Don’t be shy…come on in and welcome to Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs

I’m so glad you stopped in with us today.  We’ve been expecting you!

Today is start of the the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day.  I’m so excited to participate in such a fun event.  All over blogland, you’ll find loads of super talented women and lots of fantastic goodies.  Just hop over to the Sew, Mama, Sew blog to find the complete list of who is participating.  WAIT!  Not yet!  Don’t go just yet…let me introduce myself first.

In anticipation of lots of new visitors – I wanted to say hello properly.  My name is Trish Preston and I’m the designer and owner of Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs.

You can see how "thrilled" our third pea is with her sisters...

Our name is derived from our two sweet peas, our identical twin girls.  (although recently we’ve added a third pea whom we all love on constantly!)

Back BC (Before Children), I worked as a Park Ranger.  And spent several years as a Deputy Sheriff.  Now, I spend my days working at one of the largest universities in the country working in student services helping these talented kids find green careers.  And I sew a whole heck of a lot on the side plus design patterns and textile prints, paint, and…whew!

The Gardener, aka, my husband, is a Park Ranger and we have the pleasure of living out in the country with the view of the ridgeline of the park he works at visible from our back porch.  (as I type this however, he is out sitting in his tree stand just beyond our pasture – it’s hunting season here).

I’ve been crafting most of my life and am lucky to come from a family full of artists and crafters.  My two girls have a true natural talent in art and I’m enjoying watching them develop their talents with each passing day.

Well, that’s us in a nutshell.  How about you?  Please do introduce yourselves as well.

This is not the exact little bag you will get as this has already found a home but it will be just as fun and cute as this one!

So…on to this giveaway stuff!  I am offering up this holiday season, a cute little zip top accessory bag with a rhinestone buckle

Hazel is a cute little bag who comes with 3 different design options and a mini version so you can make Mommy and Me matching bags

AND one of my new patterns, the Hazel Hipster pattern.  She makes a cute little bag that would be a great gift for someone on your list.  (if you’re feeling anxious about having a copy of this pattern – you can find them here.

To win these two items, all you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me, what is the most unexpected thing we might find currently in YOUR purse. Keep in mind of course, this is a family blog so keep it clean everyone!  I am happy to ship internationally so all our Aussie, UK, and friends from all around the world – do join us!

I went and looked in mine and I found…a Littlest Pet Shop horse and a spoon from our kitchen.  Don’t ask.

Want more fun giveaways?  The wonderful ladies over at the Where Women Create magazine are featuring a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway.  

They are featuring 12 different artists for each of the 12 Days of Christmas.  I was so honored to be asked to be a part of their promotion.  You’ll find Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs being featured on Day 4.

I love the holiday season, don’t you?!  Too much fun stuff going on!

Hope you enjoyed your visit here and I sure do appreciate you stopping in.  It was a pleasure to meet you.  Hope you’ll bookmark us, subscribe, and come back often.  :>)

Good Luck and Happy Blog Hopping!





347 Responses

  1. I have 3 autumn leaves and a small rock from Walden Pond. I’m a California girl who never got to see leaves change color, so this year I was finally able to make it East and went to Walden Pond. Couldn’t resist bringing back some maple leaves.

  2. Pantyhose. I got a massage after work last week and didn’t feel like putting them back on afterward, so into the purse they went. And then I forgot about them.

  3. Well, my purse is small and I just cleaned it out. I’d have to say, at the moment, the most unexpected item is an envelope of coupons. I keep them there so I’ll use them when I go to the store. Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. Thanks for the chance!

  5. thanks for sharing insight into your life. Helps us to imagine the times when you’re not creating.
    At present, I have a little white mouse finger puppet in my purse. Left from when I was teaching preschool music last week. I always get a bit of a start when I see it.
    love your projects.
    thanks for sharing

  6. I just found a polly pocket hat, a measuring spoon, and a piece of chalk.

  7. A pacifier isn’t really unexpected, is it? I’m sure there’s some crushed goldfish crackers in the bottom of it.

  8. The oddest thing in my purse right now is a spoon! You never know when you’ll need one?!


  9. Hmm… I have an empty yogurt carton, a single baby sock, and a lone winter glove. 😀 Thanks for posting!

  10. i suppose the most unusual think would be that i carry around a small knitting project. i also carry playing cards to distract the my little boys if they get antsy.

  11. The weirdest thing about my purse right now is that it is a cute tote I got from the hospital. I needed a new diaper bag/purse and expected to get an ugly black bag from the hospital, but instead was given a cute tote. It’s a little flimsy but works for now. I don’t have anything unexpected in it, but I’m sure after a few uses I’ll accumulate more!

  12. Just found your site through Sew, Mama, Sew – what a great site – glad to meet you!

  13. wow what a great giveaway! The oddest thing in my purse is half eaten granola bar without the wrapper. One of my boys must have put it in there – when I don’t know because there’s kleenex and fuzz all over it.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  14. random item in my purse is bubbles. a thing of bubbles. yes I’m a mom. therefore I need backup entertainment if in a pinch. funny thing is I never remember I have the bubbles in there when I need them. only when looking for other stuff do I remember they are there.

  15. I don’t suppose I’m particularly interesting, but the strangest thing in my purse is a leatherman! I love those things 🙂


  16. The strangest thing in my purse right now is a fish finger puppet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Safety pins are in my purse. Everything else is pretty expected–feminine products, wallet, etc.

  18. beautiful and Thank You!

    well, i couldn’t find anything strange in my purse does that make me strange?!

  19. I love your blog! I just found a screw driver in my purse. I’m not sure how it got there! 🙂

  20. I love the purse! I would love to win a similar one!

    A surprising item in my purse… I just looked, and there’s nothing that shouldn’t be surprising for a mother to have in her purse: wallet, sunglasses, diapers and wipes, a sippy cup, lotion, and a Little Green Alien toy from Toy Story.

  21. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win. Your question is such a hoot! In my purse are a couple of toy trucks to keep my son amused when we’re out. Also, a measuring tape (I never leave home without that in case I find some fabric that I simply must have!)

  22. so pretty!!
    thanks for the chance to win! my purse is always full of baby stuff – right now, there is a jar of turkey baby food – yuck
    check out my blog for a vintage goodie basket giveaway!ks for the chance to win

  23. Thanks for the giveaway. In my purse is a rock (holding on to it for my 3yr old).

  24. I found three or four dog cookies that escaped a baggie of treats for our dog. good thing she didnt go in trying to rescue them. Bassets could chew right through my purse!

  25. Hmmm, I don’t think there is anything strange right now — oh, there is a stopwatch (I coach swimming) 🙂

  26. I think I have a nail clipper in my purse!

  27. I probably would be a tape measure.
    Thanks for your giveaway.
    Lucie (contact at

  28. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

    Since having my son, my purse has become the diaper bag, so there’s a lot of strange new things in there. Of course the nail polish is still kind of wierd since I don’t wear it or nylons,

  29. Almost always a stethoscope–not strange for me, but maybe for someone else!

  30. Hi Trish! Nice to meet you.

    The oddest thing in my purse right now is a glass ornament… although I guess it’s the holidays so that’s not so odd. The next weirdest thing is lanolin.

  31. Hmmm. . . most unexpected? Probably sunscreen. Not ridiculous, except that it’s December! Maybe I should replace it with gloves and chapstick!

  32. My marriage license and a bag full of Aveeno Baby Shampoo samples….

    HA !

  33. the strangest thing in my purse is another purse. don’t ask. lol. thanks for the giveaway

  34. A w e s o m e . I love your blog.

  35. Greetings from Texas….

    Embarrassing…i have a fork…..LOL
    and i have a small flash drive
    texas state park pass
    1 oblong bead that bounces like a ball….
    2 walets…less cash…ha
    pocket knife
    blank all occasion card

  36. in my purse. Tums and a horse Christmas ornament I’m hiding from my son.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful giveaway. Thanks for sharing.

