Zipper Critters

Looking for a fun afternoon project?  Cute birthday gift for anyone – of any age, heck they are so cute!

Over Christmas break, my girls were looking for something to do and so we wandered up to our local fabric store and found this fun little pattern from Indygo Junction.

It is about an hour or less project and really simple.  My girls loved designing it and they use it to store their little MP3 players but they aren’t really made to use I don’t think.

I had to help with some of it but my peas did most of this on their own.

They are more of a sit on the shelf kind of thing.

It’s definately encouraged us to make some softies…the girls have been working on names, stories and all kinds of drawings to make up their own dolls.  I have a few ideas of my own too.  :>)  Not everything has to have a purpose – sometimes you can make something for no reason – just for the sheer cuteness of it!




2 Responses

  1. CUTE! Love it:).

  2. Very cute Trish! Those two peas sure inherited some of your talent!

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