First day of Spring and a BIG celebration week ahead!! For you!!

What better way to spend the first day of Spring but drawing with chalk on the driveway!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up…it’s my birthday this week…you still have a few days to get me something if you really want to, I mean you don’t have to but if you insist!  I love books, iTunes, fabric of course…thread, ric rac and notions and starbucks.  Oh and anything handmade…I just adore handmade trinkets (and pretty little aqua blue and pink table runners…Barb!  Hint!  hint!  Just kidding.  Not.)

…but for realz…for my birthday I’m going to be giving YOU all a little something.  Ok, a lot of something.

...or swinging in the backyard with no coat on...

I have several giveaways planned.  Some tutorials.  A couple of delicious recipes.  It’s gonna be a good week so you’ll want to check back everyday to see what’s going on and get in on the celebration.  Every day this next week I’ll have a new post with something yummy or cute or inspiring…I hope you’ll enjoy my birthday as much as me!  (And if you must know…I’m turning 37, again.  For the 3rd time.  What?  You don’t have repeat birthdays?)

...and sprout here is pausing after trying to keep up with her big sisters and the barn cat they were all chasing...

Truth is, if you remember back here where I wasn’t feeling too hot, hormones and all…and you may have noticed I’ve backed way down on blogging lately – so this week will be a BIG jump into trying to get back into the swing of things.

Rosie the barn cat has a birthday coming up too. She was born on April 1st on our front porch. She was the runt that nobody wanted. And the sweetest of them all...brings me a mouse almost everyday. She must love me a lot.

I’ve been slowly working on feeling better.  I went to see my doctor and they ran all kinds of tests – most specifically for lupus and looking for early markers for cancer…I was feeling really bad.  Headaches everyday, GI symptoms, crying, fatigue that was off the charts, slurred speech because I was just that freaking tired…anyway, all of those tests came back good.  They did find that I was super low in Vitamin D, and few other things that go along with that plus a few oddities with a liver enzyme.  They are doing some more testing but in the short term…I’ve started taking over 2000mg of Vitamin D a day and maybe it’s all in my head but, I am feeling better.  My headaches are down – instead of 7 days a week last week I only had headaches 4 days.  My tummy is off and on a bit better.  My fatigue feels more like normal overworked Mom tired.  Today was a rough day but most days I feel like I’m improving.  Thanks so much for all your well wishes – comments and emails and tweets.  That was really nice and I really appreciated the concern and support from everyone.  I’m blessed with a lot of wonderful friends in real life and here on the blog – thank you.

SO I’m just saying…this is gonna be a fun week on the Life is SEW nice with my Two Peas blog!  My friends over at Where Women Create have offered up a little something for my birthday celebration giveaway, Britt of Britt Lakin Photography has a super offer for everyone this week, I have a little something that Patty Young cooked up that I’ll be giving away plus a few of my own goodies from the Two Peas shop.

Happy Birthday to me – and Happy Spring to you!  See you all this week!




7 Responses

  1. I take Vitamin D, too. I live in the Pacific NW and don’t get nearly enough sun!! Since I started taking D, I really have felt better. Hope the tests help figure out what else might be going on. Don’t know about you, but I hate the ‘not knowing’ part.
    Looking forward to coming to the week-long birthday bash. Sounds like lots of fun! 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry you were feeling bad:(, but glad you’re on the mend! I have a friend with Lupus and it took her years to be diagnosed. She is doing really well now. Anyhow, I’m excited for the contests! Crossing my fingers that I can actually win something:) *HUGS*

  3. Happy happy to you this week. I turned 37 3 times also. But I won’t turn 40 2 times this year. You only wanna turn 40 once!

    send me your addy via email and there might be a little surprise for you after I get back home from vacation in a windy, rainy florida!


  4. So glad you’re feeling better! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  5. Hi Trish! Glad to hear you are feeling better! I wanted to say I like the new blog design. Also, sorry I never did the Warm Fuzzies review for you…. We started the greenhouse this week and it has been SO BUSY! I forgot that once Spring is here, I have to do a little something called “work”. Looking forward to the tutorials and giveaways!

  6. Ooh, happy birthday week! I’m glad you’re starting to feel better.

    Oh, and I’m jealous of the nice weather for the first day of spring. Our first day of spring weather? Snow. Ugh (especially since the day before we were flirting with 70. grr)

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