So in Sew withdrawl…

I’m experiencing a little bit of “sewing withdrawl”.

See, I’m used to working under intense pressure, too many orders, deadlines and have heaping amounts of anxiety to get it all done.

But in my New Year’s resolutions – I’m “scheduling” my work better.  Being more careful about the work I take on.  Trying NOT to drive my family crazy with my um, craziness.

SO, without all of that pressure – I’m kind of sewing at a slow steady pace.  Churning a little bit out at a time.  This.  That.  The other.  I’m even making myself…a jacket.  It might not be done until it snows again next year but at least I’m doing a few “me” projects that don’t involve marketing, advertising and sales.  Ahhh…that feels nice.

Wanna see what I have been casually stitching on?

A mini-platterpurse...for a sweet little 4 year old who adored receiving this from her Aunt

And a skirt to match....

These guys aren't new but they are getting some eyes put on them...kinda cute for Valentines day dontcha think?

a terrible photo of a really pretty flower with a pretty little red / orange bling bling bead in the middle. This one was made into a barrette and then added to a headband for multiple wearing options - and will adorn sweet Jill at a swanky party she's going to! olivia purse made with new Amy Butler love fabrics.

and I made a little flower pin to go on the purse...

Ok...busted. Craft / vendors apron. Not new. Last months stash. But aren't they adorable?

I mean fully lined. 3 pockets. Ties all cute to the side and all and they are only $19.99. I know you want to take one home, don't you!? I just hate to see them hanging around with no one to love on them. They really need a good loving home to put them to work.

See?  That’s like nothing.  I’ve got a few more things in the works…

Just gonna enjoy the slow ride while I can…oh yeah.  You got anything interesting going on in your sewing room?




7 Responses

  1. The aprons are wonderful!…love your fabric choices. 🙂


  2. I love the birds tshirt! I saw that one at Feather Your Nest in Pickerington too. Are you selling them there?

    • I am not selling at Feather Your Nest – the crafty ladies there come up with all kinds of goodies all on their own!

      • good eye – we have lovebirds tshirts for sale at Feather Your Nest too. Actually, our embellished tshirts aren’t made by the FYN gals, they are created by the LoCo gals who do baby/toddler couture – embellished onesies and toddler t’s and hoodies as well as hair accessories for little ones (and big girls too) It’s so great to have these 20-something gals creating – does my heart good to see this younger generation with an interest in sewing and creating.

  3. The tie really wasn’t hard to make at all! Super-easy really since I used a heavier weight fabric for it so I was able to skip the interfacing. You should definitely try making your husband one!

    I know, me walking into the wall and the door hitting me in the face was pretty funny (after I got over the initial pain)! The only unfunny part was that, while I didn’t end up with a black eye, I did end up with a big red bump on my temple from walking into the wall. I was talking to Alex while walking at the same time in kind of a diagonal direction, and according to Alex I turned my head away from him right as I got to the wall. I think he was more freaked out by the whole thing than I was, especially considering the fact that his father is a neurosurgeon.

  4. Everything is so pretty Trish, and I’m especially loving the aprons – they’re gorgeous! Right now, I’m working on some stuff for the Etsy shop! Can’t wait to get it up and running!

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