big on me…

    I recently “refashioned” my daughter’s plain old t-shirt. I cut out a chihuahua from some fabric I dyed (years ago!) and did an applique. It’s really cute and she loves it! (I haven’t written about it on my blog yet, though.)

  6. These are so cute! I love the way they turned out and love the girls shirt too! So cute!

  7. Oh yay! I’m glad I stumbled on your blog and found that you featured me! Yours looks great, it’s very cute! 🙂

  8. Thanks girls! It was fun and pretty easy to do…a fun tribute for Earth Day!

  9. Trish…you never cease to amaze me with your talent. I wish I had 1/8 of your talent and energy. Olivia

  10. Trish – how awesome!!! Both, your top and the dress for one of the peas – you just keep outdoing yourself!

    Hugs, Julia

  11. Love it!!! And the unbuttoned bottom does look really cool 🙂

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