Day two of the 14 Days of Doing Nothing Before Christmas…

Day Two…

  • Took kids to school
  • Stopped at coffeehouse to pick up owl pin for teachers who placed orders.  Did I happen to mention my kids are selling these and giving a dollar from each one sold to our Childrens Hospital.  Would you like one?  Leave us a comment if so…they are handpainted by the “two peas” themselves.

    Magnet or pin - $2 with $1 going to the two peas charity, Childrens Hospital. 50 cents to their savings. 50 cents for their own spending money.

  • Blogged.  Loaded items to etsy store.
  • Watched TV…see that’s “nothing”!
  • Washed all the bedding from all 5 beds and changed all the bedding.
  • Cleaned house and watched more TV.
  • Stitched more wrist cuffs / coffee cup cozies after kids went to bed.  I’m mostly just enjoying stitching.  What is it about the blanket stitch that makes you want to go on and on and on and on…it’s fun isn’t it?

    Buttons and felt - my next obsession...

And just a reminder of our giveaways here and here.  A wonderful little girls hat from Bows and Blossoms and an entire package of goodies from me including a bag and other fun things!

How’s your day going?  What are you doing to get ready for Christmas?  What are you giving as teacher gifts?  I could use some more ideas for the end of year…

I think I’ll go watch birds in the backyard for awhile and thank God for days I can stop and just be quiet in the moment.




One Response

  1. I actually think it would be a super-fun idea to give the coffee cozies/wrist cuffs as gifts to peas teacher(s).You could include a gift card to Starbucks or something like that too.

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