  37. I had to go and look in my bag and the oddest thing at the moment (if you don’t count 3 sets of earphones for my ipod and the dog’s vaccination certificate) is the wooden scoring tool for my Scor-it board. My dog had already chewed three of these so I now keep one in my purse and just get it out when I need to use it.

  38. I love the bag!

  39. Hi there!

    Speaking about unexpected, my husband leaves for work about a half hour before I do, so he sometimes puts sweets, like chocolate (my favorite one) in my purse, for me to be happy with the sweet surprise and have something to munch mid morning.

    He IS a sweety!

    Thank you so much for participating in this giveaway!



  40. currently? i handmade ornament of me, my husband, and a good friend as dancing elves. heh.

    thanks for the give-away!

  41. The little pouch is adorable! Right now the oddest thing someone might find in my purse is three turnover pieces of fabric (6″ triangles) from a turnover pack I bought to make a quilt for my mom. I carry three scraps from the turnover so no matter where I go I have them to match new fabric to! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!

  42. I carry at least 2 things of dental floss at ALL times in my purse. Yep…I’m an addicted flosser. Thanks for the giveaway! leahclaireh(at)

  43. The most unexpected thing was that my cell phone, my keys and my money were all IN the purse, because I usually expect total chaos and all these things anywhere in the house but NEVER in my purse :o)

  44. Currently? A dinkie car or two, most likely. My friend Erica has been known to have sailboat parts in her purse!

  45. In my purse, I always have a diaper (for the baby) and a pair of boys underwear (for the toddler). It beats carrying around a diaper bad at all times! But it does look weird when I try to pull out my wallet and little green underwear with aligators fall out 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  46. I love your blog–and your give away! Thanks. My purse–the most unusual thing is not very unusual. It is a pair of tweezers. Sorry I’m so dull. 🙂

  47. Hmm, yesterday I put my hand in my coat pocket and pulled out what I thought was an old shopping list. But it turned out to be 20 Euros! I guess I haven’t worn my coat since I visited Germany! Although that wasn’t in my purse, it was certainly unexpected by me! 🙂

    Great giveaway!! Annie:-)

  48. I keep my purse fairly neat and straight because it’s small and I don’t like a lot of stuff in it. So probably the fact that I have 3 pens and 3 lipglosses is a bit much!

  49. Hi there, the strangest thing I have in my purse right now is a 3 inch long nail. It is linked to an old Malay superstition (I am Malaysian) to protect yourself from Pontianaks, a female version of a vampire. I don’t know how it got in there because it has been in my purse for more than 7 years and I keep it there as a little “inside joke” to myself. I have moved countries and changed purses but somehow that nail is still there!

    I really like your combination of fabrics and thank you for giving us all a chance to win such a great gift.

  50. What a lovely bag!
    I just cleaned my bag yesterday and I don’t have anything unusual now.
    But what was in it before, please don’t ask.
    Thanks for the giveaway,
    Kind regards

  51. Not necessarily out of season, but definitely doesn’t belong in my purse are a handful of nuts. Chesnuts, acorns (with their caps still attached!), and walnuts. When you’re four years old and you run out of space in your pockets you can always stash your treasures in your Mom’s purse. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  52. The strangest thing in my purse right now is a half-eaten burrito! I forgot I put that in there last night after we left the tex mex place. Gotta go toss that! Thanks for the super giveaway.

  53. Hi Trish ! Your 3 peas are beautiful ! In my purse, I have… a Snowplow ! It a toy from a chocolate egg one of my daughters put in my bag, I love that kind of surprises !

  54. Such a pretty giveaway! I really love that little wristlet with the sparkly buckle 🙂
    Okay, the two strangest things I found in my bag recently were a little spinning top (which I think my 2 yo put there) and a still wrapped wet wipe/wet one from a restaurant we visited overseas about 5 months ago! Goes to show you how often I clear out my bags.

  55. G’day, your designs are groovy….fabric brings back memories of the 60’s & 70’s.
    I’ve got a seahorse in my purse…….. I live beside the sea.

  56. A two year old receipt. Guess I need to clean my purse out.

  57. Oddest thing–probably week-old animal crackers. Though doesn’t everyone have those? 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  58. The most unusual thing in my purse is a nail clipper, I do not have to much stuff in my puse

  59. Oddest thing in my purse…my daughters reminder to buy trail mix at the store – but as she is only three you have to know what it was supposed to say to make sense out of it!

  60. The most unexpected thing you will find in my purse right now is probably my reusable shopping bag. I don’t keep much in my purse! LOL!
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  61. Not sure, perhaps my pocket knife…?

  62. A few weeks ago a chip-clip got in my purse. I don’t know how. I keep meaning to take it out, but I always forget. Then, the other night we were at a restaurant and needed a bib for our little one. A napkin plus the chip-clip = instant bib. I guess I’ll keep it in there!

    Thanks for the chance to enter!
    lalestyleshop (at) gmail (dot) com

  63. I have a retractable metal tape measure and a multi-purpose knife I got at Cabelas, both of which I always forget I have when I need them to measure or cut something at a thrift store or auction.

  64. I have 3 hot wheels cars and a Barbie shoe in my purse. But no $$$$! Thanks for a great give-away.

  65. I have a tape measure in there. you just never know when you will nee done. It’s a cute little retracing one in the shape of a flower.

  66. How cute is that little purse! Love it! I am always finding random toys in my purse from my kids, or half eaten snacks. I do have a camera in my bag all the time. Some days it is like I am Mary Poppins! Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. I have a binky for my son, a pair of tights for my daughter…I see a pattern..thanks for the chance!!!

  68. The weirdest thing in my purse right now is probably the tiny plastic ninja! I just found it in there this morning… my husband and I play a little game where we hide the ninja for each other. It was my husbands turn to hide it, and I guess he thought my purse was full enough and messy enough to make a great hiding place. It was a good idea, because it was in there for two weeks before I found it!

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  69. What a great little bag! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂 The most unexpected thing in my purse is probably batteries – I’m always carrying them because I almost always have a camera or my flip with me and don’t want to run out LOL!

  70. Super cute bag love the buckle. Nice to meet ya, I’m a momma of 5 kids ranging 19 mos to 12 yrs. I homeschool and love to sew although I would have never thought in a million years I would have been a traditional homemaker. But I love it.

  71. Cool bag! As for my purse, well I don’t have kids and I am a “light traveller”, so there really isn’t anything in there except for my wallet, a pack of tissues and a pencil.

  72. I just found a packet of Chick filet sauce and ranch dip package. Weird. Thanks for the chance to win.

  73. Get out! I just was coveting the Hazel Hipster on a pattern review on another site!

    The strangest thing in my purse? A set of four mini crayons. Seriously, these things are 2 inches, at best. They were part of a Halloween set that my boys received from a friend, and I love that they’re so small. I’ve pulled them out several times to entertain them while we wait somewhere. Crayons aren’t strange, but remember – size matters!

  74. I think my leatherman would be the most surprising but I use it ALL THE TIME! In fact I can’t live without it…

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  75. My purse consists of a rucksack… full of stuff. There are slippers and a towel in there, as well as many other things that might just come in handy anytime anywhere. Nothing too strange, just too much!

  76. thanks for hosting the giveaway, the hazel bag pattern looks great!
    i have 10 michaels coupon printouts laying in random places in my bag.

  77. Adorable bag! I currently have an assortment (about 6) wind up trinket toys in my purse. My toddler son gets very anxious when we have to wait, in line at the store, at a restaurant for food, in the waiting room of the doctors office, and the mini dinosaur that walks and chews when you wind him up holds my son’s attention and saves my sanity.

