Ahhh-choo! Sniff! Sniff! Oh my, a post FULL of photos!

Sorry about that!  Didn’t mean to sneeze all over ya!

We seem to have a bit of the crud going around here.

About every two days since right before Christmas, seems like somebody else comes down with the goop.  We’ve been passing around a wonderful strep bug and colds and goop and ear infections.  Yuck!  We were all doing so well for so long and then kapooey!  Down we all came – sick on Christmas day even.

Yesterday, we FINALLY got to visit with my parents for Christmas.  And I wanted to share some of my Mom’s pretty decorations.  See…when we were all growing up – a house of 6 of us – we had a house that was like 2200 square feet.  Give or take.  My parents retired, all the kids left, and my parents built themselves a house that is over 4500 square feet.  Seriously?  I believe this was to hold all of my Mother’s pretty little displays.  Well, look here…but be warned – VERY heavy photo post…

Loads of Santas on the mantle...

A snowman I gave her last year...

See the little guy on a bicycle...that's my Dad. Cute huh?

...and ornaments hang on the tree my kids have made

no countertop is left untouched...with the gardener and my Dad in the background discussing big important things...

...and the dining room table...it goes on and on

I bet you think I’m done right?  Oh…no, that’s just downstairs…I grew up antiquing most weekends with my parents.  Explains why I do love vintage stuff so much.  I love this display she has with some paint gear belonging to family…

I'm not even sure who this belonged to but I think it was one of my Dad's aunts

...and they sit below a painting from my grandfather

I'm telling you - little nooks of stuff every where. This one hosts a bust my great aunt made...

And toys in a corner of the playroom for the grandkids...

There was plenty of snuggling with the wee pea who was still sick and hanging out in her jammies.  This girl – no nap all day.  Just wouldn’t.  Not a peep.  Not a tear.  Not a whine one.  Fever and all – the girl is one tough cookie and a sweet angel.  She just smiled, snuggled and played when she could all day.

...and since we don't have cable TV at home, the girls love "moo-moo's" house where they can watch Disney channel

And there was of course ice cream sundae’s but this is all I got a photo of…

...they disappeared rather quickly

But before we left…I always tell my kids, please use the potty before we go.  It’s a 2 hour drive back home.  I take my own advice and head to the potty.  And, I’m a little confused.

...I see a scrap from a quilt my great grandmother made lining a basket on the back of the loo...but look closer...

You see what is in there?!?

So I ask my Mom…”Um, Mom?  Why is one of my patterns sitting in a basket on the back of the toilet?”  I mean, this is a completely legitimate question, is it not?  My Mom’s response, “I wanted to put it somewhere I could look at it”.  Huh?!  Is this a compliment…I’m not quite sure.

But I do know that my Mom was quite happy with all of her gifts I gave her.  All handmade – and my favorite I think was the bag I made her and I added one of my little flower pins I made…

I think I might replicate this for my etsy shop...I have a bit more of this fabric left.

love the wide wale cord fabric - so soft.

And I know…you were expecting a tutorial for that little patchwork wristlet I made for the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway…

...this little gem

If I didn’t have a head full of snot, I would have been all over this and had this tutorial done.  Hot tea, vicks vapor rub, vitamins…I’m on it!

Next time, eh?  I’ll try…

Happy New Year!!




4 Responses

  1. Thank you everyone for the get well wishes…I’m working on it! Gonna go home and snuggle by the fire tonight with the kids and go to bed early!

  2. I love the bag you gave your mom, its adorable! Hope you feel better soon. Blesssings for the New year.

  3. Feel better! And I love the bag, and the bird appliqué on it!

  4. Hope you feel better soon!

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