The great hoax {or great faith}

Is this all real?

I was reading Kate over at Girl Meets Geek and she wrote a post about her faith that included her thoughts about uncertainty about God.  It made me think about my own faith for the moment.

Pastor Art, an interim Pastor who spent some time at our church once said, What if it’s all a hoax? What if this whole “God” thing isn’t real and the Bible is just a work of fiction?  What if there really isn’t a heaven?

He went on to say, What if it’s not? What if God is real?  What if the Bible really is fact and not fiction.  What if heaven and hell are both real?

Prayer has been shown to have healing effects.  I found this article that talks about how people who pray and have faith live longer. It improves their heart health.  They tend to have better health habits, tend to be overall more at peace and happier.

And so what if it IS all a hoax?  What good is all that prayer and clean living if when we die, that’s it?

I guess, if it is a hoax – I feel like nothing in my life was wasted.  Not my faith, not my time in prayer, not my efforts to live by scripture.  Prayer energizes me.  Makes me feel hopeful.  Helps to center me.  My children have a deep faith and everyday amaze me with their convictions and confidence.  Nothing in their lives has been wasted.  They are strong secure little people and faith in God, real or not, has made them better.

But I do have faith that there is a God.  I believe He created us.  I believe He created science and things like evolution and other complexities of our world.  I believe that the diverse religions and people of the world are His creation and one day it will all make sense.

I frequently sin.  I stumble.  I am so far from perfect – but I am so glad that in prayer I feel forgiven, renewed and nurtured.

What about you?  Do you have faith in a higher power?  Does it give you purpose to have faith?

It does for me.




9 Responses

  1. Hey Trish! I fully believe in God and in everything the Bible says! A great resource for evidence that what the Bible says is true is And, if you ever get the chance, you should visit the Creation Museum in northern KY (Cincinnati area). It’s amazing!

  2. GOD IS AWESOME! It is so sad to see how lost and broken so many are. This world is broken and there is much pain and hurt and being a Christian definitely doesn’t save us from experiencing the suffering of being human, but, the difference is, we have GOD to turn to. So sad to see people searching, searching, searching… unless they see God, they will never find what they are looking for.

    BY THE WAY, I received that laptop bag in the mail that you made… THANK YOU… it is fabulous. I posted pictures on my blog :p

  3. I believe in God. I believe He sent his Son to die in my place and make a way for me to reach him. I believe I am His beloved. And I believe we are healed through him. I am learning to pray out loud – constantly (not like I am crazy, praying out loud in the store or anything, but in the car, or at home haha) because he hears me (even if it’s not out loud). Thanks for this post!

  4. I see so many people around me who are searching for meaning in their life and feel lost because they have no faith. I was fortunate to be raised by a mother who has unceasing faith. I am forever grateful to her as I would not get through my days without that faith. It is faith that gets me out of bed each day as I deal with the loss of two babies whom I lost during my pregnancies. One three years ago and another just 6 months ago. I cannot explain or even begin to understand why God had chosen to take them so soon. Nor do I understand why he wanted me to deliver babies that I would never hear laugh or cry. I will never forget the time I spent holding them and my girls and I speak of them often. I cannot imagine how I would deal with these losses if I did not know that they were with our heavenly Father, free of any pain and suffering, and knowing that I will be reunited with them one day.

    I agree wholeheartedly with you that I would rather live my life believing, even if it is a hoax. I just cannot imagine that what we experience through faith would occur if there was not God. Thank you for a wonderful post and a reminder of how blessed we are to have a beautiful relationship with God.

    • Kim, what courage you have. Thank you so much for sharing this here. I’m so sorry for your loss – I can’t imagine how hard that had to be and is. There is comfort in knowing that there will be a day we will all be together again. I imagine all the time what heaven will be like – and I always dream it’s a sunny day, a light breeze and my kids playing outside and just laughing and loving. I hope that it’s just like that.

      Bless you and thanks for your willingness to open up…

  5. I LOVED Pastor Art! What a happy soul and compelling preacher. Miss hearing his sermons and maybe should seek him out. I know he’s got to be around here somewhere.

    Love this post too… it’s so true, but at this point if it is a hoax, I’m too much of a believer to just give it up. I mean, I don’t know anything else and it gives me strength to know and see his healing ways. Not only when I’m done but in many other ways. It’s uplifting and irreplaceable.

    • I KNOW! I don’t know if he’s still around Jill, he may have finally really retired. He has seen it all, been through it all and is so real. It was weird when he left our church after “filling in” while we were in the call process because you would have thought he had been with us 30 years when he left. So many tears and hugs and parties. He was inspiring and encouraging and amazing. Love that guy!

      Faith is awesome. Thanks be to God.

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