On the fifth day of doing nothing…

…ok, let’s face it.  I’m not really doing nothing.  Ah heck, I’ve been crafting away.  You know how you can get on little kicks of things that are just enjoyable and you can’t stop?  I believe it’s referred to as an “addiction” – maybe an obsession, a persistent little nagging itch in my fingers that I can’t seem to control.  If I’m not stitching – I’m thinking about what to stitch next.  When will I get my next “hit” – for serious, I think I may have a problem.

On my fifth day of doing nothing…

  • I loaded a few more things in my store including these beauties that I made last night.  I have some set aside for Christmas gifts.  I took roughly 18 of them…I know, I know…that means I’ve made a few more than 20 of these things in the last couple of days…I took them up to the little shop in town where our art guild displays for sale items.
  • I shopped etsy for some great little doll clothes for the two peas.  I bought several things here.  Prices were fantastic.  And being tight on money this season – this little matching girl / doll set fit the bill perfectly.
  • I also bought this for only $5!   Elvis!  Are you kidding me?!  How original!  I love it!
  • And then the littlest pea and I made a run into town to get gloves.

So I started adding all those flowers I made to gloves...I'm calling them granny gloves.

I wasn't sure about the blue but they came out really beautiful

The red ones are so bold and I think they would look great with a white coat...

These are actually listed over on etsy currently. If I wasn't so lazy and my internet connection better - I'd have much more listed over there. If anyone wants any of these gloves - just leave me a comment. I'll make a "blog" deal :>)

  • After the glove run, littlest pea took a nap and I finished making up these gloves and stitching flowers.
  • My big peas returned from school and we promptly jumped in the car and headed in to town to meet Suann because we were taking a few more things into the shop.
  • We set up.  Peas got a sandwich and a cup of the best hot chocolate on the planet.  Little pea and I shared a bagel and then went home.

And then…after everyone went to bed…I got a hankering to play around some more with those upcycled sweater cuffs.  I’ve sold  more than a dozen of these up in town this week already, very popular.  Anyway…I created some, well, can we call them “creatures”?

I suppose you could put these on your coffee cup but I think they would be cute wrist cuffs...

I used some of the selvedge from the flowers...

The one started off as a cat and I think morphed into a bunny...I'm not really quite sure. And I don't really know what I'll do with these now that they are done.

And here it is, well after midnight and I’m blogging.

That’s my day 5 of nothingness.  Not really so nothing – other than the fact I’m not doing housework.  My kitchen – which is the size of a shoebox – looks like it hasn’t been cleaned it in a month.  It’s only been a day – but with next to no countertops – boy, it looks bad fast.

Some fun plans this weekend to celebrate my fathers birthday.  So very thankful to be doing that – my Dad had a heart attack back in July and had to have a stint put in.  The doctor said he was in great shape as my Dad, at 77 years old, still works out at the gym and is amazing.  You’d think he was more like 57.  But, your body just starts to wear out – whether you work out, eat right or not.  Bummer.  But he’s doing really well and I am so thankful, thankful, thankful that he’s my Dad and that I have this day to spend with him.  He’s a super guy, my Dad.  A retired Irish mechanical engineer who loves boats, the Buckeyes and anything old (My Mom :>) and antiques).  He is kind, and generous, and soft spoken, and attentive and loving, and thoughtful.

And because I can not WAIT to give my sister and sister in law their Christmas gifts – chances are, I may give them their gifts tomorrow!  I made them clutches and few other baubles.  I just can’t wait!!  I have no patience!

Where Women Create have extended their giveaways – yea!  Amazing stuff over there – find me on Day 4!  Go comment and maybe you’ll win something.  And Sunday – we will be giving away this cute little hat. Real good odds at the moment!  Go see for yourself!

Ahh…on to day 6 and 7 of my “doing nothing before Christmas”.





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  1. This was great!! You have a lot to share on a post that boasts doing nothing!! Too funny, I giggled and giggled. You cuffs are super fun and love what you did to the ‘granny’ gloves. But my favorite is:, “My kitchen – which is the size of a shoebox” love that, mine is the same- so tiny, certainly designed by a man 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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