Sewin’ with my hands tied…

THIS was my Saturday...little pea wouldn't be anywhere but with me. I'm trying to finish stuff for my Sunday craft show and hold her at the same time. Don't try this at home - experienced professionals only (teehee!)

…well, not exactly tied, but let’s say very full.  Here’s where being a twins Mom comes in handy.  I have a plethora of experience of doing things one handed or no handed and gettin’ stuff done.

I’m often asked, “How on earth do you do all that you do?!”.  And my answer is…I do not know.  For serious.  For one, I have a super helpful husband who cooks dinner without being asked, cleans my kitchen, um, quite frequently, and spends a whole heck of a lot of time with our kids.  The rest of my house…yeah, that…not so much organized, or clean.  As my Mother said last week when she was here helping, “your house is clean…underneath all the stuff that’s laying around”.  You know, the 7…oh yes ladies, SEVEN tubs of clean laundry in my bedroom that are folded but not put away.  Yeah, that’s “how on earth I do all that I do” (wink! wink!).  It’s called, just shut the door when company comes and hide the messes.

Making memories...I love this picture and I DID actually get this tote done in the midst of all of this...

See? I got something done with little pea on my lap...

And I tell her, "don't move" and she sits on my cutting table while I pin...and loved it!

SOOOOO….I was prepping for this “craft show” on Sunday…one of my first.  And prepping lots of product and conferring with SuAnn, a fellow crafter who teams up with me frequently on events, and giving myself a serious ulcer in trying to get EVERYTHING done.  Let me backtrack…

Thursday before this event, I had the GREAT idea that we should go to the Zoo for the Wildlights preview night for zoo members.  (I HEART our Columbus Zoo!)  It was a school night, sort of raining and I thought, nobody will be there.  This will be great!  Um, apparently, EVERYONE else had this exact same thought because it was wall to wall people.  Kind of a bummer.  We got our photo taken with Santa.  Well, little pea is barely in the frame as she has this terrified look on her face and is trying to escape.  You can see my hands in the picture holding her back trying to get her to stay next to her sister for a quick photo.  I love it!  It’s so funny!  Traumatic for her?  Oh, maybe slightly :>)  No!!  I’m just kidding!  She was fine so long as Santa was a good 10′ away or so…close up, not so much.

This guy was great! He'd be at attention and as soon as you walked by he'd give you a thumbs up, a high five or a super crazy face. My kids loved him!

Many people that night left their manners at home.  That was a bummer too.  Case in point.  We went in to sit with our little ones and eat some packed dinner as well as a couple of things we bought there.  No tables.  Packed.  One table was getting up to leave and we went over and asked to have their table.  They were very nice, said yes, and we sat our two older kids down and then some grown adult, his wife, and their 3 teenage children came over and LITERALLY took the seat out from under me and my husband and said they were sitting there.  I was dumbfounded.  What do you say?  This guy was clearly a jerk.  He’s teenage daughter said, Ma’am, would you like this seat?  She saw what her Dad had done but I was too ticked.  I said no thank you and we stood behind our kids and just took care of them.  I can only imagine what must be going on in this guys life for him to think that he would bully some woman with a baby in stroller and two small children for a table.  Really?  But you know what?  Coming home in the car, for as much as my husband and I were “not happy” about our experience, our kids were talking about how they got to touch a sea star, see a shark, and they loved the “real” toy soldier that was marching around and posing for photos.  They didn’t even notice it was crowded or the bad manners from others.

Little pea was all bundled up for the zoo...

They just knew they got to go to the zoo on a school night and see the lights.  That made all my anger go away…they are such good kids.  With no prompting they both said, “thank you for taking us to the zoo”.

Spending time with family comes first but that also meant my window for prepping was smaller.  But get it done, we did!  And here it is…

Do we look a little full? We had a LOT of stuff! Too much?

This little side table and the dishes were some of my thrift store finds...

Well…that’s pretty much it for this post.  I’m mush brain with thoughts of turkey and family all coming here for four days and…did I mention my house is a mess?  Oh, I must go start loading up bins and hiding my mess!  Happy Turkey week…

ps Up for a giveaway?  Kaye over at Miss Print is giving away a Hazel Hipster pattern…and her blog is fabulous.  Go check her out and follow her adventures.  You’ll be glad you did!




6 Responses

  1. she is so cute!!!
    and your work looks great!
    have a happy holidays!

  2. Gosh, those guys were jerks! However, my scowl at them turned to a smile when I read your kids’ comments over what they saw and their thankful hearts. Ahhh. It taught me a lesson – look at the blessings instead of the jerks. lol thanks!

  3. El recorrido su blog, sus hijo post muy interesantes. Las fotos del tan pequeño son tan dulces, es una belleza de criatura.

  4. Beautiful works. I visit Miss print blog for the giveaways.

  5. Hey Trish!

    I cannot believe how rude that guy at the zoo was! That is the sort of thing that really upsets me too. Alex thinks it’s kind of funny when rude people bother me, but I think that it’s important to be nice and polite to all people whether or not you’ll ever see them again.

    How did the craft show go? Did you sell lots? Thanks so much for the shout out – I really appreciate it!

  6. Found you through Kaye at Miss Print. What a cute blog you have, and an even cuter little bublet!!!!

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