Day one of my 14 Days of Doing Nothing Before Christmas…

On the 1st day of my 14 Days of Doing Nothing Before Christmas…my true love gave to me…a plate of chicken and stuffing.

Ok, not what you were expecting.  But my hubby did make dinner last night and it was pretty good.  And if you recall, he asked me to try and not do “anything” for 14 days.  He wanted me to just relax with no deadlines or rushing around or delivering orders or whatever…I thought I’d blog about my 14 days to see how good I do.

On day 1:

  • Took the kids to school
  • Stopped at the coffeehouse where our art guild displays for sale items and set up my display.
  • Stopped at Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte – Venti size.  Had to do it.  It fills my tummy with happiness.
  • Stopped at McD’s for a yogurt parfait and fed it to the baby.
  • Took care of business for our rental property.  Of which I wish would be struck by lightening and burn to the ground.  Long story – someday I’ll share that “brilliant” business idea of mine of buying this place so I wouldn’t have to work full time.  Brilliant…not so much.
  • Stopped at thrift store.  Bought 4 sweaters to make this

these are fun to make...

  • Went home.  Ate lunch. Made 12 of these upcycled wrist cuffs / coffeecup cozies.
  • Went to work at my “office on campus” for 4 hours.
  • Home.  Baby in bath and to bed.
  • Made 16 more wrist cuffs / coffeecup cozies.

I think I may have a problem.  That was only day 1.  I mean, there weren’t any BIG projects in there.

And I did find this at the thrift store.

This is a Pendleton Vintage wool coat with a real rabbit fur collar.  In the thrift store.  It’s in like new condition.  Crazy.  Just beautiful.

I wore it this morning but someone told me they thought it was worth a lot of money.  Is it?  It’s really cute.  But I could sure use some Christmas money so I’m going to list it on ebay and see what happens.  I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll be back with “Day Two” tomorrow.  So far today – I’m doing much better at doing “nothing”.  (wink! yeah, right!)

Isn't she sweet?

And these little wrist cuffs / coffeecup cozies – these along with a gift card to your local coffeehouse would make a super teacher gift or for a friend, etc.

No more paper sleeves! Use your own over and over again

And I’m going to list some over in my etsy store shortly for $2 plus $1 shipping.  A few more complicated ones will be $3.

DON’T FORGET!!  Go here to the previous post and leave a comment to win this adorable bucket hat from Bows and Blossoms.  AND you can still enter to win a purse, ipod accessory bag, owl pin and pattern from me over at Where Women Create until December 14th.

You have until this Sunday to leave a comment on the previous post to win this hat!

How’s your day going so far?  Hope it’s a good one!




4 Responses

  1. I found a link to coat very similar to yours minus the rabbit collar seller for 105.00: With the collar you may be able to get more although eBay doesn’t seem to be hitting the greatest prices right now.

    Loving the cuffs/coffee cozies, I may just need to buy one!

  2. What a brillant idea for a cozie for coffee! I love the coat, I will think about it tomorrow when I am standing on the freezing playground supervising children in freezing weather, wearing my jacket that stops at my hips. I just said today, that I am going to go to the thrift store and scout out a long coat, either that or I am putting a zipper on my down comforter and wearing that!!

    Sorry for writing a book instead of a comment!!

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