my achy breaky heart…

Well, I had a rather interesting night. And that has forced me to take a little unplanned vacation. 3am last night I awoke really sick to my stomach. Passed out. Came to. Realized my heart was out of rhythm. Like a good “patient”, I took a quick bath, cleaned up the kitchen, woke the baby and nursed her, called 911 and then woke my husband to tell him I had just called a squad for myself. The medics arrive. I hush them warning I didn’t want to wake my kids. They hook me up and took me for a ride to the hospital. I was in atrial fibrillation. Which means my atrial valves of my heart were just kinda hanging open causing my heart to beat out of rhythm. I got some meds. Felt better. Converted. Begged to go home to my baby and they let me. Now I’m dealing with a massive headache. They said from the co2 buildup in my brain. But I’m home. Laying on my living room floor next to my baby. And my heart is fine. A little r&r will be good for me.


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