Halloween Hoopla


Treats for the tricksters!

And so it begins.

The Halloween hoopla.


Trick or Treat!

Last Friday, the peas were out of school.  We decided that would be a good day to host a Halloween party at our house – like we do every year.


For the kids of course!  It IS my favorite holiday, yes.  And yes, I have said, at my wake, bring out all my Halloween decorations, dress in costume and have fun because, I do love it …that much.  It’s just fun!


The DAY after Halloween, I rush to Target and stock up on everything for next years party and pack it away. Usually get everything 75% off.

All the monster movies I saw as a kid – Frankenstein and Dracula and Mummies – I love all that stuff!

My friend Kristen and her daughter along with the two peas. NO, Kristin is not in costume. Just her normal everyday look! Just kidding! Seriously, she took her hair down later and washed her face - she's got super model looks!

(Love VINTAGE halloween too – let me know if you have a good resource – hard to come by, affordably!)




We had mummy races.




We had “Boo Am I” charades where you had to pop  the “ghost” balloon to get your clue inside and then act out your monster.



Little pea wanted to be a mummy too!


Monster Eyeballs!

We ate edible eyeballs because um, hello?  Like, who wouldn’t want to eat monster eyeballs from the mad scientist laboratory?  Ahh…dontcha know – they are SO good!  Tastes just like a powdered donut hole!  Amazing, isn’t it?!



And we had Frankensteins Lab all set up…I’ll have to add those photos later.  Brains, cyclops eyes, veins, tongues, and heart…and of course, wrinkly old toes.  The kids were totally freaked out.  I LOVED it!  muhhaahahhaa!



The peas were pirates.  Total thrift store costume.  Pants, thrift store – and then shreded.  Shirt, thrift store – perfect!  Sash, thrift store – old tie.  Accessories, found those on vacation.  Costume total cost – $8.  Not bad.



Happy Halloween!

Now…how do I dress the baby up like a pirate?  Any ideas?




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  1. Your Halloween party looks like it was so much fun Trish! The peas sure are two cute pirates! I’m thinking for the baby you could make a onesie with the pirate flag on it or even just the skull and crossbones, and then maybe stitch an already tied bandana onto a baby hat. You could even stitch a little homemade eye-patch onto the bandana (like how the peas are wearing their eye-patches in the last photo).

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