{Happy April Giveaway…and May and June….}

We had so much fun giving away a new bag in March we decided we are going to give something away EVERY month!  Post a comment anytime during the month of April, May, June…you get the idea…and my “two peas” will pick a winner each month to receive something from our studio.

Last month, we gave away a cute little {hipster purse.}  For April – oh, I just got these sweet little rhinestone buckles I’m going to add to an accessory bag – you’ll love it!  I’ll post photos later (after the Easter dresses for the twins and baby are done!).  Odds are good you’ll win!  Last month, only 4 people commented / emailed me out of over 200 hits on the blog so…go! GO!  Let us know what you’re thinking!  And maybe you’ll get a nice little surprise in your mailbox at the end of the month from us!  Thanks for stopping in!

Ciao! xo  Trish


18 Responses

  1. Hey Trish,

    Just went to Crop 4 the Cure and was checking out Livy Marie when I ran across your site. I love your work! Congrats on baby’s one year! Can you believe it already? How do you do all you do? Hey, see you at the next Brownie function.

  2. I love the placemats you have on the site for Mother’s day sewing ideas. I absolutely love the fabric. I’d love to see a similar combination of fabrics made up into an apron for mom too.


  3. Don’t say that! I NEVER win anything, ever, never…ever. And so far this year I’ve won a $25 gift card to a cool local outdoor store AND this $20 from quilthome.com. Can’t win if ya don’t play! 12 giveaways a year…keep coming back!

    • Amy Butler has inspired me to begin creating lots of new things too. I love her fabric designs and think what you are doing with it is great.

  4. I’ll enter! (Although I probably won’t win…)

  5. that is such a cute header!!!

  6. I also found you through Quilthome, your works are really appealing; continued good luck!

  7. Your projects are too fun. I am excited to have found you. I look forward to reading more your entries.

  8. Found your blog from Quilthome. Love your purses, especially the newly designed hipster. I got inspired when I saw your purses made with some of the fabrics I’ve got stashed away and now I’m ready to pull them out and start creating a new purse. I love the bunny!! Will try and make one with my daughter.

  9. World famous? Well…I don’t know about that one. :>) I will settle for “ability to afford to stay home full time with kids”. That’s the “wealth” I’m seeking…thanks so much Claudia!

    Trish :>)

  10. Too cute! i enjoyed reading about all your wonderful projects! I will be keeping an eye on you, for sure. Then when you are this world famous person wecan say we knew you back when!

  11. I AM, oddly, probably TOO excited to be the winner…happy and anxious to get some feedback from everyone on what I’m doing. Really hoping to get a line of my own soon and so feedback is wonderful. Thanks so much!

  12. Congratulations on winning the link-of-the-week giveaway from QuiltHome! I was the winner last week, so I know how excited you must be.

    I’ve taken a quick peek through your blog and it looks like one I’ll enjoy so I’ve added you to the list of blogs that I’m following. Keep up the great work and hopefully I’ll win one of your giveaways at some point!

    Have a great day!

  13. Hi. Congrats on getting your name out there! You have been working so hard you deserve it. Meeting Amy Butler now Quilthome, you must be on cloud 9 (which is a soft place to sleep when you are exhausted from sewing). I LOVE the bunny project. The one thing you could mention is this is a good project for young girls begining to sew (careful with the iron) but the stitching. would be fun for them. I have a bunch of fabric in a tub..I think we will pull it out and make a bunny! McKenna still wears her apron whenever she helps me cook. I wear one all the time…I might have to order one from you as mine are all looking pretty shabby.
    Congrats again!!!!

  14. Brownie points, kudos, happy dances…yes! Thanks Jennifer! I’m really excited to be jumping into the industry and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Not sure it will happen or not for me but we are gonna try.

    My girls told me the other day that they promise to keep the business running when I get too old to do it but they’ll keep my name on it. Oh, gotta love ’em!


  15. Wow! Only 4 last month???? Linked to your site from Quilthome – so I’m thinking you’re going to get slammed! Do I get brownie points for the first comment? 🙂
    Lovely site, and I really like your aesthetic. Good luck with entering the industry.
    I’ll be back….

    Jennifer in KS

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