{to be 8 and oh, so cute…}

Thanks for the emails and well wishes…I am on the mend.  Had to stop taking the antibiotics because the side effects were really bad.  Hives, heart stuff, dizzy – crazy.  But happy to say the infection is 85% or so better so I’m very happy about that.  What a disaster that whole thing has been.

The fountain at the downtown park...the girls love to dip their toes in.  The flowers downtown everywhere are amazing.

The fountain where the girls love to dip their toes...and the flowers downtown are amazing

The other day, I just wanted to get out a little and so we went for a walk in our downtown area.   We just live 2 minutes from our downtown and the girls love to hang out down there.    First, into Harvest Moon, the coffeehouse.  The day before, SafeAuto had been there filming a commercial.  Our downtown is very historic and cute and so they actually film a fair number of commercials down there and everybody loves the coffeehouse.  Anyway, if you are ever in our downtown , you must get a cup of their hot chocolate.  I don’t know what they do to it but it is the BEST ever.  And Jane makes killer french toast bagesl.  All her bagels are great!

We walked over to the fountains.  And then waited for the new dollshop to open.  HannahGrace’s Dollhouse .  The girls loved it!  You may just find some Two Peas little girl dresses and matching doll dresses coming there soon – I dropped off a sample with the new owners.  It’s a fun stop in town.  Sidewalk chalk outside so they girls can draw and babies to hold.  Too fun.  Then we headed over to the thrift store.  We found an old working typewriter – as the girls said, “just like KIT’s!”.  Kit Kittredge of course, American Girl.  And an old style school desk.  Both a must for their playhouse.  And I found a green and blue compote dish to hold my bobbins while I’m switching out threads back and forth.  Our total purchase price, $10.  Not bad!

Too cute for their own good!

Too cute for their own good!

We sat a bit outside of the barbershop on the corner.  The girls were facinated to peek through the big window and watch the men getting haircuts.  The owner kept smiling at them and waved them inside and gave them each a sucker.  They were absolutely giddy!

I was pretty pooped after that since that was my first day I had been up in several days so we headed home.  Just kicking back and trying to let my body heal and do its thing.  Hope you are enjoying summer!  Don’t forget, leave me a comment about your sewing mishaps – you know, skirts and that became shirts, etc.  I’m feeling kind of lonely in my demise – surely, you’ve had some funny stories to tell, right?  I have to find a photo of a shirt I made when I was 16.  My Mom thought it was wonderful – looking at it now, too funny!  And a dress I wore to Homecoming – classic funny stuff!  I need to find those and share…maybe later.  I feel a nap calling while baby sleeps.


xoxo, Trish


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  1. Hey Trish!

    I just wanted to let you know that I did a little post on my blog showing the shirt you sent me and posted links to both your blog and shop. Hopefully a couple of new visitors will be coming your way! Thanks again for the for the shirt and I hope your feeling a lot better!

  2. Funny I have had so many sewing mishaps that I cannot think of one that really stands out… I will give it some thought and post later.

    I just had to comment on Harvest Moon – I too love their hot cocoa and french toast bagels! Their the best! I am so glad we live in this cute little town and even prouder that my hubby works for this quaint little village!

    Glad to hear that some of your dresses might appear at Hannagraces! Congrats!

  3. Trish I had no idea!!! I’ve been so involved with my sisters wedding that I am so behind on everything! I did 9 loads of laundry this week and I’m not done. It is just not right to have that much stuff. My last few loads are towels and sheets so those are easy to fold! McKenna is just now working on her thank you cards from her party. She loves her Savannah purse, she carries it everywhere…it is just so cute! I hope you are getting better. We will be in Chicago (American Girl Store…here we come!!!) at the end of the week but then back next week. We will be in town enjoying the rest of the summer. Hopefully we can catch up with you then.

    Sewing mishaps??? I have too many but 2 that really stand out. I got my embroidery machine…was so excited to stitch a cute butterfly design for McKenna. I honestly followed ALL the directions but when I was done I had stitch the back to the front! They didn’t tell me to put the hoop on the inside of the shirt!!! I guess that was supposed to be a given! Needless to say it hung on the wall as art.
    Then my 2nd story is the injury!!! I was sewing way too late at night and some how I stitched into my index finger and the needle broke of inside my finger. I woke Matt up and showed him 2 threads coming out of the middle of my finger. He was perplexed and blurry eyed but came up with a plan…God love him as I didn’t have to go to the ER! He wrapped a pencil around the threads, I held my hand down flat on the table and he said I will pull it out on 3. Of course being the smart man that he is he pulled it on 2. Out it came…not much blood I cleaned and bandaged myself up and went to bed. My finger was bruised and sore for a week or two but then I was back to normal. Word to the wise…don’t use machinery at 3am!

  4. Glad you’re on the mend!

    Funny coincidence—I read your blog right after tag-sale-ing this morning, and I swear I bought that same pink polka-dot dress your daughter’s wearing.

    Here’s my latest sewing screw-up–I made the pleated beauty handbag from Bend the Rules Sewing, trying to finish in time to take it on vacation, and was so happy to be stitching together the outside and the lining–whoo, hoo, almost finished! Turned it right-side out, only to find that the handles were nowhere to be found (they were in between the two layers). Argh. The stitch ripper is definitely my friend.

    🙂 Lise

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