  78. The most unexpected thing would probably be the kids books that I’m reading for MY schooling. My kids are jealous!

  79. YEAH! I’m so excited to find such a fun blog. I’m Angie from Utah. Fairly new to sewing and am loving it! Busy mom to 4, teach preschool, and can’t seem to find enough time to sew – haa, haa. Your bags are beautiful! Thanks for the chance.

  80. Neat bags!
    I don’t have too many odd things, but maybe the least common one would be a flash drive.

  81. I’m Anne and I just love the little bag you made! How cute! I carry a diaper bag instead of a purse right now (gotta love having 2 in diapers) and its got pretty typical stuff in it, except the diapers are cloth. I don’t know if I’d consider that odd, though. 🙂 Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  82. Burp rag and teething toys . . . not too weird but definitely not normal for some! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. A button that fell out and I’ve forgotten about…and an invoice from a fabric shop 🙂 Happy holidays!

  84. I currently have a playmobile horse and cart along with a police motorcycle in my purse. And not one, or two, but 3 granola bars and some oatios.

  85. the oddest thing in my purse is my kidney stone that the doctor didn’t believe I had, so I put it in a vial and took it to her to see! That showed her. Thanks!

  86. I seem to be collecting paper clips in my purse

  87. The strangest things in my purse today are a half eaten granola bar and a plastic panda bear. Ahh… having a toddler…

  88. The oddest thing in my purse is a stash (like 12) of wetnaps that the friendly waitress at Disney World insisted I take. That’s not really so strange but I did just clean out my purse so that’s it!

  89. My oddest thing in my purse is probably an extra set of nursing pads 😀

  90. Looking in my purse now….

    2 plastic dinosaurs, a tiny plastic gourd, a larger-than-life realistic hornet, and that pumpkin carving tool I was hiding five weeks ago. Time to de-junk!

    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  91. Hi Trish- I found you through “Where Women Create”. Enjoyed reading your introduction and it sounds like you are a busy lady! I love your items and my next step is to take a peek at your shop. As for unusual things found in the purse…yesterday I found my grandsons left over chicken strips from Saturday nights dinner out. Not as smelly as the stinky fish I left in my purse for 2 weeks when my kids were small! Thanks so much for a chance at your lovely giveaway- and hope you have a wonderful Holiday!

  92. I loved the introduction! The oddest thing in my purse is probably the set of zills.

  93. The comments on your giveaway are one of the best reads I’ve had in a few days, surreal but brilliant! Please count me in, love the bag. In mine today are four mince pies wrapped in foil and a felt Eric Carle “Very Hungry Caterpillar” (wonder if he’ll eat the pies?) Happy Christmas

  94. The weirdest thing in my purse is an individually wrapped toothpick and a little car.
    Happy holidays to everyone!!!!!

  95. Love that bag! and covet the pattern. Found in the zipper section of my purse: one KFC moist towelette (at least a yr old), individually wrapped toothpicks, 2 barrettes (they don’t match) and one red paperclip.

  96. Weirdest thing in my purse? Ummmmm….. I only use a purse when I’m out without the munchkins… Last time I was out without them was last Friday night, when hubby and I went on a date. So my weird thing: My breastpump! lol have to keep the supply up and keep comfortable!

  97. That is a beautiful bag. There isn’t much in my purse right now. I did have the pockets from the advent calendar I’m working on in there. I was working on embroidering them.
    seemommysew @gmailDOTcom

  98. Trish –
    Happy Holidays to you and your pods! What a wonderful profile you’ve given us – and to think your delightful work is created amongst work and family!
    The oddest thing in my purse would have to be an unidentified key that I am too afraid to get rid of, because, as you know, as soon as I do….

  99. I have a quadrill pad and super glue in my bag. You never know when you might need to draw something or glue something!

  100. I my purse, I have two bottles of hand sanitizer and three boxes of crayons.

  101. I came over from 12 days of Christmas because i LOVE your work, and am so drawn to the owl, which was my Mom’s favorite symbol. I still have her owls all over my house and in my garden.

    In my purse: a push in hanger for the back of a matted picture. I thought I had lost it!

  102. Which one? LOL! I usually keep about 6 in rotation. Hmm….ok, I found a package of completely crushed up saltines.

  103. I actually have sewing needles n my purse. A whole package just in case.
    Thank you for the opporunity to win. Happy holidays

  104. What a fantastic giveaway – love your designs. The oddest thing in my purse right now is – nothing odd – that’s right – I only tipped it all out yesterday and had a big clean up. Sorry, but all I have now is my lipstick (need that), comb (need this also), money and plastic cards (absolutely necessary!!)

  105. The most unexpected thing in my purse is always money 😀

  106. Love the little bag! This morning in my bag I had two My Little Ponies and a pony brush. And a small plastic puppy in a clear plastic egg-thing from a toy vending machine. As you can tell, my daughter uses me as a pack mule to lug her stuff around for her!

  107. dropping by from WWC… what a beautiful family… love your fabrics… thanks so much for sharing.

  108. Yes, I have something quite unusual in my purse. It is a smooth black rock about half the size of my palm. It has the word ‘love’ painted on it. My daughter gave it to me to take where ever I go , so I would always know she loves me. ;0)

  109. I found my son’s Handy Manny flashlight in my purse yesterday. He’s always leaving me surprises 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  110. Nothing too unusual in my purse, just a piece of fabric that I need to take to the fabric store to find matching ribbon. Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. Sweet! The strangest thing in my purse right now are two Jack-in-the-Box car antenna toppers.

  112. Okay that is adorable!

    In my purse right now is a little fireman.

  113. Oh my! I went poking around my purse and found the admittance tickets to the disney parks from when we went to them in Florida back in March of this year. I didn’t realize they were still in there! O.O

  114. Love, love, love your peas!
    Guess I’m pretty ho hum! No kids, etc. to add junk to my purse! It’s pretty tidy right now so about the only unusual thing is a nitro patch. Anybody else out there carrying one of those?
    A very generous giveaway! Do hope I win!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  115. Oh shoot! I just got a NEW, bigger, better purse, which means it is uncharacteristically clean. But ANYTHING will fit in it. I need to go find something weird to put in….. 🙂

  116. Hmmm, I guess I don’t have anything odd. I have a wallet that I cut the flap off. I pretty dull, huh? Well, thanks for the chance to win.

  117. I am just checking my purse now, but I must have a disclaimer. I am not a mother nor does anyone else use my purse so whatever I find in there is completely my fault.

    A quick glance reveals:
    1. 2 Amazon gift cards
    2. A Mexican mango sucker
    3. A dropper to give my cat medicine
    4. 2 empty packs of gum
    5. A persimmon

    Think it’s time to clean out my purse.

  118. a crochet hook. no yar, just the hook.

    love the bag 🙂

  119. i usually have a crocket hook in my bag. no yarn just the hook. i was intending to bring it home from work (I crochet or knit in my spare time), and its been in there for a few weeks:) I also have an expired gift card to Charles Penzone, and quite a few pens that dont work (the pit falls of being a waitress)

    Lovely bag! 🙂

  120. Ooh what a cute purse! That is adorable! And in my purse…. a lotion sample from Target and a wine cork that my dad gave me on Thanksgiving. I really need to get that out of there! hahaha thanks for the giveaway! and nice to meet you too!

  121. Fun comments! Strangest thing in my purse right now… I have a diaper bag, not a purse because I have a baby (and a 6 year old). Strangest thing in there… a very tiny battery from my thermometer because I needed it make sure I bought the right size at the store… now it’s in the garbage b/c it’s a huge choking hazard – yikes! Great giveaway and fun blog!

  122. oh dear- just ransacked my purse and there is absolutely nothing of interest. not one single odd thing. perhaps you’ll allow me to be in the givaway opportunity anyway?

