Whoo goes there? Whoo? Whoo?

D is for darn cute!

So many projects on the horizon my head is spinning.  Small steps.  Dreams starting to come true.  I’m very hopeful for the future.  Headed into a busy season.  A season of…craft shows.

Craft shows…never done ’em.  Going to do 3 this holiday season.  Yikes!  Any tips for me?

I was painting these last weekend in my attempts to start prepping for these shows.

Whoo could resist these little owls!

I made one of these back when I was like 17, 18, 19 something like that.  Way long ago anyway.  Funny – owls are totally hot right now.

So, I started to paint some.  I haven’t painted in ages.  Since before the peas were born I think.  I forgot what it felt like to have a brush in my hand.  Note to self – paint more often. I miss it.

As usual, whatever I’m doing, the peas must follow suit.  And so, I set them up with some paints and a few rocks.

Now, it’s been said, artistic ability is hereditary.  My great-grandparents were artistic, my grandparents, my parents…ok my parents, not so much.  My Dad can build furniture and I guess that’s kind of artsy but it’s really the engineer in him.  My Mom can’t even hardly draw a stick figure.

My husband, artsy.  My mother in law, beautiful painter.  Great aunt, sculptor.  Sister in law, sculptor (must check out her link!).  Anyway…so it doesn’t surprise me that the peas are pretty artistic.

I just didn’t know how much.

The peas are good!

They copied my work beautifully.  And then created their own.

I was surprised how much control they had over their brushes

Flowers and strawberries and just abstract designs.  Incredibly beautiful.

And we talked about God.  And gifts.  And blessings.

They made 45 rocks that day! Wow!

And boys.  And popularity.  And other topics that I hate are coming up this early in life.  Not fair.

And we talked about these upcoming craft shows.  One is at Childrens Hospital.  So we decided that 50% of the proceeds from their “rocks” would go back to the hospital.  10% of my total proceeds from that show will go back too.  The rocks will have magnets and pins attached so you can wear them or use them on your fridge.

And…a bargain at $2.  Would you like to buy an original piece of art from THE Two Peas themselves?  They would be so thrilled.

Place your “order” in the comment section and be sure you leave an accurate email address.  We will invoice you via paypal and ship you a lovely little pin or magnet, only $1.00 for shipping.  You can choose an owl or “surprise”.  Because, who knows what they will create.

It’s a wonderful lesson for them about art, about life, about giving, about caring for others.

This goes along with our “I want to be like Oprah – philanthropically speaking” theme of late.  Giving is good.  Thanks for what YOU do to give where YOU are…

Whoo…will have a Happy Halloween?  YOU will!  Thanks for stopping by today…




4 Responses

  1. By the way…thanks for the great compliments on my halloween costume! We had so much fun at the party. McKenna found a package of balloons and wanted to make up our own charades game just for fun.

  2. I love it when I have time to paint and craft with the kids…they love it too! We have dried some gourds and we are going to paint them like Santa’s! We have extras we should get the kids together to do it.

  3. Trish,

    Thanks so much for the treats that arrived in the mail this week! I love them! (blogged here: http://inthepurplehouse.blogspot.com/2009/10/surprise-in-mail.html)

  4. I would like to order two magnets (one from each pea). I’m happy to pick up my order to avoid shipping charges! 🙂

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