Etsy schmetsy!

Spent the better part of um, all day, loading new stuff in to the etsy shop.  Wanna sneak peek?

Hmmm…and did I happen to mention that if you find something you can’t live without over in my etsy shop and you just happen to be a blog subscriber (it’s easy to do – just look over in the sidebar =>) that you’ll get a little something extra in your package?  What is it you say?  That’s a “new year’s surprise” but I promise – you’ll love it!  ok…I’ll give you a little hint…Gotta get back to making dinner – the hubs has already started without me and the baby is crying because she wants more “cawk-late” – chocolate milk.  I gave her Ovaltine yesterday – wow!  I’ve created a monster!  She comes in, pointing at the cabinets – “cawk-late! cawk-late!”.  What have I done!?

Next post – a zip top wristlet tutorial!




One Response

  1. I was looking at your shop update earlier and everything looks great Trish! I’m excited for the wristlet tutorial!

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