The Shoe Cobbler

I have a new love.  The Enchanted Shoe.

It all started when I pulled into the garage.  Kind of not really paying attention.

And I ran over my snow boots.

My beautiful North Face snow boots.  I paid like $30 for these $100+ boots.  I love them.  I adore them.  They keep my feet warm.  They keep my feet dry.  They take me on hikes in the winter snow.  They have hauled many a kid up a snow hill.  I take very good care of them.  Well, I did at least.  Until.  That day.

The toe of my boot tore off.  One big fat chunk.  I cried.  Really.  I don’t have money to replace these awesome boots that allow me to play outdoors for hours on end.

But I woke up the other day and said, I’m gonna find me a shoe cobbler to fix my boot.  And I did.

The Enchanted Shoe.  Isn’t that a great name?  They are like a mile from my office.  In the middle of a snow squall, I spun and slowly made my way down to their little shop.

These will no longer "live" in the boot bin in the garage but will have a nice cozy home in the front hall closet.

I don’t even know the guys name but he was like 25.  He looked at my boot and said, I can fix this.  He took some glue to the chunk of rubber I scraped off the garage floor and carefully pieced back to my boot.  Then he took my boot and SLAMMED it on the counter.  “Hmmm…I think it’s gonna hold” he said.  And it did.

And he only charged me $5 to fix it.  I coulda kissed him!

I said to him that we used to have a cobbler in our town but he died.  He said that last year of the 9000 listed cobblers in the US, 8000 of them were over the age of 50.  I said to him, “job security for you, huh?”.  “Oh yeah” , he said.

Who knew shoe cobblers could be so AWE.SOME.  I highly recommend them at the Enchanted Shoe on 5th Avenue in downtown Columbus.  They are the bees knees for sure!

And the sledding that commenced that evening with my newly glued shoe – perfect.  But more on that adventure another day.

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5 Responses

  1. So glad you found your cobbler. I think fewer and fewer people get stuff mended thses days, they just chuck it out and buy new. We all ought to value the people with the skills like your cobbler or we’ll turn round one day and find they just don’t exist anymore. Not preaching, just saying!!

  2. I witnessed this craziness and this story is true. He was like 25 and totally confident that this boot was going to leave fixed and in working order.

    The slamming of the toe of the injured boot on the counter… I think Trish let out a little yelp and feared that all his work was going to crumble right before her eyes… It was entertaining but perfect!

    I didn’t have anything fixed there but I would go there for anything! He was great and the shop was nice too!

  3. Oh man. I need to find me a shoe cobbler…

  4. Good for you! The Enchanted Shoe cobbler also saved my favorite shoes for me. It’s a wonderful shop!

  5. i love that cobbler’s store name! glad your shoe is fixed!!!

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