Fun and funky-ness in a quick handmade gift…

Fun and funky-ness go hand in hand, do they not?  Ever since I was a kid – I’m all about the fun and the funky.  While blog hopping the other day – I came upon this over on the “Where Women Create” blog.  I happened over here via Paige who asked if it was ok to include me on their blog roll and I’m loving both Paige’s site and the  WWC site too.

What I found that was so fun and funky was Amy Flynn’s FOBOTS.  Seriously.  These are so dang fun!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the fobots on her mantle.

I want all of these to come to my house!

And if anyone in my family is reading this like I know you do…HUGE HINT…I would LOVE one of these for Christmas.  I really would like the whole lot because I think they look so stinkin fun all together but I would be happy with one…to start….my…collection because I totally see me collecting something like this.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Ok, I’ll stop gushing about these now.  (*editors note* we just browsed her available fobots – and did not realize how much they were.  I would still love to have them all but I may have to wait, or sell or car or two.  So worth it – her work is amazing!  Really imaginative!  How she sees those faces in all of those parts – wow!)

Speaking of fun and funky…I have an idea for you to create some funk for yourself.

who says you can't wear flowers in the winter

Some bright bold floral hair barrettes or pins to be exact.

You’ll need some faux flowers.

You’ll need a hot glue gun.

You’ll need a little bit of ribbon.

You’ll need some fabric scraps.

And you’ll need some hair barrettes or pins (I found mine at JoAnn’s in the jewelry making section).

First, dismantle your flower. Cut the head off and pull it apart carefully. The reason being is that you are next going to reglue it back together so all these parts stick together. Otherwise, once you cut the head off, what was keeping it together is gone.

Glue the flower layers back together

Once your flower is back together, set it aside for the moment. Out of your fabric scraps, cut a couple of leaf shapes. I had some scrap that had some interfacing on it so I used that and it gave me leaves some depth and stability. I then glued them together - the front of the leaf to the rear of the leaf.

Next, I glued my leaves in a pleasing arrangement and then...

...I glued the leaves to the back of the flower (ignore the barrettes here...I'm getting to that)

To make a barrette, I took my ribbon and started on the back of the barrette...glue that down and wrap it around to the top of the barrette and cover the underside of the top of the barrette too.

Be careful not to actually glue your barrette closed - and remember hot glue is HOT. Very, very hot. I found that out more than once during this project.

If you are making your flower into a pin, you'll need to whip a couple of stitches around it with needle and thread to get it to really stick. I just used hot glue here...I think it will hold but you could do both just to sure.

Again, I just found the hardware pieces back in the jewelry making section at JoAnns so I'm sure you can easily find these.

hot glue your flower onto your ribbon covered barrette...

the edges of your leaves are left raw - run your fingers over them a bit to fray them up and rough 'em up to give a cute vintage look.

And you are done!

Wasn't that easy?!

These would make great easy teacher gifts or Sunday school teacher gifts.  Seriously…I made SIX of these in 20 minutes.  20 minutes!   I mean, this is super easy and fast and really quick for a gift or add a cute scarf to it and you have a great gift.


6 Responses

  1. Thank you more ideas of new and exciting
    I myself had learned and I wish you luck and success

  2. You’re awesome Trish! Send me your address and I’ll send you a Fobots calendar. My 9 year old son wants one sooo bad. He told me if he can’t get one, he’s going to go to the junkyard and make one himself. Scary! Have a nice day:)

  3. I also read Where Women Create; I found out about them when they started following me on Twitter. Great flower tutorial Trish – I wish I knew some little girls that I could make a couple of these for!

  4. Yes! Easy, cute, fun… and I just sent your blog to a girlfriend whose six-year-old daughter would be darling with this crowning her crown!

  5. So clever! That hair clip is great!

    But those robots are just fabulous! I think I’ll go check them out a little closer.


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