Halloween Greetings…

As promised…a few photos from my house and a few of my Halloween decorations. Over dinner tonight, my husband and I were discussing our annual party – we host the kids first and then invite their families to come back later for s’mores and a campfire in our backyard. We decided this year that we would also do a night hike to look for “things that go bump in the night” through our back pasture and into our woods. I like Halloween because it’s just a lot of fun!

I love the vintage Halloween stuff best. I told my girls that when they grow up someday, I’d give them parts of my village (oh yes, there is an entire Halloween village) and they replied that in fact no, they had planned that when I die, to bury me with my favorite village piece. I thought that was pretty funny…at least they know how much I LOVE this holiday. So, you’ll hear me say this many times this month…Happy Halloween Greetings!


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