  123. Cool bag! In my purse right now (mother of a 3 year old boy and a 1 year old girl) there’s always a balloon or two. Very effective distraction..!

  124. Your girlies are so cute! Hmm… I’m terrible at actually carrying a purse – usually the most surprising thing for me find when I do grab a bag (I love big totes!) is what I really need – my wallet!

  125. Oh, what a lovely giveaway — and what a wonderful photo of your girls! 🙂

    In my purse I usually carry around a book — and often not just a paperback. Have you ever watched “Gilmore Girls”? Well, I am a bit like Rory in the first season — she takes a book everywhere just in case she needs one. That’s me! 🙂

    Greetings from Munich,

  126. The strangest thing in my purse would probably be a toy excavator… guaranteed to stop a melt down anywhere!

  127. Hmmm, I have a framed stitchery and a coffee mug in there, not to mention a whitle on a rope?

    THanks for the giveaway!!

  128. The oddest thing in my purse right now? Stork scissors on a name badge clip.

  129. I’ve got a bicycle pump in my bag! Thanks for the giveaway.

  130. Oooh, GREAT giveaway!

    Peeking into my purse the oddest thing currently in there is wax for my braces. I just got braces a couple of weeks ago (and not the pretty kind).. AHH the horror of adulthood braces. 🙂

  131. The Hazel Hipster is cute – would be a perfect gift to make for my sister. In my purse – a “buy ten sandwiches, get one free” card from a place that closed at least two years ago. Gotta clean up.

  132. Right now in my purse (and not in a lot of people’s – although some others too!) is an Epi-Pen! I am deathly allergic to walnuts and have to carry this around in case I accidentally eat any. Your little purses are so cute! Thanks for doing a give away!

  133. I really like that bag.

    I mostly just carry a diaper bag, but the strangest thing in there is probably the wedding invitation… to a wedding that was last summer.

  134. great giveaway!

    I don’t have anything super weird in my purse – but I always have old receipts and random snacks for my daughter.

  135. Hi, nice to meet you! I love your bags, especially the cute little one you’re giving away. I just cleaned it out, so there aren’t too many strange things in my purse. But I do still have “If you give a pig a pancake” tickets and sparkly barrettes. And a coffee sleeve. And about a thousand coupon flyers.

  136. I found some recipe cards from a Turkish cooking class that I took a few weeks ago.

  137. Haha. I have a two year old so the “interesting” items vary from day to day! I have found silverware, fake food, sea shells, grapes (usually a few days old and very squished)—dog toys, the list goes on and on!

    I added your blog to the ones that I frequent! Great giveaway!

    cassandra.pendergraff (at)gmail(dot)com

  138. a fork, scissors, a little portable sewing kit and whatever my current sewing project is… I spend a lot of time on trains, therefore sew in them! Thanks for the giveaway

  139. I have some Splenda packets my husband took from IHOP a few weeks ago…How embarrassing! LOL Great giveaway..that little bag is adorable!! Glad I found your blog! Thanks! ~Stacy

  140. An old coupon from June 2009!

  141. What a sweet and cozy blog you have here! The most unexpected thing in my purse right now is my boyfriend’s passport. Why on earth am I carrying THAT around? Geez.

  142. hmmmm . . . well I have a coupon for a glade candle that expired in June ’09 and I’ve cleaned out this purse many times since than too!

  143. The bag is absolutely adorable.
    I went and looked in my bag just now and found a rubber ducky from the bathtub and a seamripper. The kids must have put the rubber ducky in there but I’m sure the seamripper was me!!

  144. Guitar picks! I keep them in my wallet – you never know when you will need to rock out!

  145. I carry 5 things in my bag: one diaper, a small bag of wipes, a wallet, my keys, and chapstick. However, in the wallet is something almost interesting – my ice cream discount card. I am a big big ice cream eater, much to my diet’s chagrin. 🙂

  146. A TGIFriday’s wet wipe… and I don’t even have kids!

  147. You will find some perfume sample cards in my purse.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I am also doing a giveaway. I have two blogs, and

    My 9 year old daughter is having a giveaway on her sewing blog as well,

    Hope you’ll stop by and have a look around and enter our giveaways.

    Have a blessed day.


  148. Beautiful bag….the oddest thing in my bag right now…hmmm…I have to find it! 😉 Let’s see….a full tube of Batman, bubble gum flavored tooth paste! Not quite sure why that’s in my bag….oh and I have a little boy (he just doesn’t have teeth yet)!

  149. I had a Rudolph sucker ring in my purse!

  150. this is such a great giveaway. thanks for the chance. the pouch is adorable.

  151. Just had a look into my bag…. Hmm… A business card from a restaurant in Spain that I visited about 2 years ago! =)

  152. oops. i got to talking and forgot to tell you about my bag! i just cleaned it out and had the baby’s birth certificate in it from flying to st. louis a month and a half ago! (can you delete the other comment?)

  153. that pattern is adorable! as is the tote!

    i’m jenny & i also have twin daughters who are 7, a 3 year old boy & a 1 year old girl. i love to sew & used to be a teacher.

  154. I love that little bag! it is beautiful!!!!

    the strangest thing in my purse, well let me rummage for a second…..
    …..ah yes, a small collection of Binder clips. I was at the dump, int the swap shop and found some there, and i was just about to go buy some at the store. So i put them in my purse, so now when ever i reach in the deep bag to try and find my keys by means of the jinggle, i’m constantly pulling out binder clips!

    I hope i win, and i’m signing up to be a follower!

  155. I love it! I had a littlest pet shop kitty in there the other day. I went thru it today and found one sock, a picture frame, and a pair of undies. Needless to say, my 15 month-old likes to “re-arrange” my diaper bag with random things every day 🙂

  156. A spoon is my most unexpected thing!!!

    sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  157. In my purse I have a little light you attach to your forehead when you go hiking o climbing. One of my kids must have put it there. Is something weird to have, isn’t it?

    Love from sunny Barcelona!

  158. Well… I run a pretty tight ship, with not much in my purse. I do carry a Swiss army knife as a keychain, but everything else is pretty ordinary.
    Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway.

  159. I love you work! The strangest thing in my purse right now…scrapes of fabric from a quilt I finished LAST YEAR! Wow I should clean out my purse more often!!

  160. Hey There I’m Carla. The one thing in my purse that is a bit odd… hmmm… a small screwdriver set. Just in case, you never know.

  161. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad I found you. Your blog is fantabulous and I love that bag. OH, that bag! I about fell off the chair when I saw it and gasped when I read it already had a home – but know that the giveaway bag will be even cuter!

    The strangest thing you will find in my purse is some plastic food – corn and an onion to be exact. My 2 1/2 year old never wants me to leave home and be hungry. Imagine the Target checkout kid’s look when I pulled out the corn and onion (like it was nothing) to get to my wallet. I should have taken a bite.

    Thx for the opp to win – I am now a follower!

    Happy Holidays to you!

  162. thanks for the great giveaway .. weirdest thing in my puse … hmmm just cleaned it out, and took out two polly pockets, a tape measure, two plastic frogs (toys from the dentist) … and a whole bunch of junk. Now – nothing weird – it’s clean!! (for now)

  163. Cute purse!! The weirdest thing I have in my purse is a card of hearing aid batteries. (I don’t have hearing aids!)

  164. The bag is so cute! I don’t think I have anything strange in my purse at the moment. It’s not big enough to hold much else besides all the essentials. I do carry bandaids – but that’s because I frequently travel with two little boys. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win!


  165. My purse is pretty boring, but the most exciting thing you’ll find in there right now would be a couple of cheques to go in the bank later today!

