The Evolution of a bag

First, one last reminder, TODAY JANUARY 20th – is the last day to enter the wonderful giveaway from Honeyrun Farms.

So, don’t forget to go HERE to enter!

I have to tell ya – I’m really, really tired.  I’ve had sick kids.  Not sick all at once.  Just nice and evenly spaced so that somebody seems to be sick every week for going on 6 weeks or so now.  And I just am not getting things done.

And no where near enough sleep.

If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t responded yet, I’m sorry.  I will.

If you called me, (my sister – mostly) and I haven’t called you back, I love ya and I will, soon.  I’m either running around or…too tired to talk.  Sorry.

If you left a comment here on the blog and I didn’t respond, I’m sorry.  I will try to go back and visit everyone.

If you’ve asked me to do something and you are waiting, ask me again (Julia – I haven’t forgotten you, I swear!  I just reordered some fabric for your bag – I have an idea!).  It may still be on “my schedule” but delayed because everyday, it seems like my entire days’ plan gets tossed out the window for one reason or another.  Mostly one tiny one – who I decided I would now refer to as “Sprout”.  (The “two peas” = twins, “sprout” – the baby).

Seems like my free time to “work” on the blog and sewing and all has become non-existent or only after 9pm.  Bummer.

I don’t like being behind or keeping people waiting or letting things fall.  As I told my husband the other night – “I’m just trying to keep all the plates spinning” and I don’t always make that happen.  A few eventually fall.  My apologies if your plate was one I’ve let drop.

Enough of that.  Let’s talk bags.

Let me re-introduce you to an old friend.

This…is “Madison”

Madison has been around for quite awhile.  All of my bags are “original” patterns.  I use that term loosely because “original” and purses – is there really anything “new” you can do in bags anymore?  It’s all been done.  But you get inspired, you twist and turn and create it into something unique to you.  And it keeps evolving.  Like Madison.

Up above, all decked out in Heather Bailey prints – she sports a little a pleat in the middle.

From there, a customer asked if I could add some front pockets just like a bag she saw from a famous maker whose initials are “VB” and whose bags adorn the shoulder of every college girl in america.

Well, here’s Madison with that pocket request…minus her center pleat.  (And I free hand draw all of my patterns – mostly on gift wrap.  The kind with the grids on the back – helps me get things straight)

Love these Joel Dewberry prints…I still have some stashed away. They have since retired this design

Well, from there, I decided I would make my Mom this bag.  Only, I liked the little dart that my neighbor Barb found on a bag pattern which gives some depth to the bag.  So, I tried it on Madison.  And made my Mom this for Christmas.

Madison with no pleat, added dart and an applique bird and flower pin

Well, I was thinking.  I’d like to try that bag but I like to have a flap or a zipper on mine.  I’ve done lots of flaps – on my “Olivia” bags.

I’ve been making split face flap bags for – years. 4 years actually – since 2006. I just like the subtle patchwork feel of it.

So I thought – Madison plus Olivia – a Madison bag with a flap.  And I found a bunch of pins on sale after Christmas.  I made little clutches for my family for the holidays and had used these pins.  I have more left over and added one to this bag.  Here’s where the evolution of the Madison has landed at the moment…

Here she is…Madison with darts and a flap…

I think I like her.  The first “new” bag of 2010.  I’m going to carry her around for a few days and see how she does before I offer her for sale at my trunk shows.

Before I bore you with all of this and leave YOU falling asleep…have you visited  Craft Hope for Haiti yet over on etsy?  They have been collecting all kinds of crafty donations and selling them with the proceeds to benefit Doctors without Borders.

I have one of these over there…soon.

Hope you’ll take a moment to stop over there and shop.  And if you must…come over to my shop and grab an owl clutch for yourself.  (I’m loading a few this evening – morning now I guess.  Sheezzz!  This is why I’m tired. It’s 2am!).

See you Friday for the Honeyrun Farms giveaway winner announcement AND a little something special for YOU!




9 Responses

  1. I love all of these bags!! they are so fun! and i have been thinking about putting something of mine over on the etsy hatii page, i just have to decide what, and i guess go check out the site first too.

    So insperational!

  2. Any bag is a winner in Amy Butler LOVE fabrics 🙂 and those Vera Bradley designers are the best at handbag design – who couldn’t help but be inspired…

    As a working mother of two 20 something girls now, I can tell you that it may just get harder and harder to keep too many plates spinning at the same time for the next few years for you. Seems like I had a lot more time when the girls were babies (babies sleep alot) but as they entered their school years, my “free” time dwindled to non-existent. But, these are great years to be cherished and they FLY by way too quickly, so enjoy them while you have them…those handbags can wait

  3. I think I came upon your website and became a follower somewhere around the ‘Madison with darts and a flap’ time. I really like the look of that one, although all of them are wonderful and so creative. And they’re BAGS, so what’s not to love? Great fabrics on all of them too!

    Don’t feel the need to keep all the plates spinning at once! Sometimes it’s best to put a few down gently for a while and focus on the ones that really matter. We’ve all been there so we understand!

    Hope everyone gets and stays well and you get some good rest!


  4. I love the print on the pocket Madison. I also love the one you made your mom. But mostly, I am totally in love with the new Madison with flap. Only if I can find beautiful bird print to make the new Madison with flap clutch.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Joel Dewberry Sparrows in almond. I can’t believe you have some left. I saw it on something at the North Market Holiday show in the booth next to me, and since then have looked at every online shop that sells his fabric, and of course no one has it. Any chance you would make me something in it? (Or sell me a small swatch so I could make something?) I have an idea…

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