Meet Jayne, Isaac and Becky of Honeyrun Farm {and enter the giveaway!}

Minding "the store"

Here at Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs – we are big supporters of local agriculture.  It’s green.  It’s good for you.  It’s good for your neighbors.  It’s good for the community.

My very own gardener, my husband, supplies us with loads of fresh goodies all year long.  Just tonight, we enjoyed sugar snap peas at dinner that we froze from our harvest.

Recently, I exhibited at the North Market and had the opportunity to connect with Jayne Barnes from Honeyrun Farms who produces amazing soaps and honey and more…

I asked Jayne if she’d write a guest post for me and she was kind enough to do so.  I thought it would be a great way to gently nudge you all to seek out Community Supported Agriculture programs in your own town and to buy local.  In the middle of winter – just reading about their operation makes me want to go bake some biscuits and smother them in her wonderful honey.

Let me introduce you to…{don’t forget to read the entire post here – there is an awesome giveaway at the end of this post}

Honeyrun Farm was started in 2006, but the idea began much earlier when I was in college at Wittenberg University.  My roomate, Becky Barnes, grew up on a large grain farm, while I had grown up on a small dairy farm.  We both loved our farm backgrounds, and knew we wanted to eventually end up on a farm.

Taken at a Spring Market in 2008 - aren't the flowers amazing?!

We always toyed around with the idea of farming together, but weren’t quite sure how it could happen.  We both did the 9-5 office scene for a while… but it just didn’t fit either of us.  Long story made short… after a few years, I married her brother… and now we are partners in a small produce/honey/flower farm!

Mason - following in Mom and Dads footsteps.

Becky is the produce farmer and makes her full time living growing produce and selling it at Columbus farmer’s markets, restaurants, and in 2010- through her CSA.  My husband Isaac is the beekeeper and keeps 60 hives of bees… spending all summer working to keep them healthy, extracting honey, building equipment (he also works as a high school science teacher during the school year).  I help with the bees whenever possible, and also grow fresh flowers for sale at markets and for weddings, grow greenhouse herbs and flowers in the Spring, and make handcrafted soap using herbs grown on the farm, as well as our beeswax and honey.


We use organic methods to grow our crops and in raising our bees.  If we do need to treat the produce due to risking complete crop failure we will always tell the customer.  We also welcome visitors to the farm for tours.

In 2010, Becky will be offering a produce CSA (Community Supported Agriculture.)  Participants are able to buy a share of the produce from the farm for an annual fee, and in exchange receive a weekly bag of fresh seasonal produce. This way, the customer is able to share in the bounty of harvest, while also weathering the seasonal fluctuations of availability with the farmer. It will run from June 12- October 23.

What a great "office"

Shares can be picked up at Pearl, Clintonville, and Worthington markets.  The cost for 20 weeks is $400.  Email Becky at for more information.

One of the best ways to support local agriculture is to support your local farmer’s markets.  Talk to the farmers and ask how they grow their crops.  Buy from several farmers (not just the big, well-established ones!).  Encourage your local grocery store to buy local products (even if they cost a bit more!).  Grow your own vegetables in your backyard… it will surely give you a sense of the hard work that goes into large scale produce farming!

Want to see more on Honey Run Farm…go to You Tube and type in their farm name.  You’ll find a fantastic video done by their alma mater.  (I would have loaded it here but its 10 minutes long and was taking too long to load – but you will want to see it.  It’s really great!)

Jayne has also been kind enough to offer a giveaway of her wonderful items for one of YOU!

I can just smell how wonderful these are, can't you?!

To enter, simply visit Honeyrun Farm’s website and then come back here and share what your favorite item over there is…leave it in the comment section.  Our trusty random number generator will choose a lucky winner to receive this wonderful gift basket full of honey, soaps, and a beeswax candle.  How sweet is that?!  The contest will be open until January 20th – 10pm EST (open for our US friends only – sorry to our friends up north and across the pond).

Thanks Jayne!  Be sure to visit the Barnes family and pick up some of Jaynes wonderful soaps while you are there!




23 Responses

  1. AAACCCCCKKKK! I hope I’m not too late! I’ve been working on another WWC blog, and haven’t had time to visit my “friends”… What a great giveaway! I would love, love, love the honey soap. OOOHHH or maybe the lemon grass one…. It all looks great:). Have a wonderful night Trish!!!!

  2. Wow, what fun! We love honey at our house. I really liked the soaps too. I especially liked the Gardener’s Soap with Rosemary and Eucalyptus . Thanks for the chance to win!
    skstigger (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. warm vanilla soap sounds wonderful!!

  4. Wow what a great selection of soaps. I like the Mechanic’s Body Repair Soap. It would be nice to have a natural way to remove grease and oil without the chemicals. I wish I was closer to there place so I could take advantage of the great produce they offer. I think I might be ordering some soap soon though.

  5. Well, I like all the products on the website, but I especially loved going to their blog and reading about the CSA. My son and daughter-in-law are members of one in Tennessee and I hope to be this summer. Love buying local!

  6. […] is the last day to enter the wonderful giveaway from Honeyrun Farms. So, don’t forget to go HERE to enter! I have to tell ya – I’m really, really tired.  I’ve had sick kids. […]

  7. i bet the lemongrass sopa smells amazing!!!

  8. I grew up in Ohio and have many fond memories of living there. It was hard to pick a soap scent that is my favorite. There are so many good ones. I finally picked lemon oatmeal as the one I’d like to try. It sounds so invigorating!

  9. I love handmade soaps but my husband isn’t crazy about them…

    Anyway, I looked on their website and I would love to smell the Rosemary Mint Soap that they have! I bet that smells AMAZING!


    That’s my entry! Thanks for the reminder!

  10. i have been asked to go camping with the young women at my church…i need all the help i can get. that bug repleant soap woud be soooo nice…

  11. […] forget – until the 20th – you can enter the awesome Honeyrun Farms giveaway.  Go HERE to […]

  12. I bought my first bar of Lemongrass soap from Westerville Sew-N-Save. But it won’t be my last! Thanks for making a great product!

  13. The raw honey looks delicious and would be so good with some cheese! I wish I lived nearby to pick some up.

  14. What a wonderful selection of soaps! I think I’d like to try the Rosemary Mint first. We have a CSA called Fresh Abundance here in Spokane, WA. Locally grown produce is so much better than what is usually available in the large chain grocery stores. Who knows what that stuff is sprayed with!?

  15. Iwas happy to find a recommendation for wonderful soaps. The price is great and I plan on ordering some, so obviously that’s my favorite product. I do love trying different honeys, but didn’t see anywhere on the site that mentions shipping it out retail and Ohio is a bit too far for me. Thanks for the info., love hearing about families and businesses to support.

  16. Good Morning
    Love the story 🙂 My Grandparents had a wheat farm and my sisters and I now lease the land – love the earth.
    My favorite is the yummy soap I am sure all flavors are wonderful but vanilla just says it for me
    Happy Wednesday

  17. Oooh – sweet raw local honey is my favorite. Can’t get any better than that. Honeyrun farm looks beautiful. This fellow etsy team columbus member can’t wait to get her hands on some of that fresh produce come Spring!

  18. I LOVE handmade soap. My favorite is tangerine citrus.

  19. We love honey at our house. Yum. My favorite item is the gardener’s soap.

  20. I love honey, but I think mostly I’m totally in love with the soap! I’ve bookmarked the site so when i run out of my soap, I’ll be visiting there to get some!

  21. Congrats on expanding to a CSA. We began keeping bees last summer (only 2 hives) but you’ve given me some wonderful inspiration on what to do with all our honey. The raspberry soap sounds yummy…actually they all do!

  22. Yummm….honey. My favorite thing would probably be the warm vanilla soap. I just love vanilla!

  23. My son LOVES honey, and their raw honey looks so good! Also love the lemongrass soap! Thanks for sharing this awesome website.

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