  166. Well I don’t carry a purse around anymore – just a diaper bag. The weirdest thing in there right now is a tape runner – the kind you use in scrapbooking. I was hoping to finish up some Christmas cards while holding the baby flying on the plane home from our Thanksgiving travels. Yeah, I know, what kind of fantasy world was I in? Lol!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  167. Cute little bag. Love the pattern too.

  168. Forgot to add, thanks for the giveaway!

  169. I just looked. It’s a can of shaving cream! I exchanged it 2 days ago at the store for a defective can I had bought earlier. Wondering why my bag was so heavy!

  170. Cute little bag. Love the pattern too. Unfortunately, the inside of my purse is pretty boring. I carry a small bag so that I can’t fit in more than the essentials.

  171. what darling children! the giveaway’s nice too 😉 I actually just got a new purse, so it’s contents are the usual at the moment. Haven’t had time to stash anything gross or absurd in there!The worst I have to say is when you change a diaper in public and stash the nappy in there til you get home, but forget it’s in there for a day or two…eww.

  172. Lovely! Thanks for the opportunity. There’s a brass acorn in my purse.

  173. Well, i had a little look and found a tiny Makka Pakka, who has been missing and will be greeted joyfully by my little one when she wakes up from her nap!

  174. Love the purse!

    The strangest thing in mine right now is a pair of panties, not a normal item found in my purse….

    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  175. IN my purse is always a safety-pin, because you never know…..
    I live in France (I am dutch), we aslo have a fabilous look outside, at the moment I see our two donkeys, grazing in the meadow!!!!
    Go to my blog for the guveway

  176. Thanks for the chance to enter to win!

    I’m runnning to grab my purse…

    Okay, so I’ve got a street map of Istanbul in there. It’s about the only thing that merits as unusual… of course, I live in Turkey, so perhaps not so odd that I have it in my bag. But it’s all there was, aside from wallet, mittens, hats, baby wipes…

    kimmieluwho at yahoo dot ca

  177. I always have a pocket knife in there (sometimes two, one has little scissors, the other has knife, corkscrew, can opener/screwdriver and tweezers). I can do so many things with these 🙂 i also have a plastic knife, plastic spoon (why, I have no idea) and list of advent calendar activities.

  178. I have a chewed bubble gum which my kid put there. how sticky 🙂
    thank you!

  179. My nephew recently put a hotwheel in my purse… Yep, I don’t usually find trucks in ,my purse, now if I could just find the little tiny keys…

  180. What a warm welcome. I can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog. The most unusual thing I found in my purse was a small dice, of which I’m not sure where it came from.

  181. Today I think the horse trailer light adapter and the bubble bath sample would be the oddest purse ingredients. You really never do know what you’ll find in there..

    Thank you for the chance to win this great prize package.

  182. Sad to say that the purse has been minimized to a wallet that fits into a diaper bag for some time. I found smooshed nurtigran bar inside it the other day.

  183. I currently have magnets gears in my purse! We went to visit family and I guess we had forgotten them on our last trip! Now I just need to remember to take them out! lol

    Crossing my fingers…would love to win!

  184. A measuring tape. I finally threw one in there after the umpteenth time I had to borrow one from the fabric store.

  185. Hi Trish,

    I have a Barbie shoe in my purse right now. I’ve been carrying it around for weeks hoping that the other will show up.

  186. I can’t say that I even carry around a purse any more. It is just a diaper bag for me. And even when I don’t go out with my son, I just stuff my wallet in my coat. I’m excited to have found your blog and look forward to visiting regularly. Thanks for a chance to win.

  187. Hmmm…at the moment, the strangest thing in my purse is probably a graham cracker from my son : ) Thanks for the chance to win!

  188. This is such a nice giveaway! I would love the purse and the pattern!(I am a sucker for patterns!!). So please include me!
    Happy Holidays!

  189. Lovely giveaways! I’ll play – just checked my purse and besides the usual, tissues, wallet, lipstick, pens, coupons, etc. I found the fortune from the fortune cookie I had on New Years day. It seemed like an appropriate theme for the new year – “Be open to new possibilities”. But truthfully – I forgot about it! Oh well, all and all this year was a good one.

  190. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I my purse you would find silk scraps!

    If I should happen to win, please let me know – elizabethdaming(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

  191. I rarely carry a purse……………use a small wallet and put it in my pocket!!! That way when I am shopping I don’t have to be watching my purse!!! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  192. Purse? What purse? I make do with throwing my stuff in the side pocket of the diaper bag. Not much unusual in there . . . um a Disneyland annual pass . . . but that is more fun than unusual 😉

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  193. What a lovely blog & giveaway! I’m happy I found it. Hmmm weird stuff in my purse? My bag is really small…. I honestly don’t think there’s anything strange in there at all!

  194. How fun! And what a cute giveaway. Come enter mine too. You could find a pacifier in my purse. Is that strange?

  195. Found a bobbin I left in my bag after taking it to the fabric store to be sure I bought the right ones. Adorable pouch design.

  196. Honestly? There is nothing unexpected in my purse, for I keep it bare bones. I don’t like a heavy purse! I suppose the funnest thing in my purse is the polka dot cloth that cleans my glasses. I am sooooo not a polka dot person!

  197. Great giveaway the oddest ting I have in my purse would be a gps I hate getting lost and I am not always the one driving. They are so helpful.

  198. I just checked, and the strangest thing is a pair of nail clippers. I love the bag and the blog!

  199. Great blog trish. I finger found a needle in the bottom of my purse.

  200. A Swiss Army Knife – as a park ranger, you realize just how handy those little things can be!! Love your site.

  201. Strangest by your standards or mine? By normal standards; a stick of RAM and a keyboard adapter. By mine, change for the meter (yay!)

  202. Strangest by your standards or mine? By normal standards: one stick of RAM and a keyboard adapter. By my standards- change for the meter (yay!)

  203. The most random thing in my purse right now…. a diaper. Yes I use my purse as a diaper bag from time to time. Thank you for the chance to win. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. -dez

  204. My purse is pretty organized, but I did find some receipts I could recycle. Your accessory purse I could use as a clutch, so I hope I win. Thank you.

  205. I love the colors in the bag!!
    Right now my purse has a candy cane the is broken into a million pieces (we had a visit with Santa)

  206. Oh man — there are all KINDS of things in my purse! I think rocks might win for most unexpected. I have rocks tucked away in most bags that I own, picked up in various pretty places or given to me by friends. And I wonder why my bag’s always so heavy…

    Thanks for including me in the giveaway!

  207. Probably one of my sons binkys or some left over snack. I think I found edamame in it the other day.

  208. I don’t have kids so I don’t have a lot of random things in my purse. I would have to say that the only think strange in there is a spool of thread that I stuck in there about 2 months ago and forgot about until I was looking to see what I had that was unusual.

  209. Hmm, strangest item… fabric bandaging tape from my MIL (she’s a nurse, she would probably have a clamp or other such implements in her purse), otherwise it is just regular purse stuff.
    Great accessory bag also, just darling.

  210. I am a teacher, and although I do not always have something unusual in my purse, I always have something intertesting in my pockets! Today I pulled out a marble, a hair elastic, and a math counter. My purse often has a tape measure in it, which my friends who don’t sew find strange. Thanks for the chance to win!

  211. In my purse I have a little square piece of fabric cut from an old pair of my hubby’s boxers. But I use it to clean my glasses! It’s the kind of fabric that won’t scratch my glasses.

  212. hmmm….i think the strangest thing is probably my little daughter’s rag we use to wipe her nose, as she is sick right now…kinda gross, but it serves its purpose!

  213. I definitely love the pattern!

    The most different thing that is in my purse right now is a large white latex free eraser. I am a traveling teacher and typically always carry an eraser in my pocket simply because my students usually have used up the erasers on their pencils and I can’t abide by ultra sloppy writing… it must have gotten tossed in my purse at the end of one of my days.

