…and the winner is…wait, more free stuff? Oh yeah baby!

Lucky "Ms. M" - she's all yours!

How can I ever thank you all enough for joining in with us for all the fun at the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway.

What a blast to meet all of you – and I NOW don’t feel like a total geek.  You all are just as crazy and weird as me based on what you are carrying around in your purses.  I feel right at home with you guys!  Ok, most of you.  A kidney stone?  underwear?  a hammer?  There are a few of you – I’m just sayin, you might want to clean out your bags a bit more frequently.

Wonderful Mr. Random Number Generator came up with #288.  Ms. “M” – on December 2nd at 10:43am – an email has been sent to you requesting your mailing address.  You my dear, are the lucky winner.

But wait…we’re on a roll here.

Remember I shared that this weekend was C.R.A.Z.Y because my friend Suann and I were doing the marathon of craft shows for the holidays?  We are totally pooped.  And…we are celebrating that our busy season is done with more fun things just for you.

...pink and brown cordoroy...

FIRST – Suann, from Bows and Blossoms is introducing a new line of the most adorable bucket hats that are fleece lined.  Perfect to wear on a cold day AND stylish to the hilt!  Love them!  Suann has agreed to give this one away to all of you just for being, well, YOU!  It’s made out of sweet little brown cordoroy with pink dots and this wonderful pink blossom adorns it.  Here’s what you have to do to win this cute little thing.

...and this one should fit a sweet little girl size 2-4

Visit Suann at Bows and Blossoms.  Come back here and leave us a comment and tell us your favorite item you found over there and why you like it.  Suann would love to know what you think about her products as she works on trying her hand at some new things – like these hats. (and for serious – you will not find this kind of quality at this price anywhere – and she’s offering FREE SHIPPING right now if you happen to find some other goodies you can’t live without!)

We will leave the Bows and Blossoms giveaway open until Sunday, December 13th at 8pm EST and then use the random number generator to pick a winner for this adorable hat.

SECOND – to also celebrate the end of year and all our crazy crafting we’ve done this year – I’m having a sale over on my etsy site.  Keep checking because I will be adding more and more and more stuff at great sale prices – perfect for Christmas giving.  Or just for yourself because gosh darn it – you deserve it, don’t ya?!

I’ll be posting my schedule for my sewing classes for January and February here soon.

And my husband, the gardener, has requested that for two whole weeks, I schedule nothing.  No deadlines, no projects, no orders – no nothing.  He said he wants me to actually relax for two whole weeks.  I’m not sure how I’ll do it.  I’ll probably sneak downstairs during babys naptime and while he’s at work and start plotting my next projects…I find it almost impossible to do “nothing” for more than a few days.  But, I’ll try :>)

I wanted to again, tell you how blessed I feel to have “met” so many new “friends” in this crafty online community – and I’m so very thankful you visit with us here.  I learn from you, am inspired by you, encouraged by you and appreciate you more than I can express.  Thank you.

Don’t forget, you have until December 14th to enter the Where Women Create Giveaway (I’m the Day 4 feature!) and there are so many fantastic prizes you can win over there.  You must stop by!

I think I will go take a hot bath and ponder my “nothing” schedule for the week…wish me luck on actually doing “nothing” :>)  Yeah, right!?!




20 Responses

  1. Sweet little shop! My fav is the Black Velvet Initials. So simple, yet elegant! This hat would look adorable on my niece 🙂 However, I too second the motion for adult sizes!!

  2. […] is it!  The Bows and Blossoms giveaway.  Last chance to enter to win this adorable hat! <= click there to go and […]

  3. […] – find me on Day 4!  Go comment and maybe you’ll win something.  And Sunday – we will be giving away this cute little hat. Real good odds at the moment!  Go see for […]

  4. Oh the hat is just delicious….or does everything seem food related at the holiday season. I know a sweet little girl who will look delightful in that hat. Thanks for the chance.


  6. Funny doggy bows! 🙂 Just re-checked the photo of the hat to win in this post. Bummer – thought it was adult sized. 🙂 Oh well. Would still like to enter the giveaway. 🙂

    • I know – I would love it if this hat she is giving away would be adult size. I’ve put in my request and she’s working on a pattern. Keep checking back because she is going to keep doing more and more hats and adult funky newsboy hats are on the drawing board! Can’t wait!


  7. Trish, you may or may not rememebr me, I’m Becky (Patrick) Purvis from High School. I found your blog on the Alumni website and checked it out. You are very talented! Take care.

  8. […] just a reminder of our giveaways here and here.  A wonderful little girls hat from Bows and Blossoms and an entire package of goodies […]

  9. I love this cute hat . On the blog my favorite item is the fuchsia and navy rosey headband, so cute…..

  10. […] FORGET!!  Go here to the previous post and leave a comment to win this adorable bucket hat from Bows and Blossoms.  AND you can still […]

  11. I really like the crochet (knit) hats with the flower and so many great colors!

  12. The pinwheel blossoms are just lovely. So many cute things over there.
    Congrats to the winner of your giveaway too!

  13. What a cute hat!! I visited Bows & Blossoms and I think my favorite thing is the little felt present clip, it’s just adorable!

  14. I love the small bows- especially all the pink and brown combos. My little girly LOVES bows in her hair (in fact, putting in a bow is the only way for me to convince her to put her hair up!!)

  15. Hi there, I’m sorry I didn’t win but the Giveaway weekend was great fun and I loved meeting so many new and creative people out there in blogland. I had a look at Suann’s site and love the Rosey Bows, the crochet hats are cute too but my little ones are all boys so I don’t think they’d appreciate them! I’ll keep checking in to see what you’re up to, have a very Happy Christmas, Lis x

  16. Congrats to the winner! Thanks for such a fun giveaway. It was so much fun going to all of those blogs and seeing all of the wonderful things people make!
    Bows and Blossoms has such adorable things. Bookmarked it so I could come back again soon. LOVE LOVE LOVE the little pink crocheted hat with the flower! Adorable!!

  17. Congratulations to the winner – yay! I headed on over to Bows and Blossoms and my favourite thing is the grey crochet hat with red flower (#LL), it’s absolutely gorgeous and I could see myself wearing it with the great jacket I already have. I think it could succeed in not giving me horrendous hat head!

    Good luck with the doing “nothing” Trish! If I know you, that’s going to be impossible! But at least when he’s around you can pretend you’ve been doing “nothing” and that will give you a little relaxing time!

  18. Congratulations to the winner of your giveaway. I just popped over hoping that it wasn’t closed yet, but I was too late. Maybe I can win the hat! I just checked out Blossoms and Bows and love the crochet hats – so cute!

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