Oh Little Pea…

I say, Oh Little Pea, in exasperation.

Let me just share a bit about the day I had with Little Pea last week with you, ok?

The gardener was enjoying another birthday last week.  The snow had been cleared away enough so that the twins could go to school.  Little pea and I were chilling at home with plans to bake a cake and make the gardeners favorite meal – sweet and sour chicken.  I was also going to do a little nap time sewing.  That my dear friends, did not happen.  (inhale.  deep breath.  and breathing out my nose.  ok…ready to go on)

Picture this.  I’m in the kitchen.  Baking.  I throw something away in the garbage can.  As I moved the garbage can, it magically talked to me.

Odd isn’t it?  That’s what I thought.  I start to dig.

And I find Little Pea’s brand new talking Miss Manners teapot she got for Christmas, in the garbage.  In there.  In with all the coffee grounds.  The dirty diapers.  The packaging from the chicken we had eaten the night before.  Ohhh yuck.  {cover your eyes – what comes next is not very nice – the retired cop talk in me} Well, that’s not exactly what I said but I can tell you that it rhymes with yuck and I only said it to myself under my breath.

Just a teapot you say?  Why get so upset.  Um…yeah, here’s why.

please note the delicious coffee grounds covering everything...

It was not just a teapot.

There was her new Leap Frog cell phone.

Some blocks.

A horse.

A plastic play plate.

Some plastic play food.

And her SHOES!  Her Robeez cute adorable leather faux mary jane shoes were in the garbage!

Now you see the reason why the profane language came in.

Had it not been for Miss Manners the talking teapot who said, “more please” when I moved the garbage can – all those things would have been on their way to the city dump.

So as I’m cleaning all of this up – remember – I’m baking cakes for the gardener, right?!  Um, only I in fact forgot that little detail and burned his cakes.  OK…another fun photo coming your way.

It's not supposed to look like this, just sayin.

Yeah, see his cakes came out of the pan like…well, let me rephrase that.  In fact, they did NOT come out of the pan.  That was the biggest problem.  That and the blackness of the brown that wasn’t supposed to be black.

K…moving on.  I decide…in my infinite wisdom, it all tastes the same.  I’m gonna ice it anyway and we can still eat it.  Right?  This is the part you shake your head and say, “No Trish.  NO!  Not right!”.  Dang!  NOW you tell me!

I go ahead and ice the cake.

It tasted kind of funny but then again, I’m not a cake girl so I don’t really like the stuff.  Too sweet for me.

And the ideas I had for decorating couldn’t be done because of the um, uneven surfaces I had to work with on the cake.  It kind of looked like it had been stepped on.  You ready for another fun photo?  Oh yeah…here it is.

Ok...so I thought, I'll just do giant dots with sugars...

Would you eat that?  The Gardener came home from work.  Looked at the table with his cake, sunk his finger into the icing, looked at me and says, “Did you taste this?”.  Well, yes, why?  He says, the icing is awful.  Nice.  He digs the can – um, cuz I’m not Sandra Lee, out of the garbage – the same garbage where all the toys had been – and says, “This can says best if used by March…2009”.  It did sort of have an odd yellow tinge to it.  So, he blew out his candles and no one ate cake.

SO…how’s your day going?  Better now that you read that fiasco, huh?!



ps a gazillion thanks to Paige for creating a blog button for me – feel free to grab the code and add to your site.  I’d be mighty appreciative!  And visit Paige while you’re at it…she is a peach!  And part of the wonderful staff at Where Women Create…a place I love to visit!


10 Responses

  1. LOL… oh my did you have a day! When it rains it pours. You have a pretty good “roll with it” attitude I must say 🙂 Your story made me laugh and remember to put a child safety device on my cupboard where the garbage is!

  2. ummm, yeh.
    now my cake making stress out wasn’t so bad. DH came home to the rescue.

  3. Hilarious! I laughed so hard at this, sorry. I feel bad for you, really I do! So baking is not your strong suit. 🙂 I’m sure the gardener was still impressed with all of your hard work. Reminds me of the time I was baking brownies and decided I had to put them back in the oven for a couple of minutes because they weren’t quite done. If only I’d noticed that I turned the oven temperature to Broil a little sooner! Charred brownies are not edible.

  4. Oh Trish! The little one is sure making things a little difficult right now, but she’s just so cute, no?

    I don’t have any good stories to share in the same vein…probably because I don’t have kids. But I will say that Alex puts stuff in some pretty strange places sometimes, but that just makes life more interesting.

  5. Laughing out loud! I wish we would’ve had a talking teapot a few years ago. I accidently threw away the triplets’ snowboots (Yes, three pairs of Landsend boots!) that the girls had cleverly “put away” in a large green garbage sack I was using to chuck the stuff that somehow accumulates under their beds. We didn’t figure out where the boots had gone until many days after the garbage man had picked up our trash. It’s funny now. At the time? Not so much.

    Happy day to you~

  6. My son did the exact same thing a few months ago! He threw away all his refrigerator magnet letters, a bunch of other random toys, AND his robeez shoes, too! I thought he threw away a library DVD but luckily I found out he had just stowed it behind the couch. Luckily that phase only lasted 2 days and I think I caught everything that he put in there. We did invest in a taller trash can with a better lid, too. 🙂

  7. This too shall pass!

    In time (maybe a long time!) this story will be a great source of laughter for your family. We’ve all been through things like this and our marriages and families have survived.

    I’m glad to see the tea pot survived too…it’s so darn cute!

    Have a good day…surely it couldn’t get much worse!


  8. Don’t they just love to put things inside other things? This morning Snow White realised that she is able to lift the lid of the toilet. So I’m going to have to make sure the bathroom door is firmly shut in future! The cake looks… interesting! But at least you put a lot of effort into it, and it’s the thought that counts, right?

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