  214. Love the accessory bag! Nothing too unusual in my purse – no money and lots of junk! Isn’t that how it usually is?

  215. Love that gorgeous purse with rhinestone buckle. I am a Mother of 2 girls 10 and 12, a gardener, a sewer, a cyclist, a runner , a chocolate eater, cat lover, wife of a busy husband, a scrapbooker hmmm that pretty much covers it. The most strangest thing in my purse are hair clips and hair ties plus the odd lolly so nothtat interesting really but as me 5 years ago when my girls were little and I’m sure there would’ve been allsorts. Love your blog by the way and your daughters dresses made with Heather Bailey fabrics.

  216. Cute giveaway…the most unexpected thing in my purse? A snack size packet of cranberries.

  217. unexpected things in my bag is a cinema ticket that i saw with my friends 4years ago 🙂 i keep it 😀

  218. Right now, in MY purse I have a cake server. Its from Pampered Chef and its been in there for months…. kinda embarrassed to admit that. I once had a butter knife confiscated from my purse at the airport because for some reason it seems i carry utensils for cutting and serving desserts in my purse. (totally forgot/didn’t realize it was in there, I swear!!) he he.

  219. HI, lovely giveaway, check out the rhinestones. Nice. Unfortunately for me, and my purse, I just (unexpectedly) discovered a squashed fresh lychee. Now I have to deal with it. Yuk…

  220. I don’t really have anything interesting in my bag b/c it gets emptied all the time by my kids. Nice giveaway!!

  221. What a great blog you have! The strangest thing in my purse right now is probably a mini tape measure that is not only handy at the fabric store, but doubles as a distracting toy for little ‘uns. Thanks for your generous giveaway! Aloha from Hawaii.

  222. a pleasure to meet you!
    It is not unusual to find a rotting acorn, a small car of some kind or broken crayon or two in the bottom of my bag.

  223. I know there is a cow, dinosaur, and lion!

  224. Great pouch and lovely pattern. Thanks for the giveaway!

  225. Hmmm…I just cleaned it but some of the things I took out…a hot wheel car, silly putty, and a rock! 🙂

  226. That is a beautiful little zip bag and I love the rhinstone. One like it would be equally as lovely! In my purse you’d find four pairs of Barbie shoes in a old metal pin box. My daughter likes her dolls to try on new shoes when we’re out at restaurants or anywhere we have to wait. I don’t know why she just does.

  227. oh that rhinestone buckle is just adorable!

    Just checked my purse: oddest thing in it is a can of peaches!

  228. I had to check out my purse to see what was in it that was unexpected. I found a sock and a cookie cutter. Thinking my kids added some goodies in there while I wasn’t looking. 🙂

  229. Gorgeous bag. Just looked in my purse–my cat’s collar is in it!!! He was sitting on my purse this morning and he’s pretty fat. But, I didn’t realize he’d lost his collar–AGAIN. Oh well!

  230. The oddest thing I have in my purse right now is a set of cutlery for taking salad…

  231. A newer visitor here……I am really enjoying the site!

  232. what a cool giveaway – love your bags!

    Please enter me in the draw!

  233. Funny, I just commented to a friend how I had: little boy underwear (we’re just post potty training), plastic light up tweezers, a spool of thread and an office supply catalog in my bag. very odd. Your bag is delightful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  234. Great blog & giveaway! I also have 3 girls, though no twins. My baby girl looks about as thrilled w/her sisters’ loving most times as yours does in that picture! In my purse?? I have my keys on a keychain that is basically the handle on an outdoor faucet (like where you hook up a hose)…pretty ugly, but easy to grab when my keys go down to the bottom!

  235. I have two young children, so it could be anything from nappies, to wipes, to a toy.

  236. My keys are in my purse, and there’s a thermometer/windchill chart on there. I’ll be looking deeper into your site this week. Visit my blog for a giveaway, too. Thanks!

  237. I love anything with rhinestones on it, thanks for a chance to win! The oddest thing in my purse is a seashell!

  238. An epipen. Scary. Haven’t tried flying with it yet.

    Cute bags!

  239. I just took a look in my purse. Why on Earth do I need to carry around FIVE highlighters?

  240. Antiseptic spray, toy car, and a batman… (three young boys 🙂

  241. my wallet of corse! 😀
    and… some dipers, and everything to give first care for a baby in a need of a clean up!
    your 3 pease look so so cute!

  242. What a great little bag! I’m sad to say the oddest thing in my bag is a pocet knife…..not even a scissor attachment on it. Would really enjoy the bag

  243. awesome bag. hope i win. thanks

  244. I had to go and look, too- it’s a nightlight! Weird, eh? Thanks for the great giveaway! I look forward to getting to know your blog better.

  245. My daughter’s toothbrush is in my purse. I guess you could say we’re still unpacking from our Thanksgiving trip!

  246. I love the bag and the pattern!!! I have 11 matchbox cars in my purse. It’s so heavy right now…

  247. You can always find knitting in my purse because I carry it around everywhere. right now you will find my workout clothes, because I forgot my big bag this morning.

  248. Some cash — ha!! 🙂 (Seriously, I am notorious for NEVER carrying any.)

  249. A clown nose!

  250. I have dance instructions for English Country Dancing and the CD that goes along with them… that’s the most unusual for me right now.

  251. Sometimes I find dirty socks–many small toys, weird orange crumbs from some gold fish–they’re everywhere! My son is constantly surprising me with what I fine–and that’s part of the fun! Your children are beautiful! And it sounds like you could live in CO with the ridgeline of the park, living in the country and hunting season…but I suppose it could be anywhere!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  252. Hmmmm…I wonder. Since I carry a bag to equip an active 2.5 year old, it feels like nothing is odd. However, the oddest thing I have in my bag is probably an extra pair of socks, for me.

  253. So after digging through my bag (which contains my life), the oddest thing I found was an exacto knife. This is what happens when you’re an architecture student! I just hope I remember to take it out if I ever have to fly anywhere.

  254. Well, since I have three boys…it’s a really hard guess to know what might be in any bag I’m carrying. LOL I’m the first aid/trainer for our basketball team…so I also carry a medical bag. There are cold packs and ankle braces in there as I type!

    Thanks for such a fun giveaway and the chance to win!
    Merry Christmas!

  255. The most unexpected thing in my purse? This may be difficult because the darn thing is a bottomless pit but at the moment a half-eaten slice of german chocolate cake BOXED thankfully is in the there somewhere.
    Thank you for counting me in!

  256. The most interesting thing you will find. Hmmm. Well, I don’t currently have a purse, per say. I have a diaper bag. And the most surprising thing you will find in there is a cd case with WIlco cd’s because my 6 month old loves Wilco and if he gets fussy, we want to be armed for battle.

  257. Trish you are one SUPER momma!! WOW! The lovely things you make and all you do AND 3 beautiful children!! I too have a clean house…under all of the things that need to be picked up!! HA!! Love that line! And thankfully I only have 2 loads of laundry that need to be put away…but the longer I sit here…there is a load in the dryer and washer!! 🙂 Oh well…on with the giveaways!! Weird things in my purse….hmmm….a bolt, a green and orange bouncy ball, a small light bulb…nope..I got nothing!! 😀 Have a great giveaway!!

  258. Hi! Love that accessory bag!
    Oddest thing in my purse is baby tylenol (Target brand, of course)

    6 month old is teething!

  259. I think that people with kids end up with strange things in their bags. The only odd thing I found was a bottle of skin serum -Im an esthetician and use it during facials. : )

  260. Ok Trish. How’s this for weird? A pumpkin carving (the safety kind for kids) knife. I put it in my purse for the annual pumpkin carving party, and I just found it! Oh, and how about a “Salted Nut Roll”? My BFF gave it to me while we were on vacation in the summer. I should either eat it, or take it out! Good luck with your contest!!! Great stuff:)

  261. In my bag (or purse as you put it) I have so much stuff – the oddest of which is a plaster (band-aid) with a heart drawn on it- they only seem to work on my 2 girls if there is a nice piccie on it!!
    Would love that bag!

  262. sadly, i clean out my purse fairly regularly and there’s nothing exciting in there – coupons, tissues, diapers, wipes, snacks. sad. maybe i should ask my kiddos to surprise me with items in my purse? on second thought – no way. 🙂

  263. lovely gift! in the bottom of my purse you are bound to find a toy wooden truck or a thomas the train…and maybe a rogue goldfish cracker or two!

  264. anything from Christmas ornaments to batteries to stuffed animals can be found in my purse. Love your stuff. hope to win!

  265. THank you for particiipating in this event. How fun! Most unusual thing in my purse are the scrabble tile x and the joker from a deck of cards. Never know when someone wants an ‘unusual thing in your purse’ contest….I’ll win I know I willl if it ever happens! LOL.

  266. I have kitty treats in my bag right now.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  267. Hi Trish, Im Jenny from Indiana…Im a quilter and lover of all fabric. well, I looked in my purse and its slim pickens in there…but I do have a tampon, and I havent had my period in over 2 years since I am still nursing my that is unusual…its in such sorry shape, I threw it out. Thanks for the give away!!!

  268. The wierdest thing in my purse is a dinosuar pencil topper that I put in there to give to my son months ago, but he has found a new home in there 🙂

  269. Great giveaway! The weirdest thing in my purse right now is little bags of raisins, cereal, and crackers for my toddler!

  270. The accessory bag is darling- especially with the rhinestone buckle! Thank you for this opportunity!

    I just found a couple of paperclips in my purse! 🙂

  271. That bag is adorable! Right now I have a travel container of applesauce in my purse and a baby spoon 🙂

  272. I have a corkscrew in my purse 🙂

  273. Oo, a delightful question!
    In my purse: a funny little glitter box my friend made for my daughter, and then asked me to return so she can add more glitter!
    That’s a terrific bag you have there.
    Thank you.

  274. The strangest thing I have in my bag is a flashing clip-on light for my bike. I ride most places and so I need the light at night… when I’m not on the bike, though, sometimes my bag starts blinking because it has been bumped and turned on the light. 🙂

  275. Unfortunately I dont have a purse right now, just a diaper bag and the the most unusual thing is an empty tupperware. It is amazing how much an 8 month old loves tupperware.

  276. I just looked, and it’s a candle. Didn’t know I bought one, didn’t know I had one.

  277. Oh my, that bag is just adorable!! The rhinestone buckle just MAKES it- how sweet! The most interesting thing I just found in my purse (yes I just went over and looked!) is my daughter’s hospital bracelet from when we brought her home! The amazing part is, she was brought home in January…. guess it’s time to clean out my bag 🙂

  278. I’m glad I found your blog! You have tons of inspiring ideas!

    The oddest thing in my purse is a panda, a coffin-shaped light up thingie from the bar on Halloween, a fork, an earring from my wedding day?? and bedazzled dora game cards. I need to downsize!

  279. Ok Trish. How’s this for weird? A pumpkin carving knife. You know those safety ones for kids? I put it in there for our annual pumpkin carving party at my moms and forgot to take it out! I also happen to have a “Salted Nut Roll” that one of my BFF’s gave me on a trip in the summer. Don’t wanna eat it…..How are you? Good luck on your contest!

  280. Love the bag and the pattern. Not having kids, I’m afraid the weirdest thing in my purse is the huge stash of toothpicks for husband. There are so many I could probably build a bridge in an emergency! Thanks for the giveaway.
    jmhamlin826 AT yahoo DOT com

  281. Right now I’m not really carrying a purse, but am using my knitting bag to bring my wallet along in–so, my knitting, I guess.

  282. The weirdest thing in my purse right now is … let me look…. not much that’s weird just some lemon drop candies that feel out of the bag a few weeks ago. I’m not going to eat them ewww. Love the fabrics by the way!

  283. The strangest thing in my purse/bag right now is a bunch of paper cranes I keep forgetting to take out.

  284. The oddest thing right now is a tape measure… I never leave home without it! 😛

  285. Well, I am hoping that I am not replying twice with the same info…
    I carry a small cigarette case with just my credit cards, licenses and a little money…so what you are offering would be so perfect for me.

  286. blu -tack do you have it in the states? my middle son just loves it!!
    gill x

  287. Actually, I carry a small cigarette case with just my credit cards, money and drivers licenses…that is it…and what you are offering would be perfect for me to carry those items in.

  288. Who knows what you’ll find in my purse!! There are always about a million tiny scraps of paper with little notes that I have no idea what they mean anymore…I think I need to get a notepad!

    Sarah @

  289. In my bag right now, the oddest thing is the wind-up key for the clock I inherited from my grandfather – thanks for reminding me to get it to the clock repair guy!

  290. I often carry a spare pair of underwear for my little one in my purse, just in case of accidents. Looks kind of funny when I get to the cash to pay for things! 🙂 Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  291. Lovely

  292. the most unexpected thing in my bag today is the power cord for my laptop. Usually it would be some half-eaten Annie’s organic goldfish.

  293. Sorry if my comment posted twice – my browser did something odd!

    Your accessory bag is so SO cute! I’m not a rhinestone person, but I LOVE the buckle!

    My purse is full of all kinds of papers… and I know you would find a tea bag or two. And pens from various places (New Orleans, Honolulu, and others!).


  294. The accessory bag is so lovely!

  295. The strangest thing in my bag now is the gorillapod camera tripod.

  296. Awesome bag! I always have kid snacks in my bag. Usually a few fruit snacks hanging around in the bottom 🙂 THank you.

  297. Hey Trish,

    I love all the wonderful things that you’ve been working on lately. The new hipster is super cute. I wanted to let you know that we had a baby girl on November 19th. Her name is Bentley Elizabeth and she weighed 9lbs 7.4 oz! She is so stinkin cute…I just love being a mom. As for the most unexpected things in my purse now…..well its all about the baby and I even believe that I have breast pads and Butt Paste in there…..all the essentials that you dont want to leave home without. Hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!

  298. I started using a purse I hadn’t used in a while and found the lipstick from my wedding! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  299. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  300. Thanks for offering up these prizes. They are awesome.

  301. fabulous bag! The most unexpected thing…hmmm, sadly everything is typical of a mom. crayons, coupons, baby wipes, little toys. no funny things here 😦

  302. The most unexpected thing in my bag right now is a bizarre 3D sticker of a monster eating a hamburger! A sheet of weird stickers was one of the prizes my team won in the pub quiz last night (we also won a hot pink miniature Christmas tree, and some party poppers. Oh, and beer).

  303. What a diverse carrerr you have, and thank you for your focus on greening our world.

    And for your generoity, thanks!


  304. Great prizes-love the wristlet-o.k and the pattern!
    Most unexpected thing–hhmmm off to go check—oh i’m boring-coupons for craft stores!

  305. i love that bag. i have thread, a needle and stuff i need to finish some gifts i’m working on if i have any spare time. most of us wouldn’t necessarily find those things unusual to find in our purses but non crafters might.

  306. Hi! The weirdest thing in my bag right now is a bag of pretzels that have been in there all week- I keep forgetting to eat them!

  307. Great giveaway! I just checked my purse, clearly it is purse clean out time. I dug through the kleenex (clean), coupons and old receipts and found raffle tickets (the kind that have a number and say “coupon”) for some long forgotten raffle.

  308. The oddest thing in my bag right now is a c-clamp. I just looked and found it. I guess that explains why my bag has been so heavy lately!

  309. Hi Trish, great little bag you are giving away there! And of course I love that pattern too. I don’t really have anything that could be considered unexpected in my purse, just the usual stuff that moms everywhere haul around with them all the time ‘just in case’…wipes, kleenex, library cards, flashlight, pen, receipts from every purchase since the last time I cleaned out my purse, glasses, cell phone, more wipes, you know how it is!


  310. i don’t know if my comment went through, so here it is again. i have diaper cream because i have babies. happy giveaway day! here’s my giveaway

  311. Well, my purse is the diaperbag so it could be almost anything. Probably a 16′ tape measure.


  312. diaper cream? i have babies. happy giveaway day! here’s my giveaway

  313. You guys are totally making me laugh! Two of you had spools of florist wire? Really? And one of you is carrying around a hammer? Why does all of that not actually sound that unusual in this “group” of crafters…tee hee! Like, of COURSE you would have those things in there! And little baby socks and binks and the sort…me TOO! Can’t wait to read more…this is fun!

  314. In my purse? Gosh, that’s a loaded question. Could be most anything. Let’s see…looking, looking. Oh, here’s a bent color wheel, a sticky note from one of my girls reminding me to pick up her trumpet at the repair shop (did that four weeks ago), and, oh, what is this…the missing elastic from on of my other girl’s ballet shoes. Happy day. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.


    PS-We have FIVE girls at this house. Twelve years ago tomorrow, in fact, I found out I had three peas in the pod–two identicals and a fraternal! At the time I had a four-year-old and a 15 month-old. I thought my family was complete. Surprise! Life-changing moment, for sure. Twelve years have passed. I’ve loved every moment! Girls rock!

  315. Love the bag – you are talented! Most unexpected item… *looks in purse* a crochet face scrubbie… How did that get in there??

    I enjoy your blog!

  316. A little pig and goat were in the center pocket…

  317. The bag is really cute. There’s not much in my purse — keys, wallet, cell phone, pen, and maybe a book. Occasionally some gum…

  318. It was nice meeting you and the three peas. What a delight they must be – especially at this time of the year.

    In my purse I currently have a small stuffed toy that is missing and eye, ear and leg. My grandson gave it to me yesterday to fix because their pesky dog chewed on it. Bummer!!! I tend to have strange items in there most of the time.

    Thanks for participating in the Giveaway. It helps to make the project successful.

  319. I just found a butter knife in my purse. Random.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  320. The most unexpected thing I found recently in my purse is one lonely baby sock. My daughter is 20 months and has this affinity for taking off shoes and socks in the car to cuddle up in her blanket. It is crocheted and she sticks her fingers and toes through. I guess I somehow ended up with one in my purse. ?? Who knows. These things happen. 🙂

  321. What an adorable little purse. The most random thing in my purse right now is a plastic baggie full of nails and screws. We just moved and I put the last little random things we had in my purse. I hope I win your giveaway!!

  322. Always crumbs in my purse… I’m always munching on something…
    Also, you are guaranteed to find a piece of blue fabric I’ve been carrying around for about 8 months, hoping one day to stumble upon it’s true match in the fabric world.

  323. Great giveaway! The weridest thing I just pulled out of my purse is a silver key necklace from Tiffany’s– I left it in there after changing for the gym last night! Now it’s back around my neck where it belongs (part of me was hoping that by leaving it in there it might’ve reproduced…)

  324. Great giveaway! Um… I guess a spindle and fiber. Oh, I also have green hospital gloves. Well, glove really.

  325. Beautiful purse! I love the bling on the buckle. Strangest thing in my purse….Polly Pocket shoes.

  326. well, considring I just made my new purse with the fat quarters purse tutorial I found on sew mama sew it’s really pretty clean, but the other day BeFoRe I changed purses I had half eaten pack of crackers from my 6 yo dd who decided she “didn’t like them anymore”.
    love the cute bag!

  327. The purse is wonderful and so pretty! Oddest thing in my purse at this moment..hold on…got to go get it….let me see I have all the usual stuff wallet, checkbook, tissue, mirror, lip balm….WAIT…what is that….no false alarm just gum wrapper….I have a pen, hand sanitizer and a pocket calendar….Oh…ok…found something….OLD POPCORN FROM THE MOVIES!

  328. I work at one of the largest universities too!

    I’m an anti-pack rat so I don’t think anyone would be too surprised by what’s in my purse. Maybe the Kindle that I just got last night or Christmas cards? Definitely not very bizarre.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  329. Oh and the unexpected thing that you might find in my purse… hair spray? I mean, not everyone carries it and it something that I have a bit of an obsession with… That’s all for now. 🙂

  330. I love the blog and the giveaway!

  331. What a cute bag! And I love your pretty peas! The only odd thing in my purse is an expired Pepcid Complete antacid tablet. I will now toss it!

  332. I think this is great Trish! I love that wristlet!!! Seriously, I would love that!!! So cute!

  333. What a lovely bag!
    I think I don’t have anything weird in my purse…just the usual like lipstick, a little mirror, tissues.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  334. In my purse? A sparkly rock that I picked up while walking my dog at a rest stop on the 14 hour long car ride home from our Thanksgiving travels! Don’t know why I needed to keep it, but I did! 🙂

    I’ll be back to check out your blog some more. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  335. lçovely blog!! and that purse……..stunning!!!!!!!

    please count me in!!
    and go to my blog
    I’m hosting this giveaway too :))
    HUGS from Portugal :)))

  336. lovely blog!! and that purse………stunning :))

    please count me in!!
    and go to my blog
    I’m hosting this giveaway too :))
    HUGS from Portugal :)))

  337. hi Trish,
    my bag is kind of (just in case) of everything: spare clothes for 2 youngest boys, book, kids first aid kit, some candies, wipes, tissues, colored pencils and sketch album, current cross stitch small project, needle and tread. LOL

  338. Ok, my purse is amazingly big, and I think the weirdest thing is that I have a hammer at the moment, but it is green with cute little pink flowers!

  339. Playdough.

  340. I have 2 children, so there is always something interesting in there. Currently, you’d find playdough.

  341. Hello, Lovely to meet you and thank you for such a nice introduction. I have just looked in my handbag and found – dummies (pacifiers over you way I think), a crochet hook, nipple cream (hope that isn’t too x-rated, but I have a baby), and believe it or not I also have a spool of florists wire! How freaky is that – two people in a row! I had it in there from making a headpiece to wear to a ball, and I had thrown the spool in, incase I had to make any adjustments throughout the night, can probably remove it now – the ball was about 2 months ago! hehe

  342. I found your blog last week via Miss Print. Thanks for the giveaway. The strangest thing in my purse would be a kitchen sink. Yes, that’s right! You know the saying about having everything in your bag except the kitchen sink – well my hubby used to say that to me all the time – so I went back home, raided my childhood toys and found a barbie doll kitchen sink and put it in my purse!
    xx B.

  343. I love the color combo 🙂 love love the bag! mmmm I found smashed pocky sticks with chocolates smeared everywhere in my bag…arghghghghgh

  344. that’s a hard question….. probably a nail clipper lol

    love your accessory pouch^^

  345. Hi! I would love to win!
    Now i can find in my purse some button, cookies, …

  346. Love the bag!!
    Great colors and anything with “bling” on it is great!
    What is the weirdest thing in my purse ???…I would say it is dog food. ( don’t get worried…it si the dry kind…I use it for treats or when my DH gets hungry I pop him a few….LOL…just kidding!
    Ok, it is not weird but it is the only thing that shouldn’t be in a Ladies purse …OR???

  347. Hi trish! nice to meet you.
    the oddest thing in my purse right now is a spool of florists wire! don’t ask?
    I was at a friends house making a starbucks inspired yarn ball wreath

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