Um, hello? Why didn’t you tell me how easy this was?

Little Sprout loves her new sheet - for the day

I just want to know why you never told me how easy this was?  Seriously!

Little Sprout has this problem.  She’s a tummy sleeper.  And about every other day, she wakes up with the front of her wet and she’s has to take a bath and I have to change her bedding.  So, I need a fair number of sheets for her mattress to keep up.

I was shopping in town for fabric that was on sale on Super Bowl Sunday.  This Anna Maria Horner flannel is so soft and pretty.  I love it!

Have you made a crib sheet before?  I twitter friend recommended this tutorial.  Literally, a 2 yard cut of fabric and some elastic…30-45 minutes later, you have a crib sheet!

Honestly, all it requires is cutting out 8″x8″ squares from each corner, sew those together, hem the whole sheet, sew on elastic in corners.  I couldn’t believe how simple it was.  Or how cute too!

such a busy reader...

and as I type this, she's doing the same thing that she is doing in the photo, dancing...always dancing!

And we are also working on the Two Peas birthday.  On the 20th, my little twins will be turning 9.  We are having a Jr. Ranger Birthday Party at Dad’s park in the Ranger Station…with all the critters on display, toads and snakes and turtles.  We are going on a treasure hunt hike in the snow, making little beaded owls to hang on their field bags I’m making everyone, and going to see and touch and learn about the animals on display there.  Should be fun…here’s a sneak peek of the invites we made up with our scraps…

our last single digit birthday...makes me kind of sad.


4 Responses

  1. Love the crib sheet!! I always needed more of them b/c LIam is a tummy sleeper, too. Has been ever since he was tiny. We’ll need more sheets for #2. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! I need to get together with you, so you can show me how to use my sewing machine properly. Stitching on paper is about all I can handle. I don’t have your mad sewin’ skills!

    Stay warm and enjoy the snow!

  2. Such a pretty sheet! I never tried crib sheets, my little one had decided cribs were “stupid” quite awhile before I learned to sew (and, coincidentally, I think my little one is about the same age as sprout). *sniff* I miss our pretty little pewter-colored metal crib; I miss walking down the hall without miss Ninja scaring the crap out of me (she likes to get up and stand silently in the doorway when she’s supposed to be sleeping) on a nightly basis.

  3. Those new Anna Maria Horner flannels looks so amazing – I got to touch some the other day, and I must say that they are the nicest feeling flannels I’ve ever felt!

    Happy birthday to the peas! The party sounds like it will be loads of fun! Pictures when it’s all over?

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