April Giveaway Winner(s)!

Why is it after everybody else gets sick – then Mom gets sick? Blah…I’ve been battling a cold this week and working with my design team to get my design portfolio done in time for Quilt Market and I have totally gotten behind! I REALLY meant to be able to draw the name for the giveaway for April AND actually post the item but that will have to wait…the photo I mean, because I’m still working on the item.

BUT – we chose two winners. Couldn’t just choose one – it’s Sophie’s birthday month – so we picked two. And I will post a photo of the uber cool accessory bag I’ll be sending out to both of them…

The winners for April: Carrie and Nova437. I’ll be emailing you both to get your mailing addresses. See?! Wasn’t that easy…and you said, you never win anything and yet, ta-da! You won something! Yay!

Don’t forget, giveaways every month. For May, it’s a shirt! Check out my kids and adult tee’s over at etsy

Post a comment or email me, just talk to me so I’m not just talking to myself out here – and you’ll be entered to win. Super simple, who doesn’t like to chat? And I could really use your feedback…I’d love to know what you like, love, have mildly warm feelings for in my designs and creations.

Be back soon with more stuff…but I have got to sleep off this sinus goop.

xo, Trish


2 Responses

  1. yeah I won.

  2. Yay! *blog happy